Sunday, February 27, 2011

today's look: in Snorgtees (giveaway opened to both men and women!)

I received such a cute T-shirt from snorgtees
and one of you lucky reader can win a t-shirt of your own pick

worn with: Bvlgari sunglasses and watch, forever21 cardi and skinny jeans, gifted t-shirt from snorgtees,  Louis Vuitton bag in azure

it says
third grade lied i never use cursive

my size is small and this is the smallest size you can find
it wasn't too tight to make me run out of breath
i like t-shirts in three C's
cute design, comfortable feel and color!!!

I steam ironed the shirt right away when I received my tee
[probably you should too]

most of the time
v-neck looks too revealing but rounded ones are cute and can be worn in just about any outerwear

it is true except when i have to sign for ... something
first look at my single album [offline CD different from the cover in online]

@Cafe Lapland in Busan, S. Korea

take a look at some of the t-shirts found at snorgtees

this is my shirt :)

all images credit to snorgtees

this is opened to all men, women
but to U.S. and Canada residents only
[sorry it's because Snorgtees is sending the shirt directly to you]

Follow all of these rules:
*You must be a follower of my blog on both google and on bloglovin
*Go visit and pick your T-shirt and link me here with along your size (check to see if your size is available first)
*Leave me your email address or your blog link so I can get back to you if you win this giveaway

extra entry for
-becoming my follower at twitter
-liking my facebook page
-sharing this giveaway at your blog or twitter (mention me/give me the link)

That means you can enter this giveaway up to 4 times but no more

Good luck everyone
the winner will be picked randomly on March 6th!

the winner is picked
it's Kara from sprinklesinsprings
congrats :)

Shop it all at

i like to shop online and offline
but i get tired off from browsing through back and forth
from different sites and walks from different shops

it's always best to find everything in one place
from women, menswear to beauty jewelry and home furnitures

and beso is where you can shop it all so conveniently
you can find so many shops and brands by using beso in categories
now you don't have to go to and to compare flats
you can compare various designs
and so many sales finds (there are tons of more than 65% off products)
by one click at one page

Emily from cupcakes & cashmere is a style director for beso
i love how her picks of February include less than $50 finds
so affordable
my favs in pink!


$195.00 Tory Burch Self Logo Reva Flat

this is a must-have for whoever fits the size
it was $235 and now $93.99 (60% off)
Tory Burch Sequin Reva Ballet Flats

$295 Men's True Religion Ricky Giant Big T Straight Leg Jeans
my brother wears straight jeans only
from my experience, for women: true religion fits great for those who have wide hips

$725.00 16-Piece Tenius Dinnerware from Neiman Marcus

$295.00 MICHAEL Michael Kors Baguette-Bezel Watch, in Rose Gold
so many pretty finds

and these five are few of my picks of recommendation
for you using Beso

*If you want to find items in not just great looks but also in affordable price
click sort by : best match to low to high in price
so you can find great deals
Or the other way I like to shop is simply clicking the sale
and go straight to see 20 % or more categories or 50% etc.
(from there, you can click view all for apparel, jewelry, beauty and others)

I basically clicked Women -> shoes -> flat
Men -> apparel -> jeans
home - > dinnerware
Jewelry -> Watches

if you have a shopping list, then use Beso
you can save time and shop smart at all in one shopping place :) for your own tour/experience

Saturday, February 19, 2011

today's look: in Swatch (+plus an international GIVEAWAY)

you already know how much i love pink :)
swatch korea sent me this watch (and +1 for you lucky reader!)
and i wanted to share and discuss with you
what's going to be the hottest item for this upcoming spring

it already feels like half spring and half winter here
so my outfits will look kind of an in-between the seasonal looks

this new line for the spring 11 is called
which is basically a lady-like lovely pastel colors
(available in 10 different shades to choose from)
that is able to wrap your wrist around in double straps
just like the same as if you would wear two bangles/bracelets

it was really long so i liked it better to wear it
out on my outfits rather than to wear it on my skin
because i have kind of a small wrist so everything is loose around me....

you already saw this outfit from yesterday's
GoJane review (leopard wedge bootie)
i personally loved wearing my watch in a similar tone to purple with that urban outfitters sweater
but my mom thought it would look better with black top
because then the watch will be more visible

i like it worn with just about anything
because it's a simple yet versatile look

after coming back from wearing this sweater
the hairs were all stuck in that rubber-like band?
but it was so easy to take it off
and thankfully it didn't get dyed in black or purple-ish
*but before you know it for sure
watch out for just bought jeans or sequined tops because the color fades naturally and ruins all of your other bags and etc.

chanel sunglasses, ferragamo belt, jindo fur, forever21 skinny jeans and tunic, louis vuitton clutch

like i said earlier
this look is kind of a match with spring to winter
it's still chilly in the morning and very warm
during the day and afternoon here
so i had to wear a thick coat or such these days

the look without the coat

rather than to wear it all in nude or light colors
i decided to go bright and bold in red this day

louis vuitton sunglasses, bvlgari scarf, accessorize earrings, prada bag, burberry coat and sweater (top), miu miu jeans

preparing for this spring
i think scarf is a must have item for everyone

louis vuitton sunglasses and scarf

burberry coat, louis vuitton heels

i always am uncertain if the look is correct or not
just by the look i can't tell
i can't tell if the colors match
and honestly i really don't care
because we all need to take risks and experiment with every possibility we face with
so this is why i just wore items by following my heart today
I always thought yellow and pink would look so childish together
but from today's outfit i thought it was quite okay

i think it's because the watch color is light and balances it with my coat's darker shade

let's start the fun part:
new giveaway
and it's opened to anyone living in any country

swatch korea sent me one more same watch but in different color (i chose orange for you because orange is one of the trendiest color for this spring 11) to pick one lucky reader of to have this

i haven't touched anything else but the case to take picture

so take a look!

the editorial looks like this
(can be seen on most of the magazines this month)

available in (from left to right):
wide view, honey melon, delight dream, limetta, soft sky, green trace, berry sorbet, arctic sea, cool breeze and miss cassis

all 62,000 Korean won
$50 for U.S. (according to

this is yours

complete the following and one winner (selected randomly) will receive an email of notification
you MUST follow these two steps to enter

1. follow my blog on both google connect & on bloglovin (click the button on left top corner)
2. leave me comment here with your email address & how you're going to wear this watch (styling tips or you can simply tell us what you like the most about the collection)

an example will look like this:
"followed you both on google & on bloglovin
my email is I think I should wear this watch as a choker. how fab is that? :)"

extra entry for each:

*following my twitter & swatch twitter

*following my facebook fan page (can be found on right top corner) & swatch fb page

*sharing my first single "I Only See You" on your blog, twitter, or facebook

this means you can enter this contest at maximum 4 times
but no more!

check out & to be inspired more for this spring :)

the giveaway ends on 27th Sunday (a weeklong event)

the winner is 39th commented writer :)

[the editorial and product images credit to Swatch]

Friday, February 18, 2011

today's look: in GoJane

how do you love my leopard print wedge bootie? :)
it's 4.25 inches high (according to the web description)
which is 10.795 or rounded to 11 cm however you prefer the conversion
leopard was so hot since last fall and winter and I don't regret to follow that trend even now in 2011

the color appeared exactly the same as i've first seen from
(here it looks lighter because of the setting)
and that's really an important part of online shopping
to get the right color from the screen so the shoppers get the expected result

I was at the department store (called Shinsegae)
and everyone I know talked about my shoes first
here in Korea, just like anywhere else probably
women are sooo into fashion and style
they especially love the bold, edgy and fierce looks
and I think this wedge looked powerful to them as well

the appearance: I usually wear size 7 1/2 or 38 for boots because that's what I heard as I should do. go a one size bigger for boots because you get swollen feet
so when I was looking at the size chart at gojane,
the sizes were to my understanding a one size bigger than in my perspective (I usually think 37 is for 7 and 38 is for 8 and so on.. which is 250 mm for 8)
so that's where I decided to try a size 7
I knew that it'll be okay even if it's the normal size 7
(because I wear 7 for flats and 7 1/2 for heels, sneakers and etc.)
then I can just take a short trip walking.

so when I first opened up my box, I thought this looked way too small
just by the first appearance i mean..
but when I tried it on
it was just like a 38 version perfectly having a little space for me to breathe

*i didn't know but today i heard that
normally a wedge heels look smaller than the other type of shoes*

the rubber platform made me easy to walk in and to feel comfort even in above 10 cm height
it wasn't a heavy shoe
but it was strong enough to hold me tight when i was walking down a slightly bented hill, i didn't trip down or anything like that to embarrass myself

dior sunglasses, zara bag, forever21 skinny jeans, urban outfitters hooded sweater, american eagle long sleeve shirt, Jindo fur coyote fur vest, gifted swatch double strap watch in pastel pink, clue necklace, earrings i made myself, and bootie gifted from

another reason i usually go for a one size bigger for boots:
i have kind of a wide feet
not so wide but.. because of my bone structure where it's sticking out a bit?
i have a hard time walking in heels and in flats that has narrow width

this is how it appeared from the site
leopard print wedge bootie $34.99 -> now on sale $25.95

some other cute finds from GoJane,

furry tassel keychain $15.60

futuristic chain trim sunglasses $7.40
[looks like it can be worn as a necklace right?
i'm looking for a pair like this these days
because I'm so in love with that Louis Vuitton one]

love heart rhinestone ring $2.50
[such cute ring and look at THAT price!!!]

rhinestone jewel ring $19.50

sweater trim zipper leo bootie $35.70

You should definitely check out
for endless amazing finds at affordable price tags


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