Wednesday, January 12, 2011

can't live without: pond's new towelettes

i love cleansing towelettes
i don't wear makeups on my face but i always put on my eyeliner and lipstick
if i do, then i put on a little bit of primer (for pore refining)
and that's about it
because foundation doesn't work well for me
it looks too thick, cakey and a little bit darker than my shade (usually i go for fair)
i know how important it is to use cleanser because even the people who don't put on makeups have to put on sunscreen to protect their skins under the sunlight and under the lights even inside the buildings (on shops..etc. the light is pretty strong)
that's when i grab for my cleansing towels
meaning that i use it everyday of course (and then use the cleansing foam after to make sure no grease or smudge is on my face)
so here are my picks from pond's at
it's only $4.99 for 30 in each pack and has three varieties to choose from considering the smells and the ingredients they contain
it contains microbeads and i love microbeads for peeling effects
because right after i feel more brightened and my face is cleaned up from all the dirts those were hidden beneath my skin
it has citrus and cucumber smell (i don't like to eat cucumber but i always welcome cucumber masks)

this is the original one and i've tried few times and it's so good
compared to the other brands' in similar price and more expensive ones i've used many of them
but still this one was so effective, rinsing out my waterproof mascara so cleanly
the fact sheet gave me trust for containing Vitamin E & triple antioxidant complex

i want to try this one because of the soothing scents of chamomile and white tea
the cover feels very smooth and silky
will be perfect to use at night for the scent helps to make you fall asleep more pleasantly and easily

check out and click video and you can find great tips for 4 classic looks on such easy steps by celebrity make-up artist Carmindy.

i just wanted to show you that i just put on my eyeliners and little bit of mascara (not daily but sometimes) like this on a normal day.
got this fox hat from So'Salt (studio k) today because it was kind of unique
I'll experiment with it in trying it in many different ways from now on..
[fox hat- studio k for so'salt, fox vest-blugirl, longsleeve top-dollhouse, eva clutch-LouisVuitton, jeans-miu miu]


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De Vero said...

What a sweet hat!

GlamorousGirl said...

so nice :)
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diana kang said...

i use eye makeup remover for my eyes and then wipes for my face. ponds is great! xx

$75 giftcard:

Vilte said...

You've got lovely skin, can you get this in the UK? xoxo

modniza said...

love your hat!i use garnier makeup remover for eyes kisses.

Missy said...

fab hat!

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Enamodeuse said...

Love your waistcoat and your hat, fur everywhere:)

ÖzLeM said...

Nice blog!!! Really amazing...
Thank you for your comment in my blog!
I follow you now, I would be very happy, if you follow me back:)

Nádia said...

Love that fur, so funny!

Amanda said...

Very good idea to keep these handy! I will definitely try them out. I hate a cakey foundation more than anything....great post!



Giselle said...

I really need to invest in those Pond wipes. Love the faux fur. ;)

The Honeyroom said...

What a fabulous fur vest!

The Honeyroom

Beny Ricardo Sadewo said...

the fur fox head, was make you PERFECT!,

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Kelleys Closet 17 said...

wow really cute i love fur

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