Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring essentials

flower nails
(my cousin painted flowers on my nails for me)

bright sunnies, bagels w/ strawberry cheese + iced white chocolate mocha in grande

self-made blueberry banana smoothie every morning

big flower ring (from A.Land)
watch from D&G

pink cell (mine is galaxy s) or case that's in pink shade

cute charms for cell
i got it on random street in Korea this is supposedly one of the most fab stilettos
but it broke within few weeks because of hard pressure

waffles + iced americano + gelato ice cream for brunch or for light snacks

these are my favorite picks from Lyn Devon collections

i loveeee this color

must get cute rompers

beautiful striped see-throughs

check out more @

pinkmuse offers such lovely clothes & accessories for romantic looks
check them out

black heart cardigan muse $29.50 (29,500 won)

blue hood knit muse $28 (28,000 won)

blue safari muse $39 (39,000 won)

color ostrich bag muse $37 each (37,000 won)

dotting knit muse $27 (27,000 won)

green hood knit muse $28 (28,000 won)

shoulder knit muse $37 (37,000 won)

zipper flat muse $25 (25,000 won)

this is an online shop opened in Korea
(each product page shows the details of the measurement
and how the others wore so you can get better view and idea)

If you want international order, then you need to buy more than $50 worth of products
shipping charges will vary depend on the size and weight etc.
how you can order and to send shipping address and information

*just in case if you need a translator send me an email and I'll help you out with the process


isoDo said...

great big flower ring !

best regards :)

Collections said...

Your nails look awesome. Love the red flats as well.

liling t. said...

I love the flower ring! So pretty :D

Carla McCarthy said...

I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing! Love the heart cardigan!beijosssss

htt:// said...

I also drink fruit smoothies in the morning! They work much better than coffee! =)

Love the red ballet flats. So chic and feminine.

I follow you on my google reader, which means I can automatically view your posts as they are updated! That's probably why my subscription doesn't show up.
style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer.

Dilan Dilir said...

cute nails!:)

Missy said...

wow those nails!

Enter my Exclusive Mint Velvet £50 giveaway!

M.Weston said...

Waw *_* j'adore la bague avec la grosse fleur, elle est magnifique!!!!
J'aime aussi beaucoup les ballerines rouges avec le petit noeud, trop mimi!


Kimberly said...

love that ring! and your nails look amazing! thanks for the comment!

Amy Stewart said...

Mmm... waffles. I had some this morning. Aren't they the best?! Oooh... I'm hungry again. Haha.

Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck!

Rope Bracelet GIVEAWAY!

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

love your nails honey!
nd i totally see the jacket on myself!
nice clothes dear

i have a new post.
maybe you can check?
everyday a new post

Xo model from holland

Mary said...

Hello mechelle i love your post and i like de zipper flat kiss.

About Last Weekend said...

Love your nails and that great green dress and mid-brown bag, beautiful things...

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love those clothes! Especially the striped maxi dress that is sheer in the bottom!

Fash Boulevard said...

amazing. love this. Thanks for sharing love. Check out what Vanessa Hudgens was wearing when I ran into her last week and Olivia P's breaking news.

And don't forget to follow on Twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news, from an LA stylist.

YONi Park in Style said...

wow so pretty nails. I copied your nail ^^ Now i am enjoying it. Love the bags also.

Nef 'n Nat said...

following!! xx

chocandcinnamon said...

Lovely post, definitely waffles are my favourite :)

Cinnamon-donuts said...

Thanks for your reply back~ haha good combination with the yogurt! no wonder it looks so colourful!!

FYI I have nail envy! you always have nice nails!! :P

Fashion Is Passion by Poison said...

Nice nail art!
For all the nice and creative posts on your bog, you've been awarded one of the ten creative bloggers on my blog. Check it out on my blog now!


Carla Violet said...

Hi, thanks for your comment! great ring!!

Blunettes said...

awesome nails and i love your flower ring! :)

thanks for following, we're following back! :)

love, the blonde

Anonymous said...

awww thanks honey because i am inlove with those pinkmuse products ahaahahaha lol so excited ahhhh :)

Vittoria Ciccone said...

Really amazing blog, I like it ;)


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