Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 coffee shops in a row

You only saw me wearing the green kick eyes from nonomuaks
now here is the look with red kick eyes :)
the felt-made eyewear is so flexible but it doesn't break!
it adds an instant chic and fun look to your outfit
& look even more perfect for the parties and festivals
I went to three coffee shops in a row w/ my friend
I blame for non-stop talking
and addiction to coffee!

노노무악스 그린색 착용한것만 올려봐서
오늘은 레드 올려보아요 ^^
펠트 소재 (흔히 부직포로 알려졌죠?)로 만들어져서
유연성 좋은 쉽게 부러지지 않는
뛰어난 아이디어를 가진 브랜드랍니다
착용하자마자 어떤 옷을 입었든 시크하면서도 재밋는 룩을
파티나 페스티벌용으로는 더욱더 완벽하겠죠
오늘 친구랑 연속으로 3군데 커피숍을 들렸는데
워낙 커피를 좋아하고 수다 떨다보니 ㅎㅎ

edited with pixlromatic app for android

안드로이드 쓰시는 분들은 pixlromatic G마켓에서 검색해보세요
무료 어플인데 효과들이나 프레임이
여러가지 있는데 밋밋한 사진들을
조금더 예쁘게 보이게 만들어주더라구요

my Coco Hallowin zebra added with fur tail I originally had since last year :)

코코할로윈 지브라백에 작년부터 여기저기 잘 사용하는
퍼테일로 장식해봤구요

hazelnut ice blended

아이스 블렌디드 헤이즐넛 맛 from Coffee Bean

edited with actionsnap

이건 액션스냅 어플로 꾸며봤구요
4 shots, 9 shots 너무 재밌어요

iced chocolate from atwosomeplace

투썸에서는 아이스초콜렛
(오늘 날씬 더운 편이었지만
전 추워도 아이스 음료를 즐겨찾아요)

outfit details
Dior sunnies
nobrand earrings & jeggings
wetseal hoodies
Coco Hallowin zebra bag
gifted fur tail
northface padding boots


Audrey Allure said...

I'm so addicted to coffee too lol. Love your bag!

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous looks!
Love your zebra bag!


Daisy said...

those glasses are so cute! oh i miss korea!

Ka$h! said...

love coffee too!! so much!! :D great bag and fox tail :D
hehe thanks for telling me about your bulgari shades! did you get them a long time ago? im kind of really obsessing over them....! :)
XOXO Kasia

Ka$h! said...

btw,you have killer nails!! so jealous! :D
XOXO Kasia

lapetiteblonde said...

love your bag!!super cute dear!!
kisses pretty and have a nice week=)

Ashley said...

I'm a total coffee addict too, I drink wayyyy too much! :)


!♥ m i m i said...

Those are some cool frames.



YouStyle said...

I had a coffee yesterday, BUT just ONE :P cute glasses and nice BAG!

Anonymous said...

Nice zebra bag!

Michelle's Style File said...

Cool sunnies!


Erica Leigh said...

i have coffee bean almost everyday (ahh! it's so good). i've never tried a blended hazelnut though--sounds soooo good!

erica | sweets + hearts

Jo Bao said...

I love coffee a lot too, but I drink tea more than coffee :) cute glasses, I would want a pair as well!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your sweet comment!

Angela said...

Jolies lunettes:)
Angela Donava

Francesca R said...

Hahaha! I love those glasses! And your nails are gorgeous!

mymy said...

LOVE your bag! <3 and this drink looks so good ...=)


ching said...

i actually like those sunnies. i want!

jiglycious said...

love your nails and your bag

new follower here
hope we can follow each other


Bonnie said...

I love those red shades! They are so different and fun.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Alexandra said...

Omg I love those glasses! They just brought a smile to my face haha, so cute. Love this post, I am such a caffeine addict as well! Also loving that zebra bag :)

Alexandra xo


Prêt-à-Penser said...

aww I love the bag! :)

P.S GIVEAWAY on my blog! it's the last day and you can win a UCB PIN UP shirt that gives volume to your breast and hips!


AndréiaFSalim said...

Hello! Thank you for your comment!:D

I use google translator ... Everything to facilitate our communication !!!:)
안녕하세요! 의견을 보내주셔서 감사합니다! D

저는 구글 번역기를 사용하여 ... 우리의 의사 소통 !!!:)을 촉진하기 위하여 모든


Molliee said...

your glasses are hilarious! love it!

StreetChic said...

funny post!
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Berna B. said...

haha =) you rock honey!

Hannah said...

the drinks look delicious!



Kate Lasater said...

You bag is awesome. I love the tail!


Carolina said...

Awww your sunglasses are so cute! It made me smile ^^

Have a nice day pretty girl!


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Your purse and glasses are so much fun! xx

hope in high heels said...

The kick-eyes are so cute! and three coffee shops in a row... I wouldn't have slept for three days!


Rach said...

fun sunglasses!!!

Sugar Filled Closet + Leopard Loafers GIVEAWAY

letiziabarcelona said...

I use Pixlromatic too, I like the effect !
cute and fun sunglasses;)

My Fashion Tale said...

Love you blog and your style Michelle ;) xoxo

Kaleido Mind said...

i want your bag!;)

Anonymous said...

OMG those glasses are like the coolest ever, soo cute!!!!

xxo joana from sweden

indie by heart said...

Hih, so cool glasses ;)

I love your bag ! And such cute pictures, very Christmas-looking there ^^

xx indie by heart

Cindy said...

Love the glasses! (:

Cindy C.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

funny frames! :)

Re_becah said...

Loved your nails, loved your bag!
Your outfit was sooo cute!!
Loved everything!



Marianna said...

I like your bag!!


Elizabeth of PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh those glasses are so funky!! and man that drink looks so so good

Adam said...

I"ve actually never drank one cup of coffee in my life. My girlfriend loves the stuff though. I can't believe the prices at some of those shops though

Pimenava Yana said...

I take care of my hands and nails :) your glasses are funny :P

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

love anything Christmas, so this post made me happy. PLUS, those glasses are pretty awesome, if i do say so myself ;)
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

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