Friday, October 17, 2014

VLADES 2015 S/S (@Seoul Fashion Week)

Seoul Fashion Week for 2015 S/S just started.
It's from now on to 22nd for about a week-

I always welcome the opportunities to visit many shows as I can and get to meet with new people who work in such creative environment

Aren't we just sooo lucky that we can find full collection videos on youtube right after the shows?
VLADES is one of the collections that caught my attention recently

The theme of this show is THE NEW ASSASIN COLLECTION.
It's full of such an attractive clothing & the looks
I especially loveee and want all of those zipped leather jackets

Designer Mooyeol Choi, I believe, is the youngest designers out of all this season at SFW.
Amazing show!

source of vid:


Kube Studios said...

The model at 1:58 doesn't look as excited as you sound about the collection! said...

Oooh.. Fun.. Wish I was in Korea currently during fashion week. Great post.

Hazel =)
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