Thursday, November 24, 2011


I purchased this nail kit (3 nail polishes of green, red and glitters: all sparkly)
from aritaum right after I saw this was only 10,000 Korean won or $10
reading it in instyle magazine & on twitter @aritaum_story

this kit is one of the limited editions came out in just about
right time for Christmas & gifts to those you love
when I saw the glitter one in the middle
I thought of miu miu  heels right away :)

트위터랑 인스타일에서 보자마자
각각 만원인줄 알았는데 3개에 세트로 만원에
리미티드 에디션 한정으로 나왔다는 소식보고
바로 달려가서 사왔어요 :)
색 너무 예쁘죠? 그린과 레드도 펄감이 살짝 들어잇어요
글리터 보는 수간 미우미우힐이 생각나는건 왜일까요

there are endless choices how you can play around with this kit
but for now I'll show you the first look/attempt I did with these polishes
next time, I'm sure I'll be more skilled and make it
possible to do some drawings or make the look prettier!

이 키트만 있으면 정말 다양한 방법으로 계속 활용하실수있을거에요
첫 try 한거니 지금 올리는 룩들은 감안하고 봐주세요 ㅎ
다음번엔 조금더 스킬이늘어있을테니
그림을 그려보든, 어쨌든 더 예쁘게 해볼게요 :]

I added one more polish from Hera (also Korean brand,
same company as the aritaum)
it's pearly brown

헤라에서 막 구입해왔던 브라운인데
오묘하게 펄감이 들어가있는 폴리쉬와 함께 사용해보았어요!

drops to show you how they appear

색상을 자세히 보여드리고 싶어서 몇방울 떨어뜨려봤어요

on left hand
thumb: painted red on bottom first, green on top half, put glitter across
index, middle, pinky: just painted the shades alone in red, green, glitter
ring: brown + added glitter drops trying to make them appear as like the stones

왼손에 모습이에요
엄지: 먼저 레드를 밑에 반 칠하시고, 그린 위에 남은 반, 그다음
반짝이부분을 중앙에 선을 긋듯이 그었어요
똑바른 라이너가 아니라서 오히려 굵게 울퉁불퉁해도
둘째, 셋째, 새끼 손가락: 그냥 한색상으로 발라주기만 함.
넷째 손가락: 헤라 브라운색상 바르고, 반짝이를 살짝 떨어뜨리는 느낌으로
묻혔는데요 반짝이 스톤 붙였다는 느낌 나게 해주려고
나름 상상하고 해본...ㅠㅠ

on right hand
thumb & pinky appeared the same as the left one
and everything else on ring, middle and index fingers,
I applied the shades and painted in french with glitter

엄지와 새끼 손가락은 똑같은 모습이구요
나머지 손가락에는 다 칠한 다음 프렌치를 반짝이로 해주었어요

also today I got the final stamps (17th)
to receive free diary (with along 3 coupons; these were what I waited for haha)

ordered iced toffee nut latte

그리고 오늘 아이스 토피넛라떼를 시킴으로 17번쨰 스탬프를 채우고
다이어리 받았어요
사실 뒤에 3쿠폰들이 제일 기다렸던 것들이라는 ㅎㅎㅎ

added a new tail on my Coco Hallowin navy & pink bag

제 네이비&핑크 코코할로윈 백에
겨울에 맞춰 여우털 꼬리를 달아봤어요 :)

wish list (& a guide to you!)
from the photos I took while I was reading instyle Korea December issue of 2011
*therefore all photos credit to instyle korea!

miu miu furry bag & pink bag (both the largest photos one) both around $1600-1700
fresh roll-on (little over $30), etude house pink solid fragrance $9
the body shop glitter spray (also fragranced I think) a little less $30
Fendi business card case for men (in Green) a little over $200
Karen Walker green trimmed shades around $370 such an affordable (less than $20) vintage-y eyewear
lunasol's gift set and yes that faux fur clutch comes along! 98,000 won ($98?)
Prada's flower necklace 1,800,000 won ($1800)

notice the prices are rounded up in Korean marketed price
so they will be different for the U.S. Europe or any other Asia countries

giveaway is still opened for 24 hours
and then will be closed
good luck everyone!

인스타일 보다가 너무 예쁜게 많아서 찍어봤어요
가격들은 위를 참고해주시구요 (아니면 사진을 눌러보세요)

나눔이벤트 (revengeis 에서 만든 유기농 티셔츠
가 아직 24시간 동안 오픈되어있으니
얼른 참여해보세요
내일 한국시간으로 오후 6시쯤 닫아서 winner 를 뽑을거에요
간단하니 참여해주세요 :)


YK said...

Ahhhh that's so Christmas!! Iiky liky>_<!! 얼렁크리스마스왓스면좋겟당!

Cammie Callisto said...

Love the nailpolish!

Anonymous said...

These colours are so Christmassy :) I love how you wear them xxx

Sveva said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Love the "Christmas" nailpolish!

Giusyta said...

o.m.g the nail art is amazing!!!!!
i love the red one!!!!!

The Glamour Avenue

AndréiaFSalim said...

Hello Michelle Lee!

I love your blog, wonderful !!!:) These photos are great, I loved the glaze (with packaging) and its Coco Hallowin Navy and pink bag!

Thanks for following me and visit my blog ... :):):)
Your new follower of Brazil, a big kiss!
@ DeiaFSalim

Arden said...

Loooove your bag, and those Christmas inspired nails. That glitter polish is so perfect, exactly what I am craving. xx

miss_fashionmix said...

AAA!!! So Christmasy! Love your nails!

.sabo skirt. said...

Great blog! All items are nice!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Samantha said...

I'm so happy you started following my blog so I was able to find yours! Love it:) I am now your newest follower!


Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

So pretty. x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

Audrey Allure said...

Beautiful nail polishes!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful nail polishes and colours.

Thanx for coment our blog.

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit, so chic! :)

Otilia C. said...

wow!i love so much!!

Francesca R said...

My fave is the thumb nail art! And I adore you furry jacket!

By said...

I loved their looks!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

amazing fur! love it on you
and the nails are incredible

New outfit post; Fake fur it is!

lapetiteblonde said...

super cute nails!!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome, keep it up! i'll definitely be coming back!
and i hope you'll come by and visit sometime soon!

Annushka said...

I like your post, it is very interesting!

tiny dancer said...

Ooooo such 3 lovely holiday colors! Totally jealous :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog <3

Mery said...

Hello, I love your looks is beautiful..
and your post is fantastc...
A big kiss.

Anonymous said...

great nail colors

jolenesfashiondiary said...

Great nail colors!! Perfect for christmas!!

Thanks for your comment! :)

Carolina said...

I looove your nails! It's very unique!

Carrie said...

Those colors scream Christmas! I love it.



Annabel said...

YAY! I love christmas!

Anonymous said...

you are good! haha I cannot do that myself

so cute


Larissa said...


girl, you are fabulous :) and a CA girl like me!!

totally following-


Pimenava Yana said...

Omg !!! U're nail kit are so cute . I like !!!!

Ka$h! said...

your nails are stunning!!!
are those your natural nails, or?
btw you look so chic with your fur and your glasses!! where are your glasses from? :D
XOXO Kasia

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Splendid nail colors, completely Christmas correlated!!:))) And u have great fur!;)
Jelena (

Stylissimo said...

Hi, very nice blog :)
I just found it

Wanna see Tbilisi Fashion Week?

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Tati Canto said...

Luv the sparkling nail polishes!
xoxo, Tati

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I love your bags! :)
I follow you :)

Gina Michele said...

Love the nail polish and your outfit!

♥ Gina Michele

Fashionthroughtravel said...

Haha you're right! The golden glitter screams Miu Miu all over!!! Paired with the other shaded it also screams Christmas! I can't wait for the holiday season :)
Thanks for following me, I'm following you on facebook now :)

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing manicure, darling!
You look so gorgeous!


Re_becah said...

The nail polishes are sooo beautiful!
I loved the golden one!
And I loved your outfit! Your vest is sooo fashionable!



MartilaMi said...

Hi!!! This post is great and I love your blog... I hope you'll visit my blog and you'll follow me! I obviously follow you back! Kiss!

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Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Those nails are so much fun & I love starbucks! Your outfit is so chic also!


my republic of fashion said...

Gorgeous Christmassy glitter nails! :)SarahD

Meena said...

Hey...yes my giveaway is INTERNATIONAL :)
thanks for stopping by!

Nina said...

great photos! i loved the nail polish xmas!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xo

shoppette said...

Great colors, I love glitter !!!

BlueVanilla said...

Love the nails! The glitter polish is gorg!

Hot Pink Day
Blue Vanilla

Anonymous said...

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Hannah said...

aww these nail polishes are so cute! very festive!


Tamara Nicole said...

Totally loving glitter nail polishes right now:-) Cuuute!

Lysa said...

Super ces vernis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J adore

Reptilia said...

That naiilpolish is so cool! Love it!

I'm so excited about Christmas!!

Love this post!


Cliff said...

ohmygawd the gold glitter color is ahhhmazing and i always love your luxurious style! :D


Michelle Lee said...

@misskasia- hi they are my real nails haha thanks! And the glasses are from bulgari. You can check out the boutique nearby or official web for shopping info or to get a similar model. I bought it last year and this yr they came out with the leopard-y version in the same shape model! Love them :)

Carmo said...

the blush colour of your fur vest is dreamy ;)

Stiene S. said...

I love your nails!

letizia said...

cute bag you have here! and I love the colors of nail polish you have too!

the milk avenue. said...

your nails are so cool and i really like your bag! :)

Marcela Gmd said...

Your style it’s fantastic!!
Have a nice weekend!

Besos, desde España, Marcela

skippysays said...

Oh my goodness I wish I was that talented at doing my nails- you did an amazing job!

Wida said...

That's so awesome it was only $10! Love your nails and bag!

Missing Amsie Blog

jill said...

Wow come give me a manicure please!

x. jill
those ghosts

Aimee Victoria Long said...

Lovely colours!!! So Christmasy
I'm a new follower to your blog please come back and visit mine and maybe follow if you like.
Thanks for the comment and liking my fb page!

alovelysunnyplace said...

Love your nails and the bag is very cute kiss

SeizeTheVintage said...

Cute nails! I get nail polish all over my fingers whenever I try to paint my nails.. T__T Anyway, looks good!

Barbara Scarlett Brayovic said...

i love your bag...where did you get it from?


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