Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 days, 7 inspirations

1) Re:NK
Let me introduce Re:NK
it is one of the rising brands in Korean cosmetic/beauty industry
I received 3 sets of trial kits including 5 mL of perfect day serum
and 5mL of perfect day cream for research purposes for SURE magazine in Korea

it is quite a lot of amount for free
(5 * 3 = 15 mL)
because the original size they sell for perfect day serum is 40mL for 130,000 Korean won
which is about $130
that means it's about $48.75 worth of serum (serum only, not including the cream)

i love it :)

let's talk about the effects now
first impression: love the smell
it is the typical type of Korean cosmetic smell
meaning that it smells very feminine more like a body cream/perfume like scent
this way it makes you convinced that this product is MADE for women,
is that much works for senstivie types and LIGHTWEIGHTED

serum was clear colored in sight
it was like a water drop so I felt very moisturized applying it all over my face
after using the toner to cleanse my face

notice the "RE" in Re:NK?
re stands for
1) remove (dead skin cells)
2) repair (getting back to your skin's original strength of power
meaning that it wants to make your skin more firmed I guess)
3) recovery (helps to get back to your youth more quickly,
anti-aging much?)

how to use: 2-3 drops are enough and apply it all over your face lightly
to be moisturized

so far the serum was great
it wasn't like some of the other products
that are too strong for me (I heard that some anti-aging products
don't work for below 30s of age)
the cream that followed with it was also very light
as its name suggests, perfect to be used in the morning and day
as it makes your skin feels like you have a protective moisturized layer
from all the damages and dusts you receive from daily routines of works

2) grape juice (100% juice, nothing added)
my mom uses Hurom juice maker which costs about a little less $400 in Korea
(300 something I forgot how much it actually was)
and it is great for those who loves fresh juice like I drink every morning
it is a great routine to start off a day feeling refreshed and fully vitaminized
normally we drink tomato juice
but today my mom made it with grapes (had to put in about 2 full grapes to make about a grande/venti size)

how do I like it? love it of course
it feels unbelievable drinking the 100% juice coming from the fruits themselves only
no sugar, syrups or any other ingredients added

3) forget me not

forget me not scarves are all produced in Italy (Como)
(using a very fine digital print mode)

the illustrations had been featured in collaborations with other brands in the industry
from fashion to beauty

available for purchases in 10 countries all around the world
such as shops in Barney's, Harvey Nichols, Colette, and Harrods

designer Coco is French illustrator and art director who works with
a well known clients Evian, Longchamp and Karl Lagerfeld

beautiful collection of images credit to Coco & forget me not
check more at

4) National Breast Cancer Month: pink fashion?

these pretty bracelets cost $18 each
the bracelets can be shipped free from shopping online
& the portion of the sales goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

help out the survivors and those who fight with the cancer
& look pretty in pink, green, blue, and or orange-ish shades all :)

photos credit to: diamond girl media inc.

5) thegrandsocial

It was so hard to pick just a few of my favorites once again
loved all shades
, heels in great structure & light-weighted drapey feel of clothing items

le specs-runaways $59.95
bec and bridge- chrysler pants $265
bec and bridge- chrysler heels $355
katzi- venice green $64
serpent & the swan - armour $174
le specs-square chaos $69.95
isson-wanda $304
kyla crozier- flora blouse $395
melissa shoes- patchuli $145

photos credit to & shop available @

6) september march

I'm always searching for cute socks to go with my sneakers & wedge heels
and I found them at Korean shop September March

marine navy/brown
marine navy/mustard
tha crew-olive
tha crew-skyblue

shop available at and photos credit to

7) highglossfashion

can't believe too many goodies are on sale here :)
i want just about everything I found in shoes, bags, and sunnies!!!

almost famous dress $128
mary jane black clog $45-> reduced to $15
cross body bag $65-> $30
slip on flat $25->$15
white sunglassees $12 -> $7
aurora top $75
the jane $66
peep toe $36-> $15
desiree bag $99
asymmetric blazer on sale at $150 -> $35

shop available @ & photos credidt to


Rita J. said...

thanks girl!!
you're so nice

Alexandria said...

i love the scarves, especially the ones with fringes. where can i find them?


Mallika said...

GREAT inspiration!

x Mallika

Couture Carrie said...

Love this post!
Beautiful scarves!


Bch said...

LOvely blog!!!!! ;)

Francesca R said...

I love those scarves and they are coming from Italy! Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

i always love scarves, great accessories. Love your choices here.

Miss Sasanja said...

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Mery said...

Hello Michelle, I love those scarves, and fantastic post inspiration.

Erin said...

Wow you have a lot of great things here! I love the socks and the Breast Cancer Bracelets! Such a great cause!


Erin @

Corina said...

The first product looks good!! I love grape juice!!

Erika said...

Hmm never heard of that brand but certainly looks promising! keep us updated on how it feels like to use that :) btw, I'm really wanting that grape juice now hehehe
great post on scarves too :)


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Love scarves!


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kristina@beancakes ★ said...

michelle ~ i love all of your things!! those 2nd to last scarves are my favorite!! and that grape juice sounds delish ~ i love grape juice!!
xo ~ kristina

Harriet said...

Those forget mw not scarves are gorgeous - I am always totally taken by a lovely patterned scarf. I own loads but I can never get enough!

Anonymous said...

I FOLLOW BACK 100%!!!!


Analisa said...

Great post! I love those scarves!

Raman said...

love the scarves!! they are amazing, I'll have to try to find them in Canada!! x Raman

Meagan said...

That juice maker sounds great. I drink tomato juice allll the time!

Damn Glam. said...

great inspirations Xx

Flashes of Style said...

Loveee the scarves! <3



annette tang said...

oo the bracelets are awesome and for such a good cause!


ChiccaStyle said...

Great inspiration!!!

Angela said...

Nice post!!! I like make up!!!
Angela Donava

Sick by Trend said...

delicious starbuckssss!!! I really like the scarf pictures :)


Chez Margaux ... said...

Scarves are really beautiful and what is the make up, I take a model in Chanel

Have a nice day, xx

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That owl scarf is just phenomenal! :)

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Hello - great blog!
This was a very inspirational list, especially the scarves.

FashionJazz said...

Loving the scarves :) Happy Monday hun xx

Elle Sees said...

The Italian scarves are where my family is from, Como.

Virgit said...

gorgeous scarf I'm in love love it dear great post kisses

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beautiful scarfs! and love your background picture =D xx

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love the scarves!

Jenny Ong said...

I love the feeling of 100% juice - so refreshing. Cute scarves btw! xx

thestyleflux said...

Those picture turns out to be a great abstract print, such amazing design! :)

Fashion Blogger

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Beautiful collection of Forget Me Not :)

Tati Canto said...

wonderful scarves!

Molliee said...

that juice maker sounds perfect!

Trendy Curvy Girly said...

great scarves :)

kcomekarolina said...

cool things!

xoxo from rome

Carush Castro said...

love it!!!
and the socks are so cute!

my republic of fashion said...

That grape juice looks delish. Those forgot me not scarves are gorgeous. They look so luxurious! :)SarahD

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nice bracelets :=))

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this looks really nice, I might try something like that too! :D
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Milica Lubardic said...

ahhh...crazy about this post! 7 days 7 inspirations...what an idea! love the grape juice in starbucks cup! love it

hautepinkpretty said...

love this post! the accessories are amazing - i'd love everything!

The serial shopper said...

thank you for the birthday wish!

love the inspiration pictures!



Bonnie said...

Those scarves are gorgeous!! I love the designs on them.
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goodbadnfab said...

Hello fabulous! I'm drawing tons of fashion inspiration from your blog!

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So precious scarves and bracelets!!!:) Would like to try that fresh juice!;)
Jelena (

Kaari Mulk said...

Really cool stuff! These scarves are great and this website highlossfashion seems so great, definitely going to check it out!


xoxo, Kaari

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooh, those scarves are gorgeous! I love them. I'm so into scarves right now. I just the patterns on these.


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Very nice post! Every piece of these items are really interesting must-haves! Very nice, fun and informative post! Two thumbs up!

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Beautiful scarves! And I love drinking fresh fruit juice too.

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the prints on the scarf are AMAZING

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Those le specs sunglasses are amazing, The pattern on them is really fun!

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I love those scarfs!!

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i love the forget me not scarves!

Ly said...

I wish I could easily buy Korean products around me. I'm never comfortable buying make-up/skincare products online.


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Hello fabulous! I'm drawing tons of fashion inspiration from your blog!

Please check out my blog and enter my NYX eyeshadow palette giveaway:
the personal style and fashion musings of a LA Asian fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

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NK?Hm..not heard of it, must check it out!!!

Great post of inspirations:D i will be coming back for more korean beauty products review. I just bought some skin care products from Bio Essence. Have u heard of it before?


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