Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cosmo Top 100 Beauty Blogger Salon

from my previous post here,
you already know I was one of the bloggers invited to the
Cosmopolitan Korea Beauty Awards 2014
Today's post has so much photos, (I apologize in advance)
this is to make you easily visualize the whole event
hope you like it! :)

The date was December 4th, and before I go up to the State Room @ Statetower Namsan,
I first went to Bover Lounge at the lobby to chat with my friend

ordered some fresh juice
mine is pineapple, orange with spinach

The event started at 4 PM for our group and the first thing I noticed was this photo zone

as I stated in previous post, we were welcomed by this private elevator

 I took a quick photo and got it instantly printed out,
I will show you at the end of this post
 I got some gifts from Beauty Talk app,
as excited I was, I downloaded that app right away (works in Korean though!)

the color of this bracelet received at the reception means you are assigned to specific groups to follow along at this event




our group first went to SK-II's Secret Key Room


SK-II provided this Skin DNA Analysis Kit for all of us
with systems like magic ring and based on our skin DNA results,
all of us beauty bloggers will able to find out our strengths, weaknesses in beauty routines and skincare, & predictions for the future skin results as well in 4 weeks
Scientific yet cool huh?

my immediate result turned up just fine.
My weakness was in the Skin Texture.
It's not surprising at all, considering the fact that it's icy cold these days and I got lazy sometimes and skipped all the toner-serum-cream-mask process haha
thanks to my baby fats, my strength showed up as Skin Elasticity
(all the other letters above mean when translated, 'shineness', whitening-over-'dark-spots', and 'wrinkles')
Overall score was 74% a little high above average thankfully

My skin age shows up as 19 hurray ;)
I'm 24 btw (only in Korea, I'm 25)

to receive facial treatment essence at the end, we had to complete 3 missions
first and second steps were to test our skin with magic ring and DNA analysis kit

third step was to instagram this essence with 4 letters
(it means "you can change skin destiny" )

all completed

moving on, we went to HERA's Seoulista Speech Room


Women in Seoul are confident, passionate, and always striving for beauty.
These women are all muses of HERA: Seoulista

check out this video I made with app called Snapmovie

these are all bestselling hair tools from mise en scene which can easily style up your hair in 10 min.

I was one of the 3 Bingo players (winner gets to grab all the hair serums and candies inside this bowl)
sadly I lost :(

Mr. Chae is a famous hair stylist (some of his works include Gianna Jun from "You Came from the Stars", Korea's Next Top Model 4, actress Mina Shin, etc.)

I am already a devoted fan of this hair serum
It smells and works divinely!

These are Asia Top 10 Beauty Products from South Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan 




at the end, we were welcomed to this luckydraw bar, and I won 2 movie tickets


Cosmopolitan Korea Editor-in-Chief
Hyunjoo Kim

Hearst Joongang M&B Representative
Kate Yoon (Kyunghae Yoon)

before I leave this event, I ran to flipbook making areas to make mine as well
It only takes 7 seconds to complete one

this is how it looks like
what I wore to event
CHEAPMONDAY sunglasses
DS FURS sable keychain



all the thankyou gifts from this event




Special thanks to Cosmopolitan Korea
I really hope to be invited next year to the Beauty Blogger Salon/ Cosmo Beauty Awards again!
*This post is sponsored by SK-II, Hera, and Mise en Scene, but the opinions are my own*


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