Monday, November 18, 2013

colorful watch

from the goodies I got last week, I wanted to show you this watch from BornPretty
I'm so into cobalt blue these days
yes because it's a trend for this F/W and also because it stands out
There were 5 color options from black, yellow, blue, pink and white
and I was debating on which to pick... like I seriously wanted to purchase them all!!!
and you'll love to hear this: the price is little less 10 bucks
if you don't believe me, (or if you love it as much as I did) go check it out here
*From if you are planning to purchase any items
(it is famous for latest nail art & makeup retails too, you'll find tons of self-nail do's on instagram with hashtag #bornprettystore)
use this special code for my readers MICHELLELC10
you'll get 10% off from your purchase :)
enjoy shopping!
저번주에 받은 택배들 중 보여드려야 할 제품들이 많은데 그중
BornPretty 시계가 워낙 엣지있어서 얼른 보여드리고 싶었어요 ㅎㅎ
코발트블루색상은 이번 F/W 트렌드이기도 하고, 워낙 눈에 잘 들어오는 색상이라
포인트아이템으로 매치하기 좋아서 선택한 컬러에요 (저 디자인으로 블랙,화이트,핑크,옐로도 있어요 총 5가지 컬러 옵션)
다 구매하고 싶었지만 우선 이제품을 선택했는데요 ㅎㅎ
만원정도 하는 가격? 이에요~
정말 착한 가격이죠? 사이트에서 구경해보세요 클릭
*혹시 에서 구경하시다 구매하게 되신다면,
제 블로그 구독자들을 위해 발행된 10%할인쿠폰 잊지말고 사용하세요
결제하실때 MICHELLELC10 입력하시면 된답니다 ^^



Stella said...

I like both the colour and design of your watch.
Stella from a A Shiny Place

Nee said...

what a pretty watch:) such a nice blue color and it makes your outfit look really cool:) lots of love xx

samecookiesdifferent said...

cool stuff dear


Arica Hun said...

Love your outfit. I want to pet the fur!

Tribute to the Tribe said...

Love your blue watch and your pink bag!
Tribute to the Tribe Paris

Gina Michele said...

Great watch- I love the color!

Gina Michele

Kiara Schwartz said...

AHH love that isabel marrant hoody! so cute!
Tobruckave Blog

Margaret Król said...

Nice :).


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