Thursday, July 21, 2011

take a zoom in: something else

you probably saw this on my tweet (if you follow me @divalicious_m that is)
today my mom made me pumpkin soup
that side dish is also pumpkin fried in olive oil with a little salt and pepper
(it's really delicious, definitely healthier snack choice)

for pumpkin soup recipe
my mom just poured milk and pumpkin and stirred using a mixer;
boiled the juicy mix and ta-da there is our soup :)

today's focus on this post is w/
Something else by Natalie Wood
here are my favorite picks from the collections

the second and third looks are my perfect dream looks for travelling,
i love the fact that the color comibinations are held within just about three or less
(this is what I heard is the smart rule in dressing)

blame it on this hot red/orange tone for being it too eye-catchy
I can't stop myself falling in love with these pieces ;)

I think these looks can be great alternatives for those
who are sick of wearing tight jeggings, jeans and leggings all the time
and now wanting to change wardrobe into something more slouchy
but in a totally more chic way
(now worn with tights)

I am seriously in love with these three outfits
I've lost my words to say nothing more than just "wow"

photos credit to: Something else by Natalie Wood

(for my Korean readers, you can shop Something else at
Flow, Beaucre, and Mag n Mag)

for others to find nearest stores/online shops go take a look@

* told you that I have some news to share with you on twitter remember?
well one of them is that my first article written for one of the
Korean magazines (mainly focused on luxury, lifestyle, in that kind of topics)
is going to be out for next month issue.
it was one of the interviews
I've already done for my blog post here
sometimes before (I've already gave you too much hints,
now it's going to be so easy to find out who this article is about!)

when it's out for sure, I'll scan the page and show it to you
though it's translated in Korean I'm sure you'll see my excitement for this opportunity


letiziabarcelona said...

pumpkin soup, that's quite original (I don't cook myself, hate that but I love to eat !!)

Oh and I like your selection , black and red outfit are my favourite!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, that you became my reader! I became a yours reader! A delicious recipe! Comfortable and stylish combination of short dresses and leggings! Bravo!

Martaaa said...

I like those dresses! would love to have one of those...:)
would you like to follow each other?

An Interesting Distraction

MM said...

Lovely dresses!
I have never heard of pumpkin soup! I would love to try it!!! I am sure is delicious!


kristina@beancakes ❤ said...

my favorite is the third photo with the long sweater and the boots!! tres cute!! and that pumpkin soup looks amazing ~ so healthy and yummy!!
xo ~ kristina

Tanja-Mia said...

I likee! Check out my blog ;)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

oh i love all of these looks--so stylish.

and that friend pumpkin dish looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

mmmm i love pumpkin soup:)

Missy said...

oh I love this! Fab pics x

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

The Internet Garbage said...

Yum pumpkin soup! I am so in the mood for that right now despite it being something of a fall food. Never had fried pumpkin before either, but it looks delicious. Great post cant wait for you to scan the editorial!
The Internet Garbage

Chez Margaux ... said...

Your look is nice :)

Have a good night,

Yasmina Cánovas said...


lovely photos!


Isabelle said...

cute outfit, the soup looks delish

Ellie said...

That looks delicious! I've never had that before!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Your leggings are so cool!!!!

Wherever the Sunset is

Oh my Dior! said...

I love what you are wearing and the food looks delicious!

Bonnie said...

Girrrrrrl, that food looks way too delicious right now!!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Miss Independent said...

fried pumpkin! yumm! Xx

Sara Shoemaker said...

I loooove that floral dress you're wearing!

The House of Shoes

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Very yummy.
And Love those photos. Very inspirational.
Your pink top is super cute.

the nyanzi report said...

wow, what a great opportunity. congratulations. that pumpkin soup looks delicious!

AndjelaUndTom said...

Love your blog! :)

Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back! :)


diva said...

I like it :)
Invite me :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous dress, darling!
Also loving that collection!


rebecca said...

i love pumpkin soup! and your dress is wonderful (:

Trendy Curvy Girly said...

I love your dress, very cute!

Audrey Allure said...

The food looks delicious!

amy b.s. said...

i love pumpkin soup, but now i'll also have to add that fried pumpkin to the dish as well. yum!

Rachel Cannon and Ken Sims said...

Congrats on being published! That's so exciting! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. All of your suggestions and recommendations will be VERY useful once I move to Seoul. My boyfriend and I both received job offers from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education to teach middle school English for 13 months, and we are really looking forward to it. Thanks again!


Dressy Celeb said...

Your dress is fabulous!! :)


♥ Dressy Celeb ♥

Cafe Fashionista said...

The food looks incredible! The only thing I have eaten with pumpkin is pumpkin pie - would love to try the soup! :)

Nikki said...

Pumpkin soup is so yummy! ^^ The fried pumpkin slices don't look bad either ^^ I really love the red silhouettes in Woods latest collection :) x

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Congratulations on getting published! Love so many of those outfits you posted, and your summer dress.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

That food looks delicious! Pumpkin soup is one of my favorites. And congrats on your article coming out!

xo Mary Jo

Francesca R said...

Congrats on the article!!!
An I love the dress and your pics!

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

The soup looks amazing and I love your floral dress!


Miss Woody said...


Sabrina said...

I love your pink floral dress! Your food pictures look so delicious.


Tere said...

amazing this dresses, i really love them, i think they are the best!

have a great day!


GUAXARA said...

love you are wearing, dress pretty¡¡
thanks for your comment in my blog¡¡
kisses xx


Jayme and Mendi said...

Food looks great! And congrats to you on the article! Can't wait to see it on your blog.

We'd love for you to enter our giveaway. It ends on Sunday.

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Buky said...

You just made me so incredibly hungry!
Looks so good.

Lea said...

Cute dress.
Thnx for your comment.


Cee Harvey said...

oh woweee what a gorgeous collection!

Erica Leigh said...

i've never tried pumpkin soup, but it looks quite delicious!

love the floral dress--i think the leggings you're wearing with it are very unique!

oomph. said...

the pumpkin in olive oil sounds delish. congrats on your article...can't wait to see!


Audrey Leighton said...

yummy. pumpkin soup sounds delicious!

great dress

chocandcinnamon said...

You look adorable on this dress, love it! And the food looks delicious :)


jos xx said...

that pumpkin soup looks delicious!

jos xx

Lidiya said...

The food looks so so yummy - it's making me hungry! :)

*Glam Chameleon* said...

U look so sweet, lovely dress!! And N.W.'s collection looks great as well!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Laceface said...

Ooo that sounds yummy!
So glad I stopped by!

Sing Along Forever

Melina said...

Looove pumkin soup, one of my fav´s ;))

mirjam schuurkamp said...

i never had pumpkin soup?
is it that good?
i wanna try :P

you look great love the outfit

New outfit post - Soft colors

Anonymous said...


Rene Braun said...

Pretty blog! Come to visit mine :)



Anonymous said...

Cute drees:> And you're cute too!

Bloggy Betty ♥♥♥

Miladies said...

Of course we are following you, we do like your blog too, so we'll be back soon :)

Kisses from


Zarna said...

yum! the soup looks delicious!

SAMANTHA said...

great post! i love pumpkin soup, and all these looks!

janet said...

the food looks so yummy!
love all the collections especially the dresses, it has a unique details at the back :)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Such a wonderful collection! I've never heard of her until now! And anything fried with soup is a great combination! xoxoxoo

Hayley said...

yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm that soup looks amazeballs !!

love the collection too.

Hayley said...

p.s. of course I am following you back =) love your blog x

Marusya V said...

You are right this red dress is just amazing! Loving it too!

Carolyn´s Photography said...

Beautiful dress, very original!

; )


Lynn said...

Congratulations for your article in a Korean magazine.
I love pumpkin soup, in my country is very common to eat it.


Kel said...

I love everything pumpkin and would get it fed intravenously if I could! So your mum's offerings look super delectable!

Also, congrats for the impending publication. It's going to be so surreal seeing it in print form!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

currently living in Purple Rain

Pink Ronnie said...

I like the Something Else label as well. I bought one of their winter coats last year and it's simply become indispensable. Look forward to seeing your article in print! Well done!
Ronnie xo
(Thanks for your sweet comment about my snapshots!)

VintageMoustache said...

Amazing dress!

behind my muse. said...

great post! love it. now following!! :) :)

Fiona. said...

I love the back of that top in the second set of pictures. And its a gorgeous colour.

lifeisamaze said...

The red dress is beautiful !

cristina petre said...

wow, love the outfits!


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