Wednesday, January 28, 2015


whenever I crave for both coffee and a proper meal,
I tend to look for some decent brunch places
10 Corso Como Cafe is one of the places I like to visit for this kind of option
Fresh juice, pasta, sugary desserts & coffee as a complete set,
it all feels like a sweet treat for finding joy in simplicity of life



Mihaela said...

i love this :) your blog is wonderful!


Ensztos said...

Its so delicious !

Carmen Pastor said...

Amazing! I love it!
I love your blog,is so interesting! I love it! If you have instagram I want to know,my instagram is @carmenpaastor .
Kisses from let me a like,please!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos and loving your outfit hun! xx

I've recently relaunched my website and would love if you could visit and let me know your thoughts!

Helen xx

FloralConstellation said...

great photos!

My Blog - FloralConstellation
My Etsy Shop

Unknown said...

Great photos!


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