Friday, December 6, 2013

Diamond Circle Watch from

 this beautiful leather band watch with diamond circles is from this site:
as always, I picked from the "free shipping" section

화이트 레더밴드에 다이아몬드 서클이 포인트인 이 시계는 이곳에서 받은 제품인데요
무료배송 섹션에서 제가 고른 디자인이에요 ㅎㅎ

It's available in 4 different colors but I picked the white one
because it reminded me of this snowy day as I was listening to Winter Wonderland.
4가지 컬러가 있는데요
저는 요즘 가는곳마다 캐롤이 들려서일까요 눈오는 날이 떠오르는 화이트를 겟했어요


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Alarsup said...

I love your watch! you look fabolous!
i'm quite new can u visit my blog? comment and if you like follow!

Vanessa Ciliberto said...

great jacket!


Bellas sin perder la cabeza said...

Love the coat!
Regards from Madrid

samecookiesdifferent said...

looks solo cute


Sylvia Haghjoo said...

That jacket is awesome.

Dear, I have a very exclusive perfume giveaway. I would love if you would come and check it out.

Ilse Robles said...

This post it's so... Chic and glamorous !!! Love it totally
I can say that the first thing that i saw was your furry coat !!!! So pretty
Kisses. Maybe you want to pass to my blog?

FreshIsYummy said...

You look great!

Please watch this:

AndréiaFSalim said...

Even with little time, I'm here to say hi, wish I could visit her more often, but this complicated. I have not forgotten you, I'm just a lot of things to do, many works of course.
I loved the pictures are beautiful!

Thank you for visit and comment!
A big kiss to you! :)

bbb said...

looking amazing as always :)

sandra freckled said...

love the coat!!!
very nniceee!!!

do you like my collection?
do you like my blog?

Mafalda said...

You look fabulous, I love your style! The coat and the watch are beyond gorgeous.

Mafalda ❤

grace and gratitude said...

christmas lights make me so happy!
love these photos

Julia said...

I love your watch! you look fabulous!

mens diamond watch


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