Sunday, March 6, 2011

today's inspiration: bitter and sweet

i'm trying to take more daily outfits
and to start on a new scrapbook/inspirational pages
so until i upload a new post
which most likely is going to be within 24 hours
here are my cravings for these days
macarons w/ iced Americano
(especially strawberry and lemons..
i think that came into my blog's title

cute cupcakes or muffins
(the one above is banana and the bottom one is coffee)

it still feels cold here
and will be for about a month long
this is the day when it snowed big in Busan
if it's going to be cold, then please snow
or else just come back sunny :)

my endless love for waffles
(instead of pancakes..
just like preferring cupcakes over muffins
if you get what I mean...)

it's hard to find great tiramisu's..
anyone knows where to get them?

me trying to delete and save the photos taken that day

my last week's nail looking... kinda dalmatians

having a cup of cereal at past over 11 PM

my love for coffee and brunch (or big breakfast)
led me to find these items at breville

the barista express
[make your own iced americano with 1 cup of espresso, mix water and ice cubes
or latte with espresso and milk
loveee them + vanilla syrup for sweetened or cinnamon for some cappuccino]

gourmet single cup brewer
[easy steps just put in capsules and you are done!]

panini duo
[i always get paninis but don't know how to make one myself
so this is the answer for those breakfast makers]

die cast 4 slice smart toaster
[two slice toasters are great for those who live alone
but to save time for all busy family members
this is what you need]

all pictures credit to breville @


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Yummy yummy food!

I've always wanted to try macaroons.

Tazz Gault said...

all of that food looks so yum yum!


modniza said...

yummiiii photos!!!

Cailin´s Place said...

im hungry ;D
Perfect photos!kisses

Tamuna said...

Oh, I have a pefect tiramisu recipe! I've shared it with many friends and everybody keeps coming back for more. If you're interested, I'd be glad to share it with you :)

A Journey to Style

Anonymous said...

mMmMmmM that looks good <3


Mandy said...

love your white spotted nails! It's been forever since I painted my nails white..I forgot how cool it looks.


Kara said...

Can you believe I've never had a macaroon? They're so pretty, I need to get to a bakery. Thanks so much for the shirt.. I really can't wait to get it!

xx Kara

cryskay said...

thats a lot of sweets! i want a macaroon! xo

red's chic ♥ said...

nice post:)

Blue Shoes said...

Hi, I love waffles too, but they are so hard to find. So I make them myself, but didn't find the right recipe yet. Do you have any?
Today I listened to your song (I didn't noticed it before:/) and it's really great!! I really hope you make it in the singing business.

Have a nice day,

Vanesa said...

Wow! cute waffles! looks so funny and delicious!


S said...

Love the rabbit-muffin!!!^^^

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

i love the polka dotted nails, and we have that coffee brewer at my work :)

<3 steffy

Veronica said...

I love macarons!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Jessica said...

Your post made my stomach tingle, even though I just ate a cookie... :) thanks for your comment! :)

CRS said...

I love love love waffles and coffee, this post is exactly what I needed to read on a Monday morning! Except I take issue with your selection of espresso machines... check out Elektra "family retro" machines, they are incredibly beautiful!

Becky-May said...

You've made me so hungry now! Lovely blog!

The Flower Girl

Carmen said...

Lovely cupcakes! I want them! Yummy! xoxo

Bread, Butter And Fashion said...

Lovely blog, you have a new follower! Would appreciate if you'd come and visit mine!

Gabriele said...

Lovely photos!

New post on


Anonymous said...

I have an enormous love for coffee...I'm on the search for a new coffee maker, just can't decide which one! Those macaroons look delightful!

cris said...

great photos and cute cupcakes!!
thanks for follow my blog!!

marie hamm. said...

YUM! FOOD! And is it strange I loved reading about the appliances? lol! im obsessed with having the best appliances in my apartment... must be a girl thing haha! cute blog though, i really like it.

Sherry Baby said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
I am following yours too now!

Collections said...

That cupcake is so cute!!

Michaela said...

Oh man, you're making me hungry! Those cupcakes are to die for!

Michelle said...

Food porn!!! <3<3 I love the macaroons! :)


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