Tuesday, May 17, 2011

we all need some changes

I've got my hair permed
I do this about every summer
because it's easier to play around with your hair when it's permed

I'll upload more pictures with my hair down in upcoming posts
[don't expect too much. you already know i can't do much with my hair haha]

my question today is...
and the reason why this title is to do with some "changes"

one of the comment on my previous post
I received a message that my post is too long
how much do you think is too long for a blog post?

personally I like longer ones than the shorter ones
because I like reading others' stories
or just photos of themselves, the inspiration photos etc.
because those explain individual's style and personality

however if many of you think my post is too long
then i'll try to keep it short
or change into something like this

upload several posts a day?
do you think you will read all of them if I do that?
or do you think a post like this will look okay still?
i need your opinion
thank you always for your comments, emails and tweets etc.
they make my days :)

this is an animated gif file :) wait for few seconds please?

some of the pages from my scrapbook
basically I wrote something like
"it'll be fun wearing different colored converse for left and right,
like yellow with pink, skyblue with green and etc."


click to enlarge

i captured the pages from the official web
so if you want to read full details then go visit the page and click English
(or any other languages for convenience
it's on top of the screen)

the brightening program is available at $1,050
i recommend if you want the fullest effects and results

or i personally like using serum which works as a booster
(that makes your moisturizer works better than just using it alone type?
it usually energizes & revitalizes your skin over tired, puff, and dull-ness)

i like using body scrub
so this will be similar to how i think it works
it's $135 and the microbeads firm and recover your skin tone
that in the end will make your skin glow and sparkle in beautiful highlights

at the moment the facial sunscreen is availalbe in SPF 30
but soon you will be able to get the SPF 25 version when it launches
it'll suit your everyday purposes & needs

you might think that this $195 is too much for 4 masks
but believe me i love all kinds of facial masks
and usually the expensive ones really are the ones really worth it

the cheap ones are good when you get sun burnt
just like as if you would put aloe all over
but that's about it

great to get rid of redness
but not as efficient as in getting rid of the dark spots and solving for other problems

but these kinds of masks make your face feel like
as if you had put the whole serum or essence on 1 mask
it's perfect for when you have a big event coming up soon
and you can't visit the spa
most of the time using once a week sounds adequate

you can click "order" on each of the product's page on

photos credit and special thanks to: EviDenS de Beaute & Emilie Bodin


many of you will remember the pieces I recommended from Girard-Perregaux
another beauty is added today :)

this is
Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Tourbillon Haute Joaillerie

the diamonds light up this watch so elegantly
it's truly an art form itself
the diamonds are baguette-cut
and it takes more than 700 hours of real patient work to accurately cut, adjust and set

this white gold watch is very feminine
perfect for those who admire the extraordinary, classic pieces

photos credit and thanks to: Girard-Perregaux and Karen from Sally Fischer PR


asmara-havana 02

cape town black

enteara black green g15


orano-crystal brown

siwa black violet

all of these sunglasses can be worn in versatile ways
they can be worn with bikinis + coverups,
cropped shorts + bandeau tops + crochet shawls,
floral chiffon maxidress + big fedora / sun hat,
bright leggings + simple white tunic + wooden wedge heels
etc. etc. etc.

imagination is endless with choosing your outfits
have fun picking your favorites @

photos credit & thanks to: L.G.R sunglasses


samecookiesdifferent said...

the glasses are all reeally cute :) and all the converse
share the feeling
visit dear <3
xx the cookies

FashionJazz said...

Hey hun! I dont think your posts are to long at all, I love them, they always have so much info and inspiration :)
Happy Tuesday xx

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

I don't think your posts are too long... you should write about what you want to write about and have posts that are as long as you want them to be :)

Love, Vanilla


Mandy said...

Thanks for following me and dropping by my bloggy! You are so brave to perm your hair! I'm too scared to do it :-S Love your blog! X!

songbird said...

i just stumbled upon your blog..but i wanted to answer that question..i do like reading things along with photos because that gives a story behind the photo and makes it very interesting...love your post..i have wanted a perm but was never too sure about it...the glasses are awesome:)

Soleil St. Fleur said...

I love how informative your blog posts are. I am impressed to see such unique finds on here. It makes me want to shop with a more distinct eye. Love it! xx from Soleil


About Last Weekend said...

Can't wait to see you hair. i do the opposite thing of a brazilian straightening.

Mary said...

Hello Michelle, I love the sunglasse enteara black green g15
Fantastic post.

AMAIA said...

ooh I love that watch!


KyandiiCandy said...

Can't wait to see pics of your hair! =D xx

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I prefer longer posts actually because I like to absorb as much inspiration as I can! Thank you for sharing the glasses! They're all amazing! xoxoxoo

Kat said...

love all the sunglasses! :)


Vale ♥ said...

Dear Michelle, I think you have to write anything you want to, it's your blog and you decide and moreover there is no one perfect lenght for a post ! If you feel like writing about different things in your post well you're welcome, I like to read your post =)
Kisses and Hugs, Vale


Winnie said...

That Gif is crazy!

Also, I think you should blog exactly how you want to blog as it will evolve naturally. If you prefer longer posts, then do that! I read so many blogs- some are really long, others are really short, it really doesn't matter. You should definitely blog for yourself and then readers will follow :)

Shu. said...

Haha love that gif!! Though it made me a little @.@. Wanna see your permed hair!! :)


modanista junkie said...

Hi, regarding your comment about my giveaway; yes it is open to everyone. All details are included on the blog post. :)

Good luck!


Jaci Walker said...

I think the length depends on what the post is about.

I have a giveaway on my blog. Please check it out. Link to giveaway here!


Angela said...

Tant de belles choses!!!
Super montre!!!
Angela Donava

marialε said...

Hi, well I think it depends, I don't care if the post is too long, the only thing that matters to me is that it is inspiring or entertaining.

Maybe my only recomendation if you let me is doing just one theme at a time, but I enjoyed your post!

My Fashion Bug

Kristie said...

Long posts are nice. I think it'd be too much if you split them up into small short posts a couple times a day! It's easier when it's all in one post. :)

Couture Carrie said...

First of all, darling, I want to tell you that I love your blog and your sunny disposition!

Secondly, I think that long posts are okay, as long as they are centered around a common theme :)


Alexa said...

Hi Michelle! Personally, I don't mind long posts provided they are interesting.. I like to keep mine short because I don't write as well (I think!) but I like your choices!


yiqin; said...

i need new glasses :D

Mary ♥ Mur said...

♥ unreal. love your blog.)) ♥

Dale said...

Great post, you have so much unique information. That's cool about the masks, although it does seem expensive it's totally worth it if they work.

I know what you mean about the length of posts, I like medium I think, not too long and not too short with just one blurb. I've thought about this too. Thanks so much for your comment on mine too. Not sure why the follower button didn't work

You have a great blog and that's so cool you used to live in Silicon Valley. Gotta love NorCal :)


Meisha.Style said...

i want to see the perm!

Sam said...

Great post! And I like your posts :) even if they're long, they're interesting and you post a lot of pictures, so I don't really mind that they're long!


Bonnie said...

I don't think I would have the balls to get my hair permed, but my hair totally has a mind of its own, anyway, so it looks like I have a perm, sometimes.
Stupid hair.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

fashionismyh2o said...

Change is always good! And im totally in love with all the shades you posted ha-ha :)

Lovely blog - following now


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Congrats on getting the perm, can't wait to see!!

I think you should make your posts just as long or as short as you feel like making them. We all enjoy what little or the lot you write. So just be yourself and don't worry about what others would think :)


Adriana Alfaro said...

I love your blog!
you got your hair permed? I'm shocked! it's so straight and pretty!
xoxo from Brazil!

Vanessa Valdivia said...

Nice post :). Love all the sunnies, they're great!

Hugs from:

Cee said...

This is your blog, sweetie- you should write the posts however you like best and stay true to your own vision of how you want the blog to be :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love these! x hivenn

Miss Fashion said...

Love the glasses and the animated gif.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

How awful someone told you that! This is your blog and you should have your posts as long as you like!! I think your blog is great and you don't need to change a thing! xoxo

Haute World said...

I think some people prefer shorter posts, because they don't have time to read long ones, but that shouldn't be your problem. Write about what you want to write. Love all these sunglasses - very chic!

wholesale clothing said...

Can't wait to see your hair. please post it asap so that we can see it already. love the sunglasses, they are great! :)


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