Sunday, July 10, 2011

7 days, 7 inspirations

1) Malin + Goetz detox face mask
received this face mask from @Urban_Space
there is a twitter event going on as I'd mentioned before
if you follow, RT and mention Urban_Space often
you'll have more chances winning the week's gift

this was the first week's present
and for the second week (few more days left I think)
the prize is the product from evo

this event is for the Korean residents only I believe
but please feel free to follow the urban space account
to show your supports and love for beauty products :)

how this face mask (available here for you at $40) works is like this:
apply it all over your face and leave it just like that for 5 minutes
and it will automatically make the bubbles (and the bubbly sound too!)
and within 5 minutes it's cleaning up all the dirts & others that block you from hydration
after that you cleanse with water like you would do normally with the cleansers
and you'll see the instant whitened result!

2) H&M red striped dress
so the result is in
yesterday's post you voted the most on
H&M red striped dress
(followed by Zara black chiffon dress, Lux one shouldered dress,
& Fred Perry pique shirt)

I wore it yes as you can see it from the picture above
but I couldn't find the right place to take my photos
since there were too many tourists around everywhere I went
(it's because I live near by the beach
and today it didn't rain at all despite the fact that it's a rainy season here)

so I'm heading to the beach to take some outfit photos tomorrow
I'll show you this outfit some other times
and for tomorrow I'll probably wear something from the above choices
or completely different look

you'll see...
so come back tomorrow (I hope you will visit everyday of course)
to see what I wore

thanks for the supports all of you :)

3) wedge heels
who said wedge heels are the most comfortable heels?
I agree with some but some don't
this one is in between of great and so-so's

it's forever21
and considering the fact that the price is always so cheap
it's within great quality
I don't fall or slide walk-ing while I'm at the department store
but the soles are not the most comfortable finds

still really trendy (inspired by Burberry? no- I bought this 3 years ago
before this strap-around-your-ankle-look became an "it" thing)

4) orange eyeshadow, bangles & shimmer powder
shimmer powder I use it everywhere
from corners of your eyes (watery marks? so my eyes look brighter)
to my legs for shinier and leaner effects
and collarbone

this is always a summer perfect beauty item

(mix this shimmer powder with your body cream
if you want to find alternatives for
body shimmer creams from benefit and etc.)

5) cellphone case
these cases are from colombo
I'm looking for a chic one that I can put my galaxy in
but everything is available in iPhone size
(it's slightly bigger than iPhone so yea...)

I have one from Coach so long ago that still looks  cute even today
but I still want several more of them just in case I get sick of the first buy

6) fun bags
just like the ones I have from Love Moschino
I want fun bags for summer
eye-catchy ones, bright colorful pops of colored ones...etc.
any cute ones you found to share with me? :)
(besides furla candy bags please,
 I already had similar beach bags and totes)

7) idontlikemondays
well who does? ;)
no I actually like mondays sometimes when I wake up feeling expectant
of something
it's better to think of everything positive
than to see it in hates right?

these lovely pieces are all from
I found so many items in reduced price
so please check it out online now to see what interests you!

(images credit to: idontlikemondays)


Francesca R said...

Can't wait for your post of tomorrow! I am really curios!!!

Dressy Celeb said...

I love your wedges!! :)

♥ Dressy Celeb ♥

Joanna K. said...

Love your blog!!
Following you!
Check out mine i'd love your opinion!!

kristina@beancakes ❤ said...

LOVE the LV bag! which reminds me to pull mine out soon for the fall!! have a great rest of the weekend!
xx ~ kristina

Anonymous said...

that cream looks fantastic, did you try it?

Coop said...

I love fruit-yoghurt too. But I think in fruit yoghurts are to little pieces of fruits , so I add some :DD What do you think ? :) Gretz ♥

thefashionguitar said...

Love the fun bags!! Great overview girl!

XO Charlotte

Tere said...

wow! amazing all things you taught us! i love your wedges, i think they are so comfortable!


t said...

Cute shoes!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

cool pics. I love that red striped dress.

Thank you for visiting my blog...


Carolyn´s Photography said...

Love your post!! Beautiful pics!!

; )

Anonymous said...

great post!

fashion and frank said...

Looking forward to the outfit post tomorrow - the details are looking really good x

Gabrielle said...

I'm digging those wedge heels

shu84 said...

love your LV bag:)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Great choices as usual! I always love buying face masks and I'm going to try that one too! xoxoxoo

Vain said...

Thanks for comment!!! Love the idea of people choosing your outfit!!!

Em said...

Awesome wedges!

Audrey Allure said...

Love those wedges!

Hallie said...

Love all the inspirations:)
You are another inspired blogger for me:D

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Can't wait to see your post tomorrow so curious now.

<3 Marina

Marina said...

After watching at your photos I just want to go shopping! :)

Sick by Trend said...

lovely shoes!! those 1st ones :D


ChiccaStyle said...

Love your wedges!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Love the sheer black dress, red striped one and wedges! xxx

Jesa said...

very pretty!

amelia said...

love your shoes and i wish i could see the dress. it looks cute from the pattern alone!


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