Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear pinklemonincrystal: beauty recommendations [i say eyeko]

one of the most common questions I usually get is
"Do all Koreans have great skins?"

I always hope for better looks
so I always grab more masks, cleansers, mascaras, lipsticks and etc. etc.
one thing I can tell you is that
I don't know about skin but yes, all Koreans are VERY interested in taking good care of their skin. That's why many celebrities shine so beautifully on the red carpets or on the debut in screens even though we all have HD screens on television.

definitely we all should have pretty mind and thought
to reveal outer beauty as well
but who can resist more makeup products? :)

I was so excited when I finally received eyeko packages
(if you follow me @divalicious_m on twitter, then you already saw last week the items I've got: two lipsticks, one eyeliner but has two different colors on the edges, one lipgloss, and one nailpolish)
take a look here!

sorry that the colors aren't clearly shown here
but what I did is put on a green eyeliner lightly and smudge them with my white glitter eyeliner (kind of in a mix?)
i like mixing my glitter eyeliner with almost every colored eyeliners
because they always create beautiful combinations

don't forget the curling, mascara, and a little liner on the bottom too

you'll be able to see how i did my nails in upcoming posts
[should i paint them all and put blue cracking nails on some fingers?
should i paint them all and put on a glitter liner stickers on?]

as soon as i got these and were taking photos,
my mom took that fourth one
beautiful plum lipstick with her :)
i love sharing my makeups & clothes with my mom

the top one is the plum one i just talked about
and the bottom one is bright red

the top two is the liners
so i used the right one [can you tell?]
the bottom glossy one is lipgloss
it's a....darker pink shade?

when i put it alone using the lipbrush, the color wasn't that bright
and gave me the natural glossy lip
as if i had just put on a tint

so what I'll like to do next time is use the lipstick first and then
put on a lipgloss in the center to make it a plump look
fuller lips

or put on a concealer or a foundation slightly on the lips
and then put on a lipgloss (without brushing too much)
so i can see the exact , supposed to color

some of the other finds at the
I loved are:

cream with extra glow $15
i love the 3-in-1
[highlighter, moisturizer, and eye cream]
starting from the age turned 20s I learned that we need to start putting on eye cream
(I'm 21 by the way)

i love using highliter mixed with moisturizer mixed with foundation or base
to put on when I go out
but this seems like it's reducing my steps into easy application

I'll probably use this on my forehead and on my nose
to highlight them
and then on the eyes to brighten them up before I put on any heavy makeups

eyeko big eyes black tube mascara $15
i always fail at putting on fake eyelashes
[helpful tips anyone?]
so i always grab onto volume mascaras
which make the fuller eyelashes to look like you have bigger eyes
if more, doll-like even

line & shine duo colour pencil $7
last one seems to be my color
now i want violet one for that perfect party, evening look
and the black and white glitter ones
which are the basic and definitely must-haves
[told you about the white glitter mix with any colored eyeliner
and it creates pretty outlook right? :) ]

liptastik 3 for 2 set $20
the first and third are my colors :)
so pretty

visit to find more cute & affordable finds!

images credit to: eyeko
and special thanks to Nina Leykind from eyeko

*i love your comments & questions. so feel free to ask them more at the comments box here, or at formspring you can find on the right, on twitter, and etc.
another question & answer(s) post will come up once a week :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mood of the Day: [despite the rain] happy

EARRINGS Forever21

i thought rain would have stopped last night but i still met few drops when i was walking by

but whenever i was out, it seemed to stop for me [thank you]
so i went to eat some handmade burgers & shopping w/ my cousin

we ordered usual caramel macchiatos at atwosomeplace after
& no matter what the weather, I couldn't give up my sunnies of course
and took bunch of action snap photos (that's an application I downloaded)

today I applied "The Special Mask" from EviDens De Beaute
just about half an hour ago (it's 10:52 PM here)

remember this post?

It said to use it 10-15 minutes before cleansing so I did
it automatically felt ice cold like it said "icy wake-up" on the catalogue

it felt lifting, plumping definitely because of the cool factor
and after about little more 10 minutes I felt my face calming down
which was kind of a signal for me to cleanse them off

it left me with more brightened skin as it is a "special" mask of course :)
i loved that it was full of collagen, which my parents think is so important for "females" to achieve occasionally for good facial skin

I would recommend it using it once or twice a week when you are having that extra-tired-face-day? because the next day will surely look refreshed and clear

if you are interested,
you can order 50 ml of glass jar "The Special Mask" for $195
at a following link:


lutke t $79
solar dress $84
nomad scarf-spice $48
deep u tank $55
divine wrap $69
roman tee tri blend $40
skinny tank $55
ziva shirt $84

love the simplicity, light-weight, casual chic outfits


navy dot + swarovski crystals
metallic + hardware
black silk + swarovski crystals
leopard calfhair + crystals
tricolor + hardware

photographer: Andrew de Francesco

these special collars will make you stand out for the day look
& sparkle beautifully for the evening look both!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

take a zoom in: closer look at my LV pumps & others

few years back from pret-a-porter in Korea
i saw Basso & Brooke designers after the show so I asked for photos

COAT Christian Lacroix
BAG Louis Vuitton
MINK neck collar my grandma bought for me since I was 3 and still wearing :)
HAT my mom's

some of you wanted to take a look at my Louis Vuitton pumps
back in the post when I had to carry few shoes on my trip to the meetings?
so here it is :)
the fringe detail of PONCHO is from maxstudio

i painted my toenails in purple (and rhinestones in a diagonal line)
and teal green


back to sharing one of the hottest Korean brands henooc

i love the navy blazer so much
perfect to wear with wide long or flare pants
love the drape of the dress also

note the photographer, model, stylelist for above

images credit to henooc

go visit for more collection photos from past & present


antique gold half crown-closed

encrusted gold head piece
this would be the absolute favorite piece i would pick personally
these designs from Young & Ng makes me want to watch all kinds of movies where gladiators come out, with beautiful goddess-like women on the sides to support them

too dreamy in a mind?

glass blue cuff

gunmetal layered cuff

all photos credit to

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100th post :) thank you

i started blogging since November 20th, 2010 (i think)
that was the first day I posted on
now it's been already 5 months
almost a half way to a year
and today's post is exactly the "100"th one :)
without you it wouldn't be possible to come this far of blogging
thank you all for coming daily to encourage me
thank you those who found me the first time today
i can't thank you enough



summer already reached to some of you
and to some it's coming near

i can't wait to walk around the beaches getting full by the tourists, locals, and all coming for tanning, swimming and just to have some great times with family & friends

i don't tan because it doesn't just work for me
but i love swimsuits
don't you too?

all products from


i also want a crocodile bag
(printed ones of course I'm too young)
cute cross-bags & new sunnies of course

all products available at


i want blue striped top like this
black is just so typical so yeah

i still like wearing gauze sweaters and tops for suddenly-cooled-down-temperature preparation

all found at


starting from tomorrow or upcoming posts
i would like my blog in general or posts to feel better changed

any suggestions?
any posts you would like to read from my blog?

i know i need some more of my outfit shots
it's just so hard finding time to get my pictures done
so i can promise you
that from now on
you will be able to see them quite more often than i normally did... which is like barely found...
once in a month or so ...sorry

thank you once again
and any suggestions & comments would be nice here,
twitter, and or at formspring (which I'm still confused using..)

Monday, May 23, 2011

today's inspiration: flower basket

i went to make flower baskets
*if you follow me on twitter @divalicious_m
then you already saw a preview :)

the class served us fresh kiwi juice
(or tomato, orange, coffee of your choice)

final look of my basket

the pink roses smelled and looked so pretty

TOP Calvin Klein Jeans


already in the mood of fall and winter ready :)
beautiful structured shoes from
kron by kronkron


yesterday many of you have posted what color was your favorites in terms of outfit
so here i picked tons of colorful and basics
from nuj novakhett

such a fabulous look all

Thursday, May 19, 2011

back to rainy weekend

originally i took these pictures to show you my little wavy hair
but it's too dark inside cine de chef
it's Friday here and raining
and still will be over the weekend

i want perfect hot weather that fits into spring and summer category right now :) this chiffon dress is from H&M
(also has one in yellow)

but it's more like a tunic or maybe it's because the size is 32
too short to wear it just by itself
prefer to wear it with cropped leggings or shorts inside in safety


cat nerd glasses

CULIETTA aggy leg cuff

HORACE versailles print romper

REMADE studded denim shirt (one size)

TWO WEEKS textile fringe

all can be purchased at

so many cute finds are at bitching & junkfood
i love each item for its cool pattern print,
unique pieces that make you stand out such as that leg cuff
& the fringe headpice


apple necklace $55

microphone necklace $45

tiny circle necklace $45

topaz crystal earrings $35

turquoise cocktail ring $40

handmade jewelry by lucid new york

can be purchased @

and also visit the blog

I'm sure many of you respect the "handmade" jewelry as much as I do.
I love the cocktail rings for their boldness and such beautiful sparkles all over
They're surely going to make your days


for more collection info and to check how to purchase the items of your likes

these are just some of my favorite picks
especially loving that gym bag
it's surely the don't-mess-with-me-i'm-edgy-and-cool bag ;)

i want to collect the bracelets in all colors for fun play
and that raffaella bag is one of the coolest bags I found!


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