Saturday, June 25, 2011

New In: the Jojoba Company @Urban Space (bloggers meeting)

I had a first bloggers meeting in Korea
and it was held at Urban Space
(you can follow the twitter @urban_space
and on fb at beauty.urbanspace)
Urban Space has a shop on the first floor
which sells 20 different cosmetic brands (that I know of) from
all around the world from like the U.S., Australia, France and etc.

second floor is the spa
the price is at about $80-$110 using
Sundari, June Jacobs, Sodashi, or Aromatherapy Associates
depending on your personal consultations regarding your health/conditions

this perfect beauty place is right across Galleria department stores
few minutes walk down from Caffe Bene
(if you live in Korea or if you ever decide to visit,
I recommend you visit the place)
this is where they sell EviDens de Beaute
(the only place that sells the brand's products in Korea as of moment)

I see the theme of this place as natural, trendy yet so pure
I can trust that these products will suit my facial and body cares
because they are organic brands :)

I met along with 6 more bloggers from Korea
we were met with pretty smile from online marketing assistant manager Tara Kim and already set snacks of carbonated water, iced Americano from Coffee Bean, macarons, pies, and other sweet desserts and fruits!

take a look at some of the products I so wanted to get!!!
(I bought body soap from MISTRAL for my aunt after the event)
I loved the hand cream from MISTRAL (at around 12 bucks),
travel kits from Malin + Goetz,
and all the serums from each brand
greedy much?

let's talk about the gifts we bloggers received
we were met with two pouches, (that blingbling covered one- it has a little bow and it's perfect to carry around your accessories inside, and the plain rosy pink pouch) intense overnight renewal cream (50mL 77,000 Korean won), hydrating day cream (85mL 68,000 won), and pure golden jojoba oil (30mL 27,000 won but if you want 85mL it sells for 34,000 won unbelievable price!)

*if you reside in other countries, I've linked each product back to official pages so follow them for the price and to check with where to buy

i loved the petal covers of these jojoba company's products
that's why I took the products out from the bottom of the package
so I don't have to ruin the perfect tops

top two photos are my attempts in testing the oil and day cream firsthand when I got to the store

let's talk about the creams first

for day cream: it smells cinnamon-y to me...
i usually thought the cream products would be sticky
and I thought I don't need to apply them since I already have oils on my face
but this day cream was so light like a moisturizer
It has rose oil for balancing your skin and perfectly revitalizes your skin with collagens and lifting/firming ingredients

for night cream: i loved using it with the oil together
it works as a sleeping pack then
i like putting lots of hydrating cream overnight
because i know that no matter how much I put them on
in the morning they are perfectly absorbed
i could feel more hydration in this lemony colored night cream more than from the day cream of course
I especially recommend it to those especially having dry skins
and or having those days of really exhausted and tired days off from your works and all the dusts you are covered up with from outside activities

last but not least with the pure golden jojoba oil:
this is a smart buy for any one of you
even those who had doubts in oil products like I originally was

this can be used from head to toe everywhere
men to women, girls to boys, even babies
this is 100% pure product
(the ingredient looked like a coffee bean but it was used only when it was naturally fallen to the ground, so this is even natural friendly environment work conditions isn't it?)

it can be used as a makeup cleanser (and then use foam cleanser if you'd like), used on cuticles after doing nail cares, hair essence and protection, foot moisturizer, for stretch marks, acne problems and those little marks and scars you have afterwards, pore refining, wrinkle filling, anti-aging etc. etc. etc. all!

such a smart product I didn't lie!
I make my brother mix two-three drops of oil with body cream every night to be applied all over his arms and legs before he goes to sleep

I liked the smell of this oil because it smells kind of earthy
I meant like the ground you reach first step into
in the fresh morning, if that makes sense to you in any ways
just picture it beautifully :)
I could trust that this product was natural and pure right off from the first meeting

hoped you like the products urban space recommended to us
and now I'm recommending them all to you back!
(by the way for conversion, just make 1 dollar into 1,000 Korean won.)

now you'll know that these products
are budget and natural friendly both!!!
if you are interested in browsing the products
go visit
(to see what other brands they provide with)


Kit said...

I tend to buy more beauty products than clothes, but as for Korean products I'd fall weak to my knees.

I'm now searching frantically for Hanskin BB cream, it's the only brand that works on my skin. I believe the company went into administration? :S

Thanks for sharing Michelle, I'll be visiting Seoul in Nov :D

yiqin; said...

very good review :)

Claire and Vasia said...

Nice blog!!!

Lola said...

Gosh, how exciting!! Sounds like a fun day

You have such a sweet blog, wanna follow each other??!


great post and fun fun bloggers meet!

Erin said...

Wow-that is a ton of information on these products! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


Sizzle and Zoom said...

I have heard of jojoba company and I know it's for sale here. Thanks for the info. I will look into it.

the nyanzi report said...

great review.

Samantha said...

Oh fun! I've always wanted to meet up with other fashion bloggers!

Thanks for visiting my blog, as always! :o)

-Samantha said...

that blogger meeting seems so amazing, looks like you had a good time

inge luciana said...

very great review ;) it really helps

PinkBow said...

i do enjoy hearing about blogger events ;-)

Neris said...

Thanks for a review! It is always so nice to meet up with fellow bloggers :)


Fashion Fractions

Dressy Celeb said...

Interesting post!

♥ Dressy Celeb ♥
New post on my blog!

JB said...

Sounds like you had a great day! It's fun to meet other bloggers and also to try new products!x

Couture Carrie said...

These products sound fabulous, darling!
What fun!


Francesca R said...

Very nice review and it seems to be a nice place!

Anonymous said...

i lovee your blog its very very pretty! :)

Dana Paramita said...

nice blog :)
anyway check mine if you have a chance ;)

Ask Erena said...

What a great review! It sounds like you had a fantastic time at the blogger meeting.
Ask Erena
P.S. I always follow back!

Margareta Victoria said...

body soaps looks cool packed : )

cuquete said...

I love bloggers events, I think is one of the better things of having a blog.

Audrey Allure said...

The soaps look great!

Sara Shoemaker said...

this was your first blogger meeting? how fun! I've never been to one. looks fun!!!

The House of Shoes

Mela said...

Hey, I follow now your blog!! Hope you follow me back...:)
Mela xx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

That cream looks great! =)

Aquí said...

wow look awesome! I have yet to experience a blogger meet and greet but I hope my first one is as fab as yours!

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Fiji said...

How exciting! This sounds just fabulous!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

it looks great! sounds so good:)
thanks for the wishes babe
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Steffys Pros and Cons said...

this meetup looks so amazing, i want to be in korea!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Winnie said...

This place sounds amazing. My friend lives in Seoul, and one day I will visit her and visit this place too! Sounds like you had an amazing blogger meet up day!

Choi Olga said...

Oh , gosh,
I wish I knew about this meeting before~ it would be really amazing to meet you in person! :)


Mary said...

Hello Michelle, happy day.
and Interesting post.

Irene's Closet said...

That's cool !:)


ChiccaStyle said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!Nice blog!

Dasdusha said...

Nice pictures. :)

VogueVillain said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and following! Following back<3
I've been to Korea last summer and was amazed at all the makeup stores. It was super cheap and they gave out lots of samples.
Much love from Los Angeles!

- Judy

Lee Oliveira said...

What a great review
lee x

Charleston said...

looks like a cool day

Opposite lipstick said...

ok! just love ur blog!!

Elegantesque said...

blogger meeting are always cool, and all these make up and care products O_O


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, it sounds like you had such an exciting day, my love! These beauty products sound phenom! :)

PIX said...

Hi michelle :-) happy you liked it!

How many cute photos here!

S said...

It seems a really funny place!^^
Nice review!


Conny said...

Thanks for your comment :) Nice pictures! Like your blog!!

xoxo Conny

Mrs. C said...

What a fun post!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
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Mazzi said...

Awsome review, thanks! I'm meant to be coming to Korea for the Miss World/Miss Korea contest in August so these tips are really helpful. Love your blog and am going to be popping back for more too!

xxxx Mazzi

Linh said...

Hi there! I gotta say - I think you are my first visitor from Korea. So awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think the top knot but would look great on you! You have the perfect hair length for it :)

kristina@beancakes said...

i would LOVE to visit korea someday! your time looks like a blast!! thanks for all of your reviews ~ happy monday to you!
xoxo ~ bises ~ kristina

K&M said...

so cool;)
new outfit post

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

How fun! Aren't blogger meetups the best? Sounds like you had a great time!

xo Mary Jo

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

How fun! Aren't blogger meetups the best? Sounds like you had a great time!

xo Mary Jo

Oh my Dior! said...

how amazing is that you met other bloggers!

Beatrice Balaj said...

Everything looks so nice and healthy. Thanks for the tips!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Korean girls have the best skin and I just learned from my sister and an average Korean girl used 18 facial products everyday?! I love their skin care lines too! Thank you for sharing this store! I can't wait to try them! xoxoxoo

Lini Trinh said...

i have never been at blogger meeting. It looks really exciting :)

Decor is like butter said...

I'm absolutely loving those soaps... Thanks for stopping by my blog. xx Anastasia

Mani said...

Everything looks so great and fabulous!
We haven't been on any bloggers meeting yet!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

cryskay said...

cute photos! looks like you had fun. xx

fashioneggpplant said...

been hearing a lot about bb creams, gotta try it soon :)

annette said...

oo looks like so much fun.. meeting other bloggers is always a good time. great review.. i'm going to check out urban space!


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

That sounds so cool! I hope to go to a blogger meet up someday!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Such a pity I never had an opportunity to try some Korean beauty products, and I would definitely like that! These ones seem very interesting! Thank u for sharing all information and reviews!:)

Call me M said...

Really nice posts!
I liked the reviews!
Thank you for commenting on my blog!

Lyosha said...

love the review!

Inside and Outside Blog

purelovefashion said...

I've heard jojoba oil is really effective, brill review :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog, following you.

Male said...

Very nice blog. xxx

Bella said...

congrats to your first blogger meeting ;), very nice blog you have.
and big thank for you nice comment on my blog :)

Preppy Fashionist said...

So nice B-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice & Great review!


Noesse said...

I will organise a trip in there :D


Noesse said...

I will organise a trip in there :D


Girl about town.... said...

Oh wow, it looks like you had the best time! Korea is defiantly the place to go for beauty product! I may have to make a trip there!

Girl about Town XxX

Pieter said...

Great pictures hun!

I was also wondering if you could vote for me? Its for an elle magazine contest.
It only takes 5 seconds :D !
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Eli said...

I buy a jojoba oil product that I use every morning when I wake up and when I go to bed every single day. The best thing I have ever put on my face.

Pop Champagne said...

thats nice that you had a bloggers night out! and the spa sounds great and cool that you got to try out all those things too!

Margaret said...

Korean beauty products are hands down, the best. I don't even know why!

Diya said...

I wannnnt all of this! Too bad the shipping's probably going to be way too much...

Fydez said...

The products sounds so good. You make me want to try them! xx

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