Friday, August 30, 2013

silky versions

outfit details
BULGARI sunglasses
QUA dress
my favorite summer fabric is probably chiffon, cotton and anything light
but this day I wore something silky
what do you think?


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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Shinsegae Simon Busan Premium Outlet] PRE-OPENING

today Korea time 29th of August is the official day opens up for
Shinsegae Simon's Busan Premium Outlet.
I went yesterday on 28th for pre-opening which I was invited for
Since it JUST opened, YES it smells like a fresh painted building everywhere
Some of the shops I couldn't stand for more than 5 seconds
but the prices were mostly reduced from 30 to 60 percents in each brands/shops
so once you know for sure what you want, I'm sure this place is going to be a smart choice for those
My brother only got some stuffs he wanted from Luckychouette & Stone Island
29일인 오늘 공식적으로 프리미엄아울렛(부산)이 오픈하지만
저는 어제 28일 프리오프닝 때 초대받아 다녀왔어요
막 오픈해서 새빌딩 냄새는 어쩔수 없었지만,
할인율들은 각각 브랜드마다 꽤 높은 편인거같아서
확실히 원하는 것을 정해놓고 가는 쇼퍼들은 득템하실수 있으실거같아요
동생만 럭키슈에뜨와 스톤아일랜드에서 쇼핑하고 왔네요 ㅋㅋ

If you are looking for a place to eat, then there's a food court
and 1 Chinese, 1 Korean restaurant outside.
Johnny Rockets is in Seoul but I always wanted one in Busan too,
and here is the first place they opened it up for
from Haeundae, it takes about 20-30minutes locally (drive along ... the Songjung area I believe...I'm not a driver sorry)
음식은 중국집 한곳, 보리밥집 한곳, 푸드코트가 있어요
자니라켓이 서울에는 있으면서 왜 부산에 없나했는데
이곳을 첫오픈으로 이제 생길지도 모르겠다 싶어요~
해운대에서 아울렛은 보통 2-30분 예상해도 될 듯 싶어요 (안막힐경우)

I got the original burger
(9,000 won - Sprite was a complimentary drink when you order the burgers on opening day
normally it costs another 3,000 won)
오리지널 버거 시켰는데요 9천원에 버거와 프라이가 나와요
오픈해서인지 버거를 시키면 탄산이 공짜였는데 원래는 3,000원이라고 적혀있더라구요

candies gotten from BOONTHESHOP
분더샵에서 받은 캔디들

outfit details
DIOR sunglasses
F21 tunic worn as a top
H&M wedge and skirt

some of the popular shops they have are:
Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs, Gucci & Fendi Kid's,
Lacoste, Salvatore Ferragamo, Le Creuset,
Guess, Jill by Jill Stuart, Customellow, Coming Step, Couronne, etc.
몇몇 숍들 있던거 리스트 적자면,
이자벨 마랑, 마크제이콥스, 구찌와 펜디는 키즈,
라코스테, 페레가모, 르쿠르제, 게스, 질스튜어트, 커스터멜로우, 커밍스텝, 쿠론 등등이
사람들이 많이 보이더라구요 :)

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Interview with Borderline Jewelry

St. Barths Knotted Large Round Medallion Necklace, $100
today's interview is with Melissa Baroni from Borderline Jewelry
enjoy this interview :)
이번 포스팅은 '보더라인 쥬얼리'와의 인터뷰입니다
많은 관심 가져주세요~

Cape Cod Round Pendant Necklace, $130
When did your collection first launch? How did it all begin?
My husband Stephan and I launched Borderline Jewelry in the fall of 2012.
Our travels to new and cherished places were the inspiration behind the creation of Borderline Jewelry, a unique collection of modern accessories depicting borders of the world.
We often searched for something beautiful and meaningful to commemorate the destinations we discovered and came to love.
And when we couldn't find something unique or special enough that we or our children wanted to wear, we decided to launch the Borderline collection.
처음 보더라인 쥬얼리를 론칭하게 되었을 때가 언제인가요?
제 남편과 2012년 가을에 론칭하게 되었습니다.
보더라인 쥬얼리를 시작하게 된 계기는 새롭고 소중한 곳들로 여행을 다니며 영감을 받았기 때문인데요, 세계 곳곳의 보더 (국경) 에서 유니크하고 모던한 악세사리를 묘사하고자 함입니다.
우리가 찾게 된 사랑하는 곳들에서 아름답고 의미있는 기념이 될 것들을 찾자고 하였고
우리나 아이들에게 입힐 것들을 쉽게 찾을 수 없게 되자 저희가 직접 Borderline 컬렉션을 탄생시켰습니다.

Italy w/ Ruby (14K gold) Silhouette Pendant Necklace, $705
If you were to describe Borderline Jewelry in 3 words, then what would they be?
Connecting People & Places
보더라인 쥬얼리를 3글자로 표현하신다면요?
사람들과 장소를 연결시키기

Malawi Knotted Double Strand Bracelet, $85
Many of the pieces look simply delicate and can be worn by both male and females.
Who are your targeted customers?
Our collection is suitable for women and men, even children (in the smaller sizes, of course).
The line is ageless.
We've had customers buy for their 8-year old daughters, 18-year old sons, 85 year-old grandmothers and for themselves.
Our target customer is not defined by gender or age.
Our target customer is defined as one who has a very special connection to a very special place.
컬렉션을 구경해보니 남,여 모두 착용할 수 있는 우아한 피스들로 보였어요.
생각하신 고객들의 이미지나 나이가 있으신가요?
남,여, 아이들까지 모두 착용하실수 있습니다 (아이들은 물론 작은 사이즈여야 하겠지요.)
컬렉션은 나이에 상관이 없어요.
고객들로 8살 딸아이들부터, 18세 아들들, 85세 할머니들까지 다양합니다.
특별한 장소와의 특별한 연결이 저희의 목표입니다.

Australia Large Oval Split Cord Bracelet, $160
Each piece looks like it tells you a story like a memoir.
As cliche as it may sound, where does the inspiration come from?
Every single border in our collection tells a story.
Some of our most beloved borders are St. Barths (our most recent border launch), Switzerland and the U.S.A., as they represent the lands we come from and love to travel to.
And then many of our borders, such as Australia, Fishers Island, Italy, Ireland, Malawi, Nevada, Norway and Pennsylvania, were launched by Founders, so each one of them holds a very special place in the hearts of their Founders.
And judging by the success of our recent Beach Borders collection, it is clear that these iconic summer travel destinations hold very special memories for people around the world.
We have received requests for over one hundred new and different borders and someday hope to launch all of them.
Each and every border you see in our collection is there because of a special connection people have with those borders. 
하나하나 피스들이 추억의 기록처럼 스토리를 얘기해 주는것 같아요.
진부한 소리일지 모르겠지만, 영감이 어디에서 떠오르시나요?
컬렉션에서 하나하나가 스토리를 이야기합니다.
저희가 사랑하는 곳들로는 제일 최근에 론칭한 St. Barths, 스위스와 미국은 모두 저희 출신을 대표하는 지역들이자 즐겨 여행하는 곳입니다.
호주, Fishers Island, 이태리, 아일랜드, 말라위, 네바다, 노르웨이, 펜실베니아들은 창립자들의 마음을 기억하기 위한 컬렉션이고, Beach Borders 컬렉션이 최근 인기가 많았는 점으로 보아 많은 사람들이 여름에 대표적인 여행지들에서 특별한 추억이 많은 것으로 보입니다.
저희는 백개도 넘는 새롭고 다른 국경들 컬렉션을 론칭해 달라는  의뢰를 계속 받고 있는 중이라 다 론칭할 수 있기를 소망하고 있습니다.

Hamptons Small Oval Double Chain Bracelet, $145
Lastly, message to readers @pinklemonincrystal?
Don't be afraid to try something new.
 I spent my career as an editor working at magazines, which was an amazing career.
And my husband's career has been (and still is) in the high-end catering business.
But even though we had never done anything along these lines before, we are creative individuals with entrepreneurial spirits, and we decided to try something totally new and different.
And it's been exciting and fulfilling, and our customers tell us they are loving what we're doing.
It's hard work, it's 24/7, but it's totally worth it as it's something we can call our own.
마지막으로 읽고 계신 독자들에게 한마디 해주세요
새로운 것에 도전하길 두려워하지 마세요.
저는 잡지사에 에디터로 일해왔었고 그것은 정말 어메이징한 직업이었어요.
저희 남편은 아직도 고급 케이터링 사업을 하고 있습니다.
이런 디자인 쪽은 둘 다 경험해본 직업이 아니었지만
창의적이고 기업가의 마인드로 무언가 새롭고 정말 다른 일을 하기로 마음먹었습니다.
지금까지 너무나 흥분시키고 성취감을 주는 일이며 고객들이 우리가 하는 일을 사랑하고 있다고 말해주기에 힘들고 24시간 쉴틈 없어도 우리의 것이기에 모두 가치 있음을 알고 있습니다.
explore more collections at

Sunday, August 25, 2013

pink choice

can't seem to remember if I posted these photos or not
(these photos were still in my "need-to-blog-about" folder haha)
the theme today is totally PINK
above: easy yet time-consuming painting I did for the first time
below: strawberry frappuccino matching with my pink inspired outfits
사진들을 올렸는지 모르겠지만..아직 "올려야될사진들"폴더에 있기에 이제야 포스팅합니다 ㅎㅎ
위 페인팅은 쉽지만 정말 시간 오래걸리던 페인팅 처음 해본 결과물...ㅠㅠ
아래 사진들은 여름에 한창 땡기는 딸기 프라푸치노와 핑크 데일리룩?!


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Saturday, August 24, 2013

ambitious ring

outfit details
MIU MIU jeans
H&M heels
DS FURS keychain
SAL Y LIMON bangle
NAUGHTY CAT bracelet

here is a beautiful statement ring I got from persunmall (different colored one here)
I don't think I can get sick of wearing this big gem
what do you think about it? ;)
persunmall에서 받은 반지
질리지 않게 포인트 룩으로 딱인 아이템같아요
어떤가요? ^^

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

feature in Instyle Korea Sept.

feature in Instyle Korea Sept. issue
outfit details
H&M dress
인스타일 9월호에 나온 사진입니다 :)

I wanted to show you one of the goodies this week I received in my mailbox
This beautiful earrings from persunmall  caught my attention right away!
(link to my earrings-more colors available)
What do you think? ;)
check out more at
persunmall에서 온 귀걸이에요
반짝거리는걸 좋아하는 저에겐 딱! 필요한 아이템 ㅎㅎ
웹사이트에서는 프롬드레스(웨딩드레스까지ㅎㅎ) 부터 백, 슈즈 등
다양하게 판매하니 구경해보세요~

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Monday, August 19, 2013

electric pink

these photos were taken right before I was heading to take finals
almost-3-months-vacay is over and tomorrow I need to sign up for
new semester's classes again...
저번 기말고사 시험치러 가기전 공부하며 찍힌(?) 사진들이에요 ㅎㅎ
벌써 방학이 끝나고 내일 새학기 수강신청 날이네요

outfit details
H&M top, blazer, and cap
QUA pants
SERA bag
location: park hyatt busan

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Friday, August 16, 2013

F.L.S. (Friday Lunch Style)

amazing view isn't it?
quick post of what I ate for lunch today
@ Dining Room (32nd floor, Park Hyatt Busan)
ordered two 2-courses meals (starter, main, coffee) & new sushi platter
(lunch two course for 45,000 won / Chef Sushi lunch tray 38,000 won )
Happy weekend to you all! :)
*here is the link for you to check out the lunch set menu @ Dining Room
파크하얏트부산 32층 다이닝 룸에서 먹은 점심 메뉴들이에요
2-코스 2인분과 (에피타이저, 메인, 커피) 신메뉴 쉐프스시런치트레이 인데요
각각 45,000원/ 38,000원 이에요
즐거운 주말들 보내시길~
*다이닝룸에 들리시기 전 런치 메뉴를 보시고 싶다면
(링크) 클릭!

my mom's favorite, grilled mushroom
그릴에 구운 버섯

I got the herbs crusted snail
허브 크러스트 달팽이

Sushi tray

Jeju Island Pork Jowl, Eggplant Fondant
제주도산 돼지 목살과 가지 퐁당

Korean Beef Burger Patty w/ Cheddar Cheese & Mushroom
한우 쇠고기 버거 패티

as always, my favorite iced cappuccino!

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