Friday, August 21, 2015

a thousand pictures

one thing a guy can't understand about us girls is that
"why do you take bunch of photos at the places you go every single day?"
well... I guess it's because we get dressed up differently everyday?
that makes one place not-the-same-as-yesterday haha
anyways I'm wearing
DKNY dress
GIVENCHY earrings

Fauchon iced apple tea & iced latte @ Paul Bassett

I order two to three courses lunch dessert buffet on weekdays whenever I visit Park Hyatt Busan
(31st floor LIVING ROOM)

marinated pork neck maltagliati pasta

rib eye steak

veal roulade
this is what you call a dessert paradise ;)




Unknown said...

I totally love your elegant black outfit

Instant Milk said...

Hi there! Super cute outfit and love the place!


Unknown said...

Great look! and lovely pictures


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