Wednesday, February 8, 2012

chic impact

it was a cold Saturday when I took these photos
but still didn't stop me from wearing a thin but lots of layered clothes
& my newest purchase of orange flats from Tory Burch

토요일쯤 이 사진들을 찍었었는데요
날씨가 아직 추웠지만
얇지만 많은 레이어링으로 밖에 새로 산 토리버치 플랫을 신고
당당히 나갔답니다 ㅎㅎ

jamba juice opened pretty close from my house here in Korea too
love how the photos came out in such a color pop

잠바쥬스가 점점 한국에 오픈하는 모습을 보니
너무 기분이 좋아요
종종 캘리에서 찾던 곳인데요
밝은 분위기의 조명덕분인지 꽤 선명하게 사진들이 나온거같네요

outfit details

GIFTED sunglasses
NAOMI skirt leggings
LESHOP hooded scarf & fur bag
FOREVER21 blazer
QUA cardigan (wine)

my new heights love for shoes: 0.5 cm haha
really comfy though

1cm 도 채 안되는 굽이지만 역시 잘찾으면
플랫슈즈만큼 편안한 착용감도 없는거같아요

you know how much I love the chemicals free nail polishes
meaning that they don't use harmful chemicals inside
nailgirls is one of the brands I know that does well in
giving beautiful benefits
here are new collection for this spring and summer
inspired by the runway looks you had seen for S/S12

저는 네일을 좋아하지만
몸에 안좋은 성분들이 들어가지 않은
착한 제품들을 특히나 더 선호하는데요
nailgirls 가 제가 아는 그런 브랜드중 하나에요
이번 봄여름 컬렉션에서 영감을 받아서 새로 탄생한
2012년 신상 컬렉션들을 보여드릴게요

I have a huge love for the brights
because they give you the instant makeovers

이런 밝은 팝 색상은 바르기만 해도
포인트로 딱
분위기 변신에도 한몫하지요

vibrant manicures

the photos credit to: nailgirls london

you can check out more information and where you can purchase these products

공식사이트를 방문하시면
풀 색상들을 보실수 있습니다


Xyryl A. said...

The top doesn't look good but the furry fringe-y bad and the chunky scarf really makes it better. Those Tory Burch flats areto die for. Keep it up! Nice style, too.

Cléo de Lucca said...

Love your shoes...
Kisses from Brazil.
Cleo de Lucca

Jelena Todić said...

Great post! Love all the photos! :*

Hayley said...

that cardi is the most amazing thing!

Missy Cheeks said...

lovely jacket,I like the print :D

sarah. said...

OMG that scarf is amazing.

Plami said...

you look so cute in your cozy outfit! I love your purse and ballerinas!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! It means a lot to me!


Lucie Srbová said...

That bag is really pretty!!!

Lola Finn said...

Hi :) Thnank you so much cutie!!! I love you pretty shoes!! <3

Luna Tiger said...

I love your blazer !!!

Marina Di Guardo said...

stunning outfit...
I adore especially the shoes and the blazer...
ciao dear Michelle!

francesca romana capizzi said...

I am loving the scarf and the coat!!

Forever Fred Astaire by PJ Chabwera said...

That print on your coat is great! You look really good! Great job!

This blog is so fantastic, well done! Please check mine out and follow if you like it! I promise to return the favour!


miss_fashionmix said...

Love your scarf! Looks perfect for winter:)

MosaMuse said...

cute sweater :)

Lesli said...

Cute flats :)

Bonnie said...

I so wish that we had a Jamba Juice near me! I love their stuff.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Trendy Curvy Girly said...

I love our shoes flat !

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Your scarf and furry bag are so cute!!!:) And great nail polishes!!


AndréiaFSalim said...

Your blog is so wonderful! :))
Beautiful look, I loved the shoes and the bag!
Followed you, you are very dear !;):);)

Caroline said...

Love the Tory Burch flats! :) Those pastel shades nail varnishes look gorgeous!

Caroline x

Lafashionfolie said...

I love your wardrobe- very quirky and cute with some fab designer buys!

Sophie x

Miška said...

I loove that sweatshirt. love oversized stuff <3

Vicky said...

Lovely outfit :)

Re_becah said...

your posts are always nice!
Loved your outfit!


La Petite A said...

Cute pictures!

Carolyn said...

mmm jamba juice!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Love the outfit!

Jules said...

Love the Tory Burch flats! I want some of those.

Carolina G. said...

i love it how the scarf and those shoes matches! just love it! kisses

Ida Ayu Melati said...

thank you so much :) your newest follower too :) Hope we can be friends :)

Style, She Wrote said...

Love layered knits. SO cute and cozy. xo style, she wrote

Adriana Alfaro said...

Amaziiing cardigan with the scarf, love it!
xoxo from Brazil!

Dave Vuitton said...

Im like your sunglasses!!!

Besos Chipless by Dave Vuitton
Tendencia Polaroid en chipless fashion

Kristle Jones said...

Hi Michelle -

Thanks for stopping by! I am following you now as well : )

xo Kristle

Clara Turbay said...

Love it all.

Piel Trémula said...

Wow! I found your blog watching other one & i fall in love! I reaallyyy looove your blog, I´m from Argentina and i live in a neighborhood called Chinatown, and it´s magical! I think Asian culture (each part of it) is unexplicable beautiful.. i have no words, i smply love it..

jamie said...

now i am craving jamba juice! loving your new flats babe :)

x jamie

the style crusader said...

I'm big time obsessed with Jamba Juice - so gutted they don't have it in Europe! It's always on my list whenever i'm in the US. xx

Mery said...

Hello Michelle, fantastic look is so cute..

Jamie E. Anthony said...

how perfect are those nail polish colors!!! too pretty!

ELVIA said...

Really diggin' the nail polish colors



Xean said...

you have such a cute and pretty pair of shoes! I like it! :)


Thank you! All photos are found on diverse tumblrs. You have a really cute blog! :)

Lisa Lockhart said...

great scarf!


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