Sunday, May 22, 2011

what color is your favorite?

our whole family went to eat lunch and some shopping

photos taken @ the personal shopping lounge

BAG Chanel
DRESS Monday to Sunday
PUMPS Louis Vuitton
EARRINGS Accessorize

i loved wearing beautiful skyblue- emerald -ish dress today
was perfect for back to sunny weather

what color is your favorite?
in terms of outfit you pick to wear most often?


if you love almost all color and mixing patterns
then this can be the trick
love the zig zags of pink, blue, white, orange etc.

surely the realway version of ballerina styling

feels like an edgy goddess

cardigan should be carried inside your bag always
for chilly morning and evening

i could picture first day of school look here!

all images found at


do you find it hard putting on mascaras?
it always seems to poke your eyes and leave unnecessary smudges
lashcard has a product that solves this problem
and leaving clean, bold, clear eyed makeup :)

this 1 pack is $4.99 including 10 cards

i would personally love to recommend this for bottom lashes
& maximizing curl

i can never put on mascara on the bottom lashes evenly
because I was too afraid of leaving the smudges
so this looks like a perfect solution
and curling is necessary to make your eyes look dolly and bigger right?

step 1: open the package and find the best curve

step 2: before you put on mascara, you need to curl your lashes first
for more dramatic look

step 3: apply mascara as normally you would do

easy instructions!!!
check out to check out how to order


Ashley said...

Hey lady, thanks for swinging by and dropping a comment on my blog!

I love your blog! Super cute.

Your brunch + shopping outfit is so chic- I love the sky blue color on you. I'm partial to wearing a lot of navy (solids in the winter, nautical stripes in the summer), and lots of teal and coral during the warmer months. :)


Lidiya said...

Great photos, you have such chic style - beautiful dress <3

elleovely said...

I adore the turquoise blue dress you chose! Such a lovely shade of blue. I personally like to dress in black (boring i know :), with occasional bursts of red, yellow and gold!

As for the dior concealer you referred to, it is really great if you have minimal wrinkles! It's extremely hydrating and comfortable to wear. The only thing is, it tends to fade as the day goes on, but in my opinion, if I didn't have my fine lines, I'd definitely use it again!

Vanessa Valdivia said...

Lovely post! nice outfit. Thanks for sharing this tips, very easy.

Hugs from:

Erin said...

Awesome post! Thanks for stopping by my blog to wish me a happy blog anniversary!

I really love this lash card idea! Very cool!


Rene Braun said...

WOw!!! Such a great idea!!! Lovely blog! Come to visit my blog too :))



Fashion Cappuccino said...

You look so chic! I wish I look that good when I go shopping! xoxoxoo

street number eight said...

thanks for the follow! cute blog and love that mascara shield-- i definitely need it :)

Cee said...

Your dress is so pretty, and the colour is just perfect. I tend to wear black most often, but if I had to choose a favourite colour, I think it would be purple :)

Vanisha said...

I tend to wear safe neutral colors but all that is changing now that I've joined Cee's fashion revolution!

I adore your dress :)

Stevia said...

i love your dress
and that color looks good on you :)


Kristin said...

Great blog girl!!! Wonderful outfits :) Thanks a lot for following me, following you now!

Xo, Kristin

Gawgus things... said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! Love your kimono top - the colours on it are gorgeous. I probably wear neutral colours mainly but should really wear more brights! XXX

Alexa said...

Love the color of jade...and I think it suits me. Also love coral and turquoise. Glad you found our yours too (new follower!)

Aleksandra said...

thanks for following, dear <3 :)!

Christine said...

thanks for following me! its means so much to me, even though I hav a lack of posts for about 2 days because of some tech issue XD I totally need this lash card! I make such a mess with my mascara :( I actually saw some girls using just plain old business cards :O

Sabrina said...

I'm following you too! thanx

Pieter said...

Love your blazer and coco cocoon bag!
Great outfit!
& I love the first outfit the most! :)

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

My fave colour at the moment is green I think... but it changes all the time ha ha :) Love your outfit and sunglasses! This lash card does look useful :)

Love, Vanilla

Roxy Heart said...

Wow I've never heard of the lash card. It's a pretty cool idea.
Love your outfit btw.

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous outfit, darling!


songbird said...

my goto colour in clothes is anything actually,i love that mum is scared that i may paint my walls black too someday.not a bad idea i think..i used to have difficulty with mascara..but not anymore.

Monique said...

I love your blog!! I really like that cardi you are wearing!!

Monique xx

Angela said...

Bonjour!!! J aime toutes les couleurs!!!
Angela Donava

K&M said...

lovely post and nice outfit
xx K&M

Alexandra ♥ said...

thank U for your comment...
i'm your new follower!
beutifull dress!!



Gina said...

thanks for following♥ great blazer!

Nia Langley said...

Thanks so much for following me! I'm totally following you back.

I'd probably wear the third option. Hope to hear from you again soon!

Nia Langley said...

P.S. I just gave you a shout out on my blog to thank you for following :) Check it out, maybe?

Nihmen T. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I like your dress!

dolceedamara said...

Thank you for the sweet comment!
Loving your jacket!

patricia said...

wow!! u look so glam!! i think skyblue is my favourite colour:):)it is so optimistic! Michelle do u know how to find tips on nails on feet on ebay?what should i write there??

modanista junkie said...

You look amazing. Love those colors on you. Have a lovely day.


Mademoiselle Lala said...

I like the blazer you're wearing. Perfect statement piece! :)

Thank you visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment - means a lot to me! :) X

Despina said...

Cute post!i really like your blog.i am following you.follow back if u want :)

jos xx said...

lovely blog!!! i'm your new follower as well :)

jos xx

Sick by Trend said...

I think my favorite color is black, then grey and for summer red, yellow, green haha :D


Lagelle said...

sounds like a cool item! thanx 4 sharing & btw thanx for ur visit & comment on my blog!

world on high heels said...

i like all colours! :)
great outfit! :)

Fashion Mom said...

you look lovely! and these sun glasses are made for you ! x
favorite color : white

Bonnie said...

That light blue dress is totally divine.
I can't get over the beautiful shade of blue.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love the color of your dress. It is so beautiful! You look fantastic!

These eye lash cards look great. I hate putting on mascara and I really think these would help me!

Henar said...

This is great, I loved this post!

Henar ♥

Aquí said...

love the blazer! I've never seen lash guards before. really cool, thanks for sharing!

Fashionistable said...

I love what you are wearing. I end up wearing a lot of black. Having said that I am mostly in white today. Xxxx

Maria Ana said...

You look so chic!
My favourite colour to wear is black :)


Monica said...

cute blazer !

Haze said...

I absolutely love the colour of your dress. Great blog, following you now! Would love to have you as a follower also :)


Lara Boffa said...

Omg, seriously never thought about this before! it's genius :D

I'm following you, keep up the great work xx

Catherine said...

GORGEOUS OUTFIT! I love your blue dress, xoxox

Shanequa said...

Hot blog! You have a new follower :-)

audrinajulia said...

I love anything with pink, green and red.I think I'm attracted most to that color range. Emerald, turquoise color is appealing to the eyes too.Nice to see you in outfit above.


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