Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what's on trend! - relaxed but chic

TOP Urban Outfitters

that's about the only thing you can see from my outfit
anyways today i went watching X-Men: the first class? with my friends
it was such a great movie
every scene was so fascinating
and the characters were so attractive with unique personality of course

my friend's Ksubi sunglasses

i loved wearing cropped pants and really low-cut back tees w/ bandeau top
on a sunny day like this
so today's post is all about
the relaxed, casual but such chic looks I love most about summer outfits :)

noix necklace

oreilles de chat ring
all photos credit to http://www.calourette.com/


click to enlarge

all so amazing collections from ivana helsinki

extra information:
Ivana Helsinki is Finland brand known for its
charistmatic but has girly, charming looks within

designer Paola Ivana Suhonen is also a DJ, filmmaker and a visual artist &
editor in chief of Love Contemporary magazine

espadrille rayee
perfect espadrille
i really need a pair like this
perfect for vacation or just for the casual out shopping or fun movie day like I just spent today!



padoue r

sac ancre etanche

sac plage

you probably all recognize the brand for its famous Breton shirt :)
i love this navy striped looks
that are so easy to put on but instantly make you look travel-chic

all photos credit to http://www.saint-james.fr/


Sunisún said...

amazing noix necklace!!!!!!!


Aloddya said...

you're a singer at korea???
wow i do in love with korea btw.. :)

you wore such a cool sunglasses

already followed your blog
mind to follow each other..??

Hugs and Kisses,

My Fashion Dolly said...

I love your relax and chic ideas. My favorite was the nautical handbag. Pretty cool!


Carolyn´s Photography said...

Very chic this looks!!!

; )

Ivana Helsinki!! Love it!

About Last Weekend said...

The noix necklace is perfect. Also love your new wallpaper!

Fydez said...

Wow very nice posts. There's a lot here and I love them all especially those accessories picks. Love your new wallpaper here in your blog. xx

Anna said...

Nautical style is so in! I love it!

J'Adore Fashion said...

Love the accessories! I have seen Xmen yet!



Nia Langley said...

Ahhh! This post is just fashion all around! Love all the looks. Great post! =)


Amber said...

I love your outfit! Chic.

The ring is so pretty! Great post. I like most of the runway pieces as well.

Bad Joan said...

Love stripes, so perfect for summer!


a sip of fashion baby said...

love the pics of the runway..
thanks for your comment!! <3


a sip of fashion baby said...

oh..i've got a new follower..thanks!!! <3 <3 <3

cecylia.com said...

I'm in love with the necklace and the cat ring!!! So sweet! Thanks for sharing such amazing styles with us!
Come and follow my blog darl :)

Shu. said...

ahhh i love that ring!!!


Lisette said...

I love the ring with the ears on it ^^ its so cute =)

Giusyta said...

it's a great post full of interesting points.
thanks for your comment,I really appreciated..

The Glamour Avenue

the nyanzi report said...

love the last two bags.

Marella said...

Looooove stripes!

Couture Carrie said...

Fun post, darling!
Love that cat ring!


Fashion Clown said...

omg that noix necklace
i want

Karin said...

oh gosh I absolutely adore that necklace, so cute. What a gorgeous blog your have xxx

Dilan Dilir said...

lovely post!

Dressy Celeb said...

I LOVE stripes!
And the noix necklace is too cute! :)

♥ Dressy Celeb ♥

Caucau said...

This summer i'm really in love with colorfull strippes. xoxo

The Culture Files said...

That noix necklace is gorgeous! and the nautical bag is great too. xx


Stevia said...

i like your sunnies!
and I want to watch X-Men so bad.. :(


KyandiiCandy said...

Lovely as always Michelle! =D and wow that necklace is very special! xx

yiqin; said...

the necklaces are love.

S said...

Love the navy style items, so classy!
Necklace and ring are amazing!


Giulia said...

I absolutely love the necklace and ring! they are very partcolari!
Thanks for the comment on my blog! I follow you!
Come see my new post!

MizzJ said...

That noix necklace is so cool!

Chelsea Lane said...

those ksubi sunnies are so great! love that necklace too :) great selections!


Aquí said...

I adore that necklace!!!! Soo cute! I think I might have to have it!

Fashionistable said...

Cool selection as always. You look great. I am looking forward to seeing xmen too. Xxxx

Erin said...

GREAT POST! I love the bag at the end, and the wedges!



Megan Abigail Chandler said...

The noix necklace is way cool and the lilla image is fabulous ... I need that shirt! She looks very 1993 chic and just all around ... relaxed.

"the Apparel Notebook" said...

the first bag is really nice::)

visit my page- if you like;)

Margaret said...

That walnut necklace is the COOLEST thing I've ever seen. Have you checked out the Hermes Apple holder? It's just in innovating as this necklace! Check it out here:


L.C. said...

The first chain with a medallion is amazing...i want it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you are wearing a necklace by Bvlgari, very glam


Sofie said...

love the sunglasses!

Christine said...

that walnut necklace is way to cool! :)

thanks for commenting on my blog :)


alannah. said...

your glasses look great & that necklace is waaaay too cute :) x


Samantha Hewett said...

the walnut necklace is superb :)

Valerie said...

Such inspiring photos. That walnut necklace and espadrilles are amazing. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog, Michelle! xx

Tanyabell said...

OMG love that kitty kat looking ring...sooooo adorable!!

BobbieAustin27 said...

awesome collection
love the nautical theme
the stripes are great for the summer!


amelia said...

i saw xmen too! didn't think i would like it, but i did. i'm the typical anti-action movie girl, but it had some good eye candy ;)


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