Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Shinsegae Simon Busan Premium Outlet] PRE-OPENING

today Korea time 29th of August is the official day opens up for
Shinsegae Simon's Busan Premium Outlet.
I went yesterday on 28th for pre-opening which I was invited for
Since it JUST opened, YES it smells like a fresh painted building everywhere
Some of the shops I couldn't stand for more than 5 seconds
but the prices were mostly reduced from 30 to 60 percents in each brands/shops
so once you know for sure what you want, I'm sure this place is going to be a smart choice for those
My brother only got some stuffs he wanted from Luckychouette & Stone Island
29일인 오늘 공식적으로 프리미엄아울렛(부산)이 오픈하지만
저는 어제 28일 프리오프닝 때 초대받아 다녀왔어요
막 오픈해서 새빌딩 냄새는 어쩔수 없었지만,
할인율들은 각각 브랜드마다 꽤 높은 편인거같아서
확실히 원하는 것을 정해놓고 가는 쇼퍼들은 득템하실수 있으실거같아요
동생만 럭키슈에뜨와 스톤아일랜드에서 쇼핑하고 왔네요 ㅋㅋ

If you are looking for a place to eat, then there's a food court
and 1 Chinese, 1 Korean restaurant outside.
Johnny Rockets is in Seoul but I always wanted one in Busan too,
and here is the first place they opened it up for
from Haeundae, it takes about 20-30minutes locally (drive along ... the Songjung area I believe...I'm not a driver sorry)
음식은 중국집 한곳, 보리밥집 한곳, 푸드코트가 있어요
자니라켓이 서울에는 있으면서 왜 부산에 없나했는데
이곳을 첫오픈으로 이제 생길지도 모르겠다 싶어요~
해운대에서 아울렛은 보통 2-30분 예상해도 될 듯 싶어요 (안막힐경우)

I got the original burger
(9,000 won - Sprite was a complimentary drink when you order the burgers on opening day
normally it costs another 3,000 won)
오리지널 버거 시켰는데요 9천원에 버거와 프라이가 나와요
오픈해서인지 버거를 시키면 탄산이 공짜였는데 원래는 3,000원이라고 적혀있더라구요

candies gotten from BOONTHESHOP
분더샵에서 받은 캔디들

outfit details
DIOR sunglasses
F21 tunic worn as a top
H&M wedge and skirt

some of the popular shops they have are:
Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs, Gucci & Fendi Kid's,
Lacoste, Salvatore Ferragamo, Le Creuset,
Guess, Jill by Jill Stuart, Customellow, Coming Step, Couronne, etc.
몇몇 숍들 있던거 리스트 적자면,
이자벨 마랑, 마크제이콥스, 구찌와 펜디는 키즈,
라코스테, 페레가모, 르쿠르제, 게스, 질스튜어트, 커스터멜로우, 커밍스텝, 쿠론 등등이
사람들이 많이 보이더라구요 :)

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Angela said...

Lovely your look! Like it!!
Angela Donava

Aitana said...

Adorable look!!


Patti Santamaría said...

cool pics! XoXo I waiting for you on my blog!

exality said...

cool! maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

Virginia said...

great pics!!! you look beautiful!

Virginia said...

great pics!!! you look beautiful!

Vett Vandiver said...

yummy foods!!

Y said...

Um... Busan
I have been busan long time ago.

I like to visit your blog coz can see many of Korean things ^^

Have a good day



lovely pics :)

Mira said...

You look adorable. I love outlet. You can save so much money and it's great you can also eat something there.


xx Mira

Rakel said...

love your look!

Anonymous said...

super canon.


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