Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coffee 24/7

strawberry macaron latte from Cafe Pascucci
tastes like a... strawberry syruped latte

macaron doesn't follow with this sadly

스트로베리 마카롱 라떼 였던거같은데요
아쉽게도 마카롱은 안나오지만
그냥... 딸기시럽 첨가한 라떼같은 조금 달달한 맛이에요

green tea frappuccino from alice2046 coffee @ the duty free in
Paradise Hotel

iced milk tea from Dunkin Donuts
(great alternative to find a cheaper version-more precisely the 1/3- of an iced milk tea
instead of $9 + at the Payard)

페이야드에서 만원가까이 주고 아이스밀크티를 사마시면
맛있긴 하지만
그 1/3 가격으론 던킨도너츠에서 그럭저럭

free coffee followed @ blacksmith's
for opening up a new store at centumcity

블랙스미스가 드디어 센텀시티점을 최근 오픈했어요
한 4월까지는 쿠폰이 있어서 커피가 공짜이니
더욱 만족스러웠어요

chocolate latte + cake set follows with free Americano
(Valentine's deal)

me and my friend didn't know what to get before movies
and the worker there recommended us that they have a new deal
so we automatically said yes please

발렌타인 데이라서 그랬던걸까요
초콜렛라떼와 (그냥 핫초코 ㅋ) 케이크를 사면
아메리카노가 따라오더라구요
친구와 뭐마실까 고민하다가 추천받아서
얼른 옙 했답니다

caramel latte macchiato from cafe pascucci
smells amazing (I believe the drizzle/syrup is from Ghirardelli)

미국에서 초콜렛 하면 특히 샌프란시스코가면
꼭 찾았던 기라델리
그 소스를 사용하는 커피숍/라운지는 항상 반가워요 ㅎㅎㅎ

mom just made us fresh kiwi juice
(btw my new nail do's with two nail polishes dotted with cotton swab)

엄마가 만들어준 생과일 키위 쥬스
이번주 손톱은 심심할때 빨리 하려고 자주 사용하는
면봉으로 두컬러 찍기 방법 ㅎㅎㅎ


look at this hot chocolate from @atwosomeplace
love the bubbly foam of milk and melting chocolate in action
1) pick out your chocolate

투썸에서 시킨 핫초콜렛라떼 보세요
풍부한 거품이 달콤해보이죠?
우선 같이 나온 초콜렛을 빼시구요

2) put it in a warm cocoa

퐁당 빠뜨려 주세요

3) wait until it melts and voila! the deepest, sweetest chocolate drink is made

다 녹을때 까지 기다리시면
달콤하고 깊은 맛의 초콜렛을 느끼실수 있어요 ㅎㅎㅎ


blacksmith's (follow twitter @blacksmithhq)
is a restaurant opened up by caffe bene (has a shop in NY too I believe)
the price is affordable within about $11-$25 something normally
in a variety of pasta, pizza, salad, and grilled meat choices

블랙스미스는 카페베네 세컨드브랜드이구요
최근 뉴욕에서도 카페베네는 오픈했다고 하지요?
이 레스토랑은 파스타 피자 전문으로 생각하시면될듯한데
가격대도 적당해요 1-2만원선에서 (10% 택스 붙어요)
식사를 하실수 있고 깔끔한 음식, 분위기 덕분에
누구와 가도 즐거운 식사가 가능할거 같았어요

I ordered the pane pasta
it's kind of a spicy cream pasta with shrimps, garlic, and buttery toasted bread

저는 빠네 파스타를 시켰는데요
약간 매콤한 맛을 풍기는 크림 파스타로
새우, 마늘, 그리고 버터로 구워진 빵들과 곁들여 나와졌어요

my friend Dianna ordered the pomodoro

친구는 뽀모도로 시켰구요

am looking forward to see more blacksmith's opening up worldwide :)


new spring/summer 12 collection came out from Adolfo Dominguez
model: Mirte Maas

봄여름 신상 컬렉션이 또 나왔네요
(아돌포 도밍게즈)

totally adore the lacey, romantic vibes this collection portrays

레이스 풍이나 자연스러운 톤의 옷들이
로맨틱함을 풍기는거같아요


Aimee Victoria Long said...

I love that white dress, its so cute.thank you for the comment you left on my blog, sorry it has taken me o long to get back to you! Have a great day and please visit again.

kira said...

great photos

Ashley said...

Now you've got me craving coffee! And I'm going to have to try a green tea frappuccino one of these days, they look delicious!


Tidbits of Addiction said...

i love coffee, these drinks look so yummy! thanks for stopping by, i'm following you back!

Jenna Hughes said...

cool nails!

Becky Tjandera said...

Ahh yummy food and drink. Want to eat + drink them ;)

Ethic said...

Yummy stuff!!

Javier said...

Oh, i love your blog and also coffee!! follow u now, we could follow each other :)
If u can, visit:
See ya!

Melminho said...

All look so yummy!
The white dress is beautiful!

QT said...


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It look yummy!!! love that dress! I have a giveaway on my blog so feel free to join it:)

An said...

this post made me... thirsty! LOL love your nails btw!

Angela see, Angela blog said...

Hmm strawberry macaron!
Thanks for droppng by!
New outfit post: Maximum

Caroline said...

The strawberry macaron latte looks delicious! :)

Caroline x

Analisa said...

All these drinks look so yummy! I've never heard of macaron latte before, sounds like a dream!

Mary Lou said...

mmmh delcious i would love to have a macaron latte too;) and i love that cute collection from adolfo dominguez, the hat of the first pic is sooo fabulous!
love and kiss,mary

S. Lopez said...

Looks delicious! I want coffee now!!


Raquel T.G. said...

mmmm now I want a coffee! :D
I love the first white dress by Adolfo Dominguez, it's so so cute!!

Night at Vogue said...

That collection looks very nice! Pretty model!

Style Servings said...

Love these casual, but pretty styles. So effortless!

Melmo said...

I don't like coffe but the green tee frappuccino looks delicious :)

the goorgeous said...

would love to try all those coffes! I'm addicted to cream ;)

Reich Banks said...

about the coffe...

love the italian one!

kisses from barcelona!

Missy Cheeks said...

hum..some delicious food,but I don't lie coffee!!

Annie said...

YUM - this post makes me wants lots & lots of coffee :)

The Other Side of Gray


Beautiful clothes! I want summer, or at least spring!!

yiqin; said...

i want to have coffee now too <3

Marina Di Guardo said...

Michelle...I love these yummy coffees!
adorable also the Dominguez collection.
ciao my dear friend!

HH said...

Love Adolfo Dominguez! spanish fashion wohooo!

Following you ;)

Happy Weekend


Audrey Allure said...

Mmm looks so tasty!

Britt+Whit said...

love all these photos! love the heart in the first one! too cute

-We hope you send us a fun message for our 1 year! We will feature all messages on the blog on 2/27
love from San Francisco,

Winnie said...

Oh yummy, that first strawberry latte sounds amazing!

J. F. M. M. said...

Greetings from Spain.
I am an amateur photographer and public blogs. The photos of my people are in:

I hope you'll visit me.

Shantik said...

Just stopping by to say hey!
Beautiful blog xxx

***Drawn in only 3 days*** xxx


francesca romana capizzi said...

In terms of coffe, i am a pro compared to you! Have a nice saturday!

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Daphnée Kwong Waye said...

A good cup of hot coffee is enough to lighten up my day! Beautiful post!

Diana said...

Everything looks so delich! you must love coffee a lot! :)

Francesca said...

So cute!!!

MosaMuse said...

coffee and fashion... 2 of my loves!


cute blog! I’ll follow you!
I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin:-)
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Oh my Dior! said...

delicious and beautiful beverages!!

pricillia lumantoro said...

so tempting!

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kelimutu said...

oh, I being so thirsty after seeing your post.. :)
those coffe looks sooo yummy.. :D


Anonymous said...

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YouStyle said...

매거진블로그에디터된거축하해!!!페북에서봤엉 :)
나이제4월이면한국가니깐!!그때같이커피마시쟈 히히사진찍어줄께 :D

Antonio Jurado said...

Oh! Qué bonito el café con la nata en forma de corazón!

Besos desde

Sick by Trend said...

Coffee all day long! :) amazing post


Li Ying said...

Your nail art is so cool and the food's amazingngggg

Flavia Flanders said...

i love coffee, i actually had 3 this morning already, i'm a true addict....

Tamina said...

that looks so tasty! I'm an absolut coffee junkie :-D

Bonnie said...

Your food looks so good! You seem to have an eye for it.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Lysa said...

MMM!!! J adore cappuccino!!!!!!!!

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Oh I would like a bit of that fresh kiwi juice!:)


J&L said...

So many yummy cups of coffee! xo style, she wrote

Danica C. said...

great post as always! the clothes are so wanted! Can't wait for spring to come!

xox that girl who stole the ice-cream parlour

S A R A H. said...

OMG. craving for coffee now! yummm.

Vogue Villain said...

All the food looks sooo good. It's too cute to eat!

Pak said...

I am the protein bar queen. Instead you can buy some of the plastic food or the best thing is to buy little boxes of animal crackers, cereal & raisins, etc. The appeal of Quisp "Quazy Energy Cereal" has never waned, and the brand is still in limited distribution.


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