Thursday, November 21, 2013

you can never own too many sunglasses

I hope you'll love this video that I made today!
Everywhere I go from cafes to malls & streets, I hear carols & see the Christmas trees & lightings up
so I got inspired and made it real quick
and I wanted to show you my round frame glasses from chicnova
I love unique sunglasses as you all know (yes I collect them)
so I wore it as soon as I got it delivered
what do you think? :)
check out and discover fabulous items in affordable price range!
크리스마스 분위기에 영감받아 만든 짧은 영상이에요
좋아하셨음 좋겠네요~ ㅎㅎ
CHICNOVA 에서 받은 선글라스에요
미키마우스 같이 귀엽고 유니크한 매력에 저같은 썬글 컬렉터가 그냥 패스 할수 없죠 ㅎㅎ
받자마자 착용하고 나와 사진찍었어요!
어떤가요? 제품은 이곳에서 구경해보세요 클릭
다른 합리적인 가격대에 아이템들이 많으니 시크한 아이들 구경하러 시크노바
체크해보세요 ^^

my attempt to try wearing it folded down haha
렌즈 내려서도 그냥 썬글인척 하기 ㅎㅎㅎ


Clara Belén Landín Payán said...

Love the glasses, very originals :)
Say Cheese

Lysa said...

Hi! Wow! I love your sunglasses!

saralookbook* said...


TeamA said...

oh my, great sunglasses! We love it <3

Constance said...

I love them, they are very original! Also, I really like that blue fur. You look amazing!!

Brigita said...

Please help Latvia and your fellow people in any way you can at this difficult time!


Melissa said...

beautiful coat!


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