Thursday, September 15, 2016

coffee class with Caffe Pascucci & Eddy Righi

caffepascuccivideo from Michelle K. Lee on Vimeo.

caffepascuccivideo1 from Michelle K. Lee on Vimeo.
Theme: Story of Espresso
(Invitation to Espresso Journey)
Just like the name suggests, this coffee class (held at Caffe Pascucci with 2016 Italian Brewers Cup Champion Eddy Righi) informed us with historical details and fun experience to truly enjoy coffee.
I believe there were 10 invited guests and we could bring one more company as well.
I went with my cousin, who calls us #coffeeaddicts ;)
Caffe Pascucci just released four new drinks for this season.
They are Romano, Orzo, Bicerin and Caffe Con Panna.
(You'll be familiar with Con Panna already if you can imagine flat cream on top of the Americano.
Orzo is non caffein drink meaning barley in Italian.)
This day we got a chance to drink Romano and Bicerin.
The one with the hazelnut and chocolate (think of nutella) is "Bicerin" and the one with lemon and orange flavor is called "Romano."
It's pretty common here in Korea to drink ginger and lemon tea during fall and winter, so my guess is that Romano will be welcomed by lots and lots.

As you entered the cafe, each guests received some kind of pamphlet with the menus explanation and all, and I noticed the little number on the top right.
At the end of the class, there was a gift lottery.
All invited guests received one eventually, but the prize was all different.
I was lucky number 7, and surprisingly I got called first.
Mine was four free drinks coupons.
Some others received espresso cups from Yido Pottery and two of them got Moka Pot.
Special thanks to Caffe Pascucci & Eddy Righi for this special class and gifts!



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