Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hanskin BB Cream

I'd received Hanskin's brandbook few weeks ago from "singles magazine" in Korea
for review purposes
already had put a post up on there in Korean
Hanskin is Korean cosmetic brand known for its BB cream (blemish balm)

싱글즈에서 당첨되서 한스킨 브랜드북을 받았는데요
제 블로그에서도 share 하고 싶어서 :)

it says it's 19,800 won
it's about 20 bucks

19,800 원이구요 구성을 보시면 더 깜짝 놀라실거에요!

this is what you get for purchasing this book!
amazing three BB creams all from super line
(it's the most famous one I heard)
and other samples including the moisture gels,
creams and other BB types are included
amazing price for getting all these goodies!

3개 정품 수퍼라인의 비비크림이 들어있구요
써보고 싶었던 크림, 겔타입의 스킨케어라인등 샘플들이
다양하게 들어있어서 너무 좋았어요

it says this is worth originally about $100

10만원 상당의 정품이라고 하니 대단하네요!

this is the book including the history, philosophy of the brand,
makeup tips and tricks etc.
it's about 64 pages long
all so informative!
I highlighted and took some notes while reading this
it's like a beauty bible!

64 페이지 정도 되는데요
알찬 내용들로 가득차있어요
브랜드의 철학, 역사부터 메이크업 팁들까지
더 신뢰감이 가게 만들어주더라구요
받자마자 노트쓰면서 열심히 읽었다죠?ㅎㅎ

some of the things I learned from this book:

1) this is not just a tool to "fake" your look to look so natural
but it's a "treatment" that heals and helps your skin

2) for oily skin like me, I was worried that covering up with makeup
will make the breakouts looking worse later,
but in fact I learned that it absorbs in the bad oil
so the makeup will last all day long!

3) this book also made me want to visit the main flagship store in Kangnam
because it's opened from 7 AM
& you can use all products from skincare to makeups
to finish your full makeup there and go to
meetings, office, or for brunch out with friends right after :)

제가 몇가지 배운점들을 얘기하자면요

- 그냥 썡얼로 위장하기 위한 메이크업이 아닌
트리트먼트 제품이라고 생각하시면 되구요

-지성인 피부에겐 메이크업을 안해야만 된다는 생각을 가졌던 저는
이 책을 읽고 한스킨의 제품은 과잉 피지 조절을 막고 흡수해줘서
하루종일 메이크업이 깨끗하게 지속된다는걸 꺠달았어요!

- 강남점 매장을 들리면 오전 7시부터 오픈이고
스킨케어부터 메이크업 라인까지 사용이 다 가능해서
기초부터 풀메이크업까지 완성시키고 바로
일이나 친구들 만나러 나가도 된다는 장점?
자주 들려야 할 곳으로 찜해놨어요 ^^ ㅎㅎ

proof that I was already Hanskin-holic
the super BB and glossy (highlighter), cover (concealer)
are all from YES Hanskin!
I'm so glad that I got to learn greater things behind the brand
I respect the brand's belief even more now
after reading the book and for the time I spent on using these products.
if you come to Korea or gets a chance to shop for Korean cosmetic products,
I definitely recommend you try Hanskin's BB creams!

제가 이미 한스킨을 쓰고 있었다는 증거라고나 할까요
수퍼비비, 글로시, 커버 비비 다 한스킨제품이구요
제가 쓴 흔적이 보이시죠?
한스킨을 이 기회를 통해 더 깊게 알게 된거같아서
완소 브랜드로 인식되었어요 ^^


Unknown said...

Hmm I will look out for these products! I wonder if they are available in Europe....


.sabo skirt. said...

Wow!... These are pretty amazing!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Unknown said...

I really do love your blog :) I will look out for those products you have mentioned.

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome products, darling!


Martinha said...

It sounds wonderful :)

Blog da Reh said...

I didn’t know this brand! very nice!!

Beeeijooos :)

Unknown said...

This looks amazing. I wish my skin wasn't too dark to use BB Cream.

Reptilia said...

That's really cool! You lucky girl!


Sunters said...

Nice post


Anonymous said...

I bought some BB cream when I was in Korea and I still use it now, it's good :) xxx

Adriana Alfaro said...

I'm looking after the BB cream!xoxo from Brazil!

Lynsey Michelle said...

It's always fun to read about where brands/lines got their start. Pretty inspiring stuff when you get down to it. Lovely that it came with samples.


Jenna Hughes said...

i've wanted to try a BB cream recently, but i heard they give a grey cast

Amira Rasool said...

this sounds amazing
I'll keep my eyes open for this product
great blog


Mery of the style said...

Hello Michelle, happy week kend..
Awesome products, darling.

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I will look out for them, I like the idea of the book + samples!

Fashionthroughtravel said...

This sounds like a really interesting brand, I wonder if we have them here in Europe..

Chanel Tonè said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I was always curious about B.B. products. Thanks for sharing.

Stevia said...

my aunties LOVE hanskin
i bought probably ten of hanskin bb cream when I went to Korea!

Leticia said...

great post!!

letiziabarcelona said...

everybody is talking about BB cream I would lové to try!!

FashionJazz said...

Would love to try it!! :)

Happy Friday xx


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