Monday, January 10, 2011

welcome to Cafe Lapland

I went to my friend's cafe Lapland
(if you live in S. Korea, particularly in a city Busan, then you can find this place in Haeundae Centumcity
right behind centum hotel, exit from subway centum city #11 walk straight toward angel-in-us building, it's right next to it)
it has everything i love
gelato, brunch, waffles, coffee (definitely!), & wi-fi

i ordered iced sweet potato latte

my friends ordered waffle set (comes with Americano) + Japanese apricot tea + gelatos

i've got lemonade again after i finished drinking my latte and from running back and forth from the department store right across this building about three times

got that earrings from that day from that department store

i'll post up more pictures when i visit again
(it's pretty close from where i live!)

right now i'm into furnitures.
especially sofas and things that can turn my room into a better transformation

these are my picks from Room and Board

Holden Sofa with Chaise $2,900

Magazine Table Colors $199

little peak in a room from website,
looks pretty small but perfect for cup of coffee and to
stack up my piles of magazines

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kate funk said...

That waffle looks amazing!! I want that couch too!!
velvet cupcakes

YONi In Style said...

wow...good to find fashion blogger who are from S. Korea. ^^

YONi In Style said...

oh oh pls follow my blog also. (I am following you now. ^^) then I can visit your blog easier...

LaU said...

amazing pics!

2Anchor said...

This place looks incredibly delicious. I love the modern atmosphere....that waffle looks amazing!

modniza said...

yummiii!so delicios pics!love your blog!

Giselle said...

Looks delicious! ;)

kayla marie said...

love it!

Michelle said...

thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. hope you'll follow. love you blog your adorable. now following

love m.

FH said...

Great café :)

Beny Ricardo Sadewo said...

hmmmppph, You have a very great time darl,. and love all ur furniture recomment btw, ^^

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Fatiha Faulzi said...

The magazine table is pretty neat! And your friend's cafe sure looks cozy.


stacey kelly said...

YUM that looks amazing. cute outfit too.

Erika Gomez said...

I love waffles!!! :)


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