Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear pinklemonincrystal (some Q&A's)

favorite desserts?
waffles, chiffon cakes, & macarons
(don't forget me caffe latte's!!!)

above two photos from catering service Jindo fur provided today

Reading at the moment?
more like browsing through the eye-catchy photos
Facehunter-Yvan Rodic
it was fun to read through these pages
(I love books over clicking over internet pages, personal preference so don't get me wrong)

I have The Sartorialist book too yes
but if that was more of a classic look of photo collage
this book was more on colorful, vintage adds more +
loved how all of their expressions on the faces and in items they wore
represented all different personalities

Favorite lipstick color?
anything pink shade :)
the brand though I love just about everything
from Chanel, Benefit, MAC, to
YSL and Eyeko (recent postings say so don't they?)

Shopping news most anticipated?
Launching of Reece Hudson @ 10 Corso Como in Seoul, Korea
in September!!!

(images credit to

feel free to ask me questions
here on comments, or at formspring (found on the right side divaliciousM),
at twitter @divalicious_m, or on facebook page "pinklemonincrystal"


Male said...

Hola! Adoro las carteras. Besos.

FashionJazz said...

Love facehunter too babe, loved ur post for a monday, pefect inspiration : )

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a fun way to learn more about you, darling! :)

Malory.R said...

Nice pics! :)

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Great photos! love the desserts!


Fashion Fractions

noura. said...

i LOVE macarons

tessa said...

ohh definitely agree on flipping through books instead of internet clicks!! holding a real print of a photograph is so much nicer! you can almost feel the texture of all the fabrics underneath your fingers.. mmm

thanks for dropping by my blog :) following you!

Cait said...

such a fun post!

Marya Macabre said...

Im the same that Fashion For The Masses!!!!
thanks for following!!

Wherever the Sunset is said...

Facehunter, eh?? I'm going to get the book NOW!!!! I love it ;)

Wherever the Sunset is

LT said...

Thanks for following letslivelavida! I'm following too now!!!

shu84 said...

nice bags

Mary said...

Hello Michelle, Fantastic post.
I love the cluth.
happy day.

S said...

Facehunter is amazing!!!
And i love sooo much this pink Chanel lipstick!

Sick by Trend said...

I don't know which are my favorite desserts.. maybe fruit haha :P


Francesca R said...

This post is a very nice idea!!! I share most of your takes!!!

Teresa said...

hi dear, following back ur cute blog!!!

your favorite desserts just made me hungry!!



thank you so much :)))

StyleID said...

Facehunter ... off to check it out, desserts look so Yummy!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Ah, I've got to catch up on my fashion blogger books! Thanks for the inspiration! Hoping you're having a fabulous Monday!

xo Mary Jo

Fashionistable said...

Books and bags. My favourite. Xxxx

Julia Romo said...

SV: Well... I sadly don't live in the US, but I would love to move there after school. I "celebrate" the holiday for myself in my heart, haha ;)

YASMINA said...

I LOVE macarons too!!!! :)

I have recently made a post of them :D!

have a great day!

Lolly said...

Thanks to follow me!
I love your blog, so I follow you, too. :P


JB / Sunshine With Everything said...

Great to hear more about you! Have a good week!x

Mela said...

Sooo cute pics!! I love your blog:)
Visit also my blog:

Sisters and Sisters said...

Lovely! We are also dessert lovers!

H&C from Amsterdam

Tere said...

amazing this bags, i really love them!

have a nice day darling!


Winnie said...

I am definitely a fruit girl when it comes to Summer but nothing can beat a good cookie and a cup of tea to warm up in front of the tv in the autumn/winter!

Lynn said...

I love macarons, they're one of my favorite desserts too.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Ah yes, I can't say no to cakes either! I have the Satoralist book too! It always gives me inspiration! xoxoxoo

derek said...

omg i've never heard of a chiffon cake before!! i must try it one day!!!

macarons <3

Ethic said...

I love waffles too and Chanel pink lipstick!!


Isabella Éclairés Rakonić said...

nice post, love the photos! and you're blog is great! :) <--- Moi


Petite Voyageur said...

i love macaroons too@!!

Antonia said...

I agree with you about lipsticks! :)


Angel Garcia said...

Haha whats face hunter?? I have never heard of it..

All the best, Angel

Erica Leigh said...

just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog!

it was so nice to learn more about you in this q&a post. i love pink lipsticks too! hope you're enjoying the sartorialist book--i've been wanting to get that for some time.

erica | sweets + hearts

Lovely B. said...

wow you're a former vj? I am an aspiring Vj too, maybe you can give some tips :)
been reading your previous posts!
i am following you now :)
hope you follow me too! yey!
Thank you so much :)

Rachel Bernardes said...

these deserts looks like they've come from heavennnn.....

kristina@beancakes ❤ said...

i LOVED the Q&A!! thanks for sharing!
xo ~ kristina

Margaret said...

Mmm..waffles...when i was in Seoul, I had the BEST Belgian waffles ever. Perfectly warm and crispy, with the perfect scoop of ice cream and strawberry sauce...It was in Yeoido! I dunno if it's still there, though.

Penny said...

I love waffles!I would add crepes with nutella!:D

Lenny Lemonade said...

looks tasty! :))


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