Friday, November 29, 2013 Peach Flip Cover Watch

this beautiful jewel-like bracelet/cuffs is actually a women's watch
you can check it  out here:
I got this watch for stunning design, but the price was seriously amazing
& for the last thing, it was free shipping for this product!
이 팔찌같은 크리스털 시계는
새미드레스에서 받은건데요. 디자인도 가격도 어메이징하지만,
이 제품은 또 무료 배송 제품이었어요!
all you have to do is flip the peach cover
There are 4 numbers and the rest are arrows
시계를 보시려면 복숭아 모양을 들어올리시면 시계부분이 보여요
4개부분만 숫자이고 그 외에는 화살표모양이에요
product here 똑같은 제품(사진은 가죽스트랩으로 되어있네요):


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sandy sandhu said...

Cute watch.
Will you like to follow eachother?
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Share a Secret said...



Melle lunettes said...

Great watch !!


ivette said...

cute watch!

grace and gratitude said...

i've always wanted to order off sammydress but was nervous about the quality of the products.
that watch looks great though!

welovefur said...

I love it so much

michelle said...

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