Monday, March 14, 2011

photo diary: white day

if you are my twitter follower @divalicious_m
then you might have seen these two photos already
(tweeted just few hours ago)
but to those who aren't, this is your first look i guess

which means if you have a twitter account don't forget to follow me! :)

today is what we call "white day" here
apparently Korean women are greedy enough that they need two days
to celebrate their love
by getting chocolates on v-day and candies on white day :)

so on v-day girls give chocolates to guys
on white day March 14th just a month after, guys return the favor to girls

so since I don't have a boyfriend
i got candies from my dad of course

besides that i recently took a new passport photo
which lasts for 10 years
i wish i was good at doing my hairs myself
and that's why im recently taking few lessons
but i still can't do anything with it


sorry for the blur scan
i just took it quickly with my galaxy

Son Studio was really nice and took me some more photos
and this photo is what i got as a little gift from a photographer
even though you can't see it,
on the bottom there was a studio logo, my autograph marked
so cool
i'll scan it better next time and show you on the upcoming post

on a random note
that coffee look alike thing is a humidifier
plug in a usb and it will be on for like three hours? i forgot..

and that norino product is a double side tape
which works like a wite-out pens
so easy to apply and so useful when you want to decorate little things
and to fix what's falling out from your cards, wallets, etc.
(btw my cousin Dongho is a representing model for this Japanese stationary brand
remember from this post?
-wanted to add that my thoughts and prayers are with Japan
let's all hope for the best)

some inspirational pages
education and intelligence last for a lifetime and we always strive for more
and these days i've started to write more, think more so I've put this page

"treat" page
everyone deserves kind words, little gifts and pat on head for any events

"my" page
i like the word itself
my looks possessive but in a good way
as in relating things, people, places into one connection

sounds lovable

wanted to introduce you today to:
Asli Filinta fall and winter 2011 collection

so want this cardi
charming and love the blue pants
and how she wore socks to strappy sandals

that plaid inside adds great colors

love the ruffle details on the shoulders
because i always look for bold tops and broad shouldered ones
since i have a narrow shoulder

somehow this whole collection feels more spring appropriate
many of them are wearable this season
so i think we can all relate to the collection this way

to give you more detail
this collection is titled "Bella's Dream"
Asli Filinta is a Turkish-born designer based in NY today
i'm looking forward to see her collection and career rise in more fame
because her clothes are romantic & fun :)

*photos credit and special thanks to Esther from Asli Filinta


Michelle said...

Your dad is sooo sweeet! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for following my blog! I'm following yours too :-) That's so nice of your dad! Happy White Day!

Jessica said...

Cute post! Happy white day :)

Andrés Corella said...

I love Asli Filinta´s collection its so much fun..and its quite interesting about the white day, never heard of it..but recieving candy that´s aint bad at all!

The Black Label

Francy said...

Xo Xo

About Last Weekend said...

You look lovely in that first picture. Also love the picture of the first dress, so traditional and modern at the same time...

Pop Champagne said...

thats a pretty sweet passport photo of yours, you look great in it! lol mine I look like I was high on something haha

so nice of your dad to get your something for reverse v day!

Becky-May said...

You're beautiful!

The Flower Girl

elena-anna said...

great post so inspirational!!

follow us on bloglovin if you like our blog:)
and will do the same



dolceedamara said...

Thank you for your comment!
Some of the looks are really nice!

CrisyJavi said...

hi michelle!!thanks so much for your comment¡¡

we love your blog¡¡now following¡¡

kisses from madrid¡

Bella y Cecile said...

lovely passport photo and nice picsss

Kristen Leotsakou said...

you have v day and white day! that is so cool! loving your passport photo! i think im going to take mine on my own, they take horrible photos at the photo printing place :P

Amber said...

I love the nails!

Karin said...

the passport snaps is so beautiful. I wish we had a white day...perhaps every day should be white day xxx

Lorena said...

You look lovely in that passport picture. You DO NOT want to see mine !!!
I had never heard of that designer - thank you for sharing .

Viv said...

lovely blog!

Miss Woody said...

lovely post !

Hannie said...

Love the last 4 outfits, they are look so originally! :)
xoxo from Hannie

Amanda said...

it¡'s so lovely!

pau said...

wow those jeans!!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

great looks! following you on Twitter by the way!

Elizabeth said...

That Asli Filinta line looks divine. I think I could wear that first plaid dress forever.


jemmalouise said...

Asli Filinta, wow I love it! x

VICKYFF said...

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