Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pop Candy Colors

first off this week's nails
sorry for the blurry pic.
it's just a simple beige polish with rhinestones in line
putting on rhinestones is so easy for me to do
so whenever i mess up my nails, i add a touch of them and it rescues :)

i need to stop drink almost three cups of coffee everyday
this is hot vanilla latte from dunkin donuts
b/c of whipped cream it kind of became ice + hot cup
love the combination looks quite pretty that way

in Korea grocery version of starbucks is about 2 dollars or less
pretty good
i personally like it better than the one sells in costco
this is the "seattle latte" one my favorite

was such a beautiful day
brought my mom and brother
(remember him from this post?)
after lunch to take photos out at the roof garden
at the department store

i carried pink today
and my mom carried green
i love getting items in every color if possible
don't you too? ;)

my pictures are contributed in
"The Perfect Perfecto" @Hypeed
please rate (ehem.. pretty good scores please
it's out of 5 to give you a hint!)

now am eyeing on makeup products from
love scented candle
especially the vanilla one
because it's so attractive
and after grilled steaks and or any barbecues, you need candles to get rid of the smell

some just love to light on candle for soothing effects
when you sleep or when you take a 30 min. bath in a tub relaxing

i love serums and think they are more important than to apply cream for a type of skin like mine
i have a oily t zone so i don't need to apply thick skins of cream for daily duty
i just want to get my old skin back
now mine is too tired from all the coldness i went through past few months
and lack of sleep + too much drinks of coffee

looks very easy to apply
blue is definitely one of the hottest color this season
what i'll like to do is to lightly apply as bottom liner
so your eyes look bigger and fresher in the morning

check out more at

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Andrés Corella said...

Great pics!...I like your outift very much with the pink bag which btw is beautiful

xx Andy
The Black Label

Michelle said...

I love your purses! Very cute! :)

YONi Park in Style said...

love the bags. both are good. ^^

Sylwia said...

cool pics :)

have a great weekend :)

Alexa said...

cute blog! I used to get my nails done a lot too but then realized that it hindered my ability to work! I'm also a fan of getting the same thing in different colours (my balenciaga collection is proof!) now following back :)

Phuong said...

love the colorful bags!

Travel In Style

marie hamm. said...

such cool nail art! i love it!

Sasha said...

wow, the bags are awesome!!
Love your blog, i'm following:)

Sherrie Cola said...

Nice outfit :)

Ellie said...

This is a great outfit, I love both bags. I too drink around 3 cups of coffee a day, but the caffeine has no effect anymore! Terrible!
Have a great weekend

ida said...

like your clothes, you're very beautiful ! :)


Jessica said...

Great post :) I have given you an award check out my blog to claim it :)

Becky-May said...

Love your nails and bags!

The Flower Girl

Gregory said...

Those nails are so freakin cool! And I really like both of your colorful bags, really makes the outfit!

Kara said...

I like the nail color! Rhinestones seem like a fun addition. Just got the shirt in the mail today.. love it!! Thanks so much

xx Kara

Raez said...

love the pretty nails!

xx raez

monchinee said...

lovely bagss!! love the two colours!!


LyddieGal said...

I love your green bag, it is gorgeous!

Chic on the Cheap

Katy said...

Hi M:) how are you? wow that nails is gorgeous! and that bag both pink and green look great on you. I wish I'm rich to buy that bag!
take care:)
Katy said...

ur so the nail arts of urs!!

Fashion Tales.... said...

Lovely bag colours! wow, I remember when I would buy Trish McEvoy products! This makes me miss it.

Enter giveaway:

Natasha xoxo said...

Lovely nails!

xo, natasha
twenty-something blog


lovely jacket, you look adorable miss:)


Z--- said...

loove your pink bag!xx

Georgia said...

The rule of coffee is ALWAYS add whipped cream. Always.
It would be mine
+OOOoh your bag! Perfect pop of colour

Carla McCarthy said...

Is that a Birkin? You are very lucky girl! Love Hermes!Love your bags!beijos

Laura Tenshi said...

I love drinking coffee too at least 3 cups/day. I understand your need to purchase bags on every color available because sometimes it's really difficult to choose just one color. Beautiful pink bag, I love your mom's bag too.

Anna Bonfiglio said...

Hello beautiful!
Do you know the designer Danny Wise?
Pass to my blog and tell me what you think of my last post on his new Spring-Summer ..
Thanks in advance ..


Chiara C. said...


The Odd and Chic said...

Love that you and your mum share things! You guys are too cute!!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

i like the rhinestone feature and your sunnies and bag are too cute!

Janii ♥ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kirstyb said...

loving the pink bag x

Gabriele said...

I love the colours of the bag!


Le style jamais. said...

I do really love your blog.
Will you follow me and I will follow you too? <3

Giulia said...

I'm Giulia
from "The Smiley Bow"
I'd like to thank you for your comment on my blog! :)

Your bags are wonderful!!!
I love them <3

from Milan

Mary said...

Hello, I like your post and I like the nail color, I love your bag.

Style, She Wrote said...

D&D = yum. Your bags = gorgeous. xo style, she wrote

cryskay said...

love the colors of those bags. i tend to get things that i love in multiple colors. xo

Nubia said...

beautiful purses

Rach said...

love the purses! VERY cute!

goodbadnfab said...

Your post is simply amazing! Loves it! I'm now subscribing to your blog on my google reader!

Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
a fashion lawyer by day, fashion police by night...I play at red carpet events, shop all over town, and live life in the fab lane in LA!

pau said...

I want a coffee :)

im following you don't forget to follow me!

Samantha said...

Love the nails! I also like to get the same thing in multiple colors!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'd love if you followed! :o)


Fabiénne said...

thanks for an amazing comment!!! love the post!


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Hi lady! Your nails look amazing and your outfits are gorgeous! You are so stylish....and now I want some coffee... :)


Twenty.Something said...

Love the beige polish and the color of your purses!

S said...

Lobe the pink bag!!!
Putting rhinestones whenever you mess up your nails is really a great idea!

Amanda said...

i love your nails and you bags!

E... said...

GReat bags and I love their, wonderful outfits ;D

Franzi said...

The bags are adorable!
xoxo F

Marcia B. said...

WOw that is so cute, yoru dad is so sweet! Yes i wish we had the white day and vday!

Lea Soe said...

Soo cute nails!

Salha said...

I like ur bag!! :)


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