Tuesday, January 11, 2011

photo diary: rain or snow

some random photos

look outside on a rainy day
i crave for udong (japanese noodle)

[ray-ban sunnies, Bvlgari necklace for save the children foundation]

even though skyblue might not be appropriate for winter
i still wear whatever i feel like wearing on that day's mood
little pop of color can brighten up your day so i like wearing bright shades

or sequins [got the top from Macy's]
(the only thing i find quite annoying is that the color fades naturally just like some of the premium jeans do,
so i always have to grab darkest bags i can find
or else, it will ruin my white purse dyed in blue..)

[Louis Vuitton bag same age as me - it's my mom's]
this is from senior year in high school
when we were all getting sparkling apple ciders to celebrate our last days in HS life
getting yearbooks signed

[kenneth cole dress in wine]
i can never do my hair by myself
i only know just how to tie it up
and put on my sunnies on top like as if it's a headband
teach me some more easy tips :(

reflection shows my leggings haha
it was a first big snow in Busan and i was lucky to see it starting to fall
right when we were on a drive
can't see it that clearly though...

picks of the day: fishseddy.com has cute finds for mug, cereal bowls, and etc.
my picks are:

Bridge and Tunnel Cereal Bowl $10.95

Floor Plan Mug 12 oz $10.95

Gift Box Set of 2 Polka Dot Spice Jars $15.90

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(can also find pinklemonincrystal on lookbook.nu & chictopia)


Callahan Brooks said...

I love looking through photo diaries, some very intersting images! x


Angie said...

Nice pic girl....Looove them all...:DD



don't bother to pass by...:P

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

that soup looks to die for :)

Giselle said...

Love the bright Ray Ban sunnies! ;)

alexandra grecco said...




Yasmeen Fahmy said...

I looove the architecture mug. Definitely something I could see in my kitchen.

Castle Fashion

Vikki said...

Love the LV bag!



Amandamarie said...

that soup looks sooo good and cute mug picks!


Maria Ana said...

I love the reflection one ;)

maria ana

Bella y Cecile said...

great picss we love your sunnies, they're original! thnx for comment girl :)

FH said...

Love your blue ray ban :)

Maebell said...

heyy there(: just found your blog! its lovvely and oh so cute(: so glad i stopped by(:



CMA said...

loving your blog and i'll be back for your next post!
come visit COSMICaroline and stay tuned for the upcoming changes!! hope you're having a good 2011!


Ellinor Forje said...

I like the photos, the one of the soup especially. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


sight said...

The cereal bowl is beautiful, it would make getting up in the morning easier to do!


Mixon said...

xo! Alexandra www.alexandragrecco.etsy.com


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