Saturday, February 19, 2011

today's look: in Swatch (+plus an international GIVEAWAY)

you already know how much i love pink :)
swatch korea sent me this watch (and +1 for you lucky reader!)
and i wanted to share and discuss with you
what's going to be the hottest item for this upcoming spring

it already feels like half spring and half winter here
so my outfits will look kind of an in-between the seasonal looks

this new line for the spring 11 is called
which is basically a lady-like lovely pastel colors
(available in 10 different shades to choose from)
that is able to wrap your wrist around in double straps
just like the same as if you would wear two bangles/bracelets

it was really long so i liked it better to wear it
out on my outfits rather than to wear it on my skin
because i have kind of a small wrist so everything is loose around me....

you already saw this outfit from yesterday's
GoJane review (leopard wedge bootie)
i personally loved wearing my watch in a similar tone to purple with that urban outfitters sweater
but my mom thought it would look better with black top
because then the watch will be more visible

i like it worn with just about anything
because it's a simple yet versatile look

after coming back from wearing this sweater
the hairs were all stuck in that rubber-like band?
but it was so easy to take it off
and thankfully it didn't get dyed in black or purple-ish
*but before you know it for sure
watch out for just bought jeans or sequined tops because the color fades naturally and ruins all of your other bags and etc.

the look without the coat

rather than to wear it all in nude or light colors
i decided to go bright and bold in red this day

i always am uncertain if the look is correct or not
just by the look i can't tell
i can't tell if the colors match
and honestly i really don't care
because we all need to take risks and experiment with every possibility we face with
so this is why i just wore items by following my heart today
I always thought yellow and pink would look so childish together
but from today's outfit i thought it was quite okay

i think it's because the watch color is light and balances it with my coat's darker shade

let's start the fun part:
new giveaway
and it's opened to anyone living in any country

swatch korea sent me one more same watch but in different color (i chose orange for you because orange is one of the trendiest color for this spring 11) to pick one lucky reader of to have this

i haven't touched anything else but the case to take picture

so take a look!

the editorial looks like this
(can be seen on most of the magazines this month)

available in (from left to right):
wide view, honey melon, delight dream, limetta, soft sky, green trace, berry sorbet, arctic sea, cool breeze and miss cassis

all 62,000 Korean won
$50 for U.S. (according to

this is yours

complete the following and one winner (selected randomly) will receive an email of notification
you MUST follow these two steps to enter

1. follow my blog on both google connect & on bloglovin (click the button on left top corner)
2. leave me comment here with your email address & how you're going to wear this watch (styling tips or you can simply tell us what you like the most about the collection)

an example will look like this:
"followed you both on google & on bloglovin
my email is I think I should wear this watch as a choker. how fab is that? :)"

extra entry for each:

*following my twitter & swatch twitter

*following my facebook fan page (can be found on right top corner) & swatch fb page

*sharing my first single "I Only See You" on your blog, twitter, or facebook

this means you can enter this contest at maximum 4 times
but no more!

check out & to be inspired more for this spring :)

the giveaway ends on 27th Sunday (a weeklong event)

the winner is 39th commented writer :)

[the editorial and product images credit to Swatch]


Not quite beautiful said...

Following you on Blogloving and google.
I would wear the watch around my ankle, when i'm wearing above the knee outfits.


About Last Weekend said...

Wow, I love all your outfits, you have amazing style and wear everything so well. The green trench is incredible. That watch would go with everything. Have a great weekend!

Justine said...

followed you on both things
my email is
i would wear this with a grey cardigan
and my earrings that would match perfectly with the watch

Anonymous said...

hello I LOVE YOUR BLOG..i followed you both on bloglovin' and :)

this watch is really cute..and i really like the color orange you chose hehe
i would wear it when iwore like light kind of orangish or even pinkish clothes

my email is

have a great day:)

Anonymous said...

Already following you in GFC!! I would love to win this watch

Bella y Cecile said...

oooooooo AMAZING watch, and it looks incredible in each outfit, you combine it really well!
so I think we're taking part in the giveaway, we're following you :)
and I thind we'd wear this watch with a colorfully outfit
thanks for comment, xxoo :)

superumi said...

my email:

I need to win this watch as I believe its stylish, comfortable and suits for a preschool teacher who is always on the go with constant children around me :) I'll bet the children has a lot of questions about it too :D

Chyrel Gomez said...

omg! fab giveaway!

followed you both on google and bloglovin!

i'd wear the watch as it is. it's a watch and should be on the wrist. would wear something black and a colorful blazer plus statement shoes to make the watch the highlight/focal point in an outfit.

Katy said...

Hi M:) wow you look gorgeous my favourite outfit is the 1st outfit pic:)

Unknown said...

wow fab giveaway x

Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

Yuliya Fashionblog said...

Ho great giveaway ! I follow you in bloglovin & twitter :)

I like this ♥


Redischic said...

nice outfit!


Andreea said...

That's a really cute watch, i like it:)

♥ kisses ♥

Tamuna said...

I love your style and those sunglasses are stunning on you!!!

A Journey to Style

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment, I love this post, your outfits are cool :)

Unknown said...

you are just so adorable! thank you for commented on my blog and leading me to you!

<3 steffy

Style With K said...

oh! so cute!!! I also thing that your ankle boots are fantastic!!

kisses from La Mode En Rose

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I love your leopard jacket, + you are super pretty! x

Jennifer said...

followed you both on google & on bloglovin
my email is
I would wear the watching with a lot of other braclets!! :)


there will be more than one winner!!

Unknown said...

I love that burberry coat you're wearing, it's beautiful! thanks for the comment on my LV scarf... you have such a cute blog :)

please follow me!

xoxo, Grace

20 YORK STREET said...

Following through GFC!

My e-mail add is : twentyyork at gmail dot com



Join the Easiest Blog Project Ever at:

Twenty York Street

ashire said...

have been looking for a yellow watch for the longest time!!! now you have given me plenty of yummy choices with this swatch watch. the colors are soooo pretty!:) love the way you wear them.u r so pretty!
Join my Dress my CHANEL giveaway !:)

ashire said...

am thinking,...hehe, if i have a yellow celine cabas, i will tie the yellow swatch on the handle!!

Greta said...


daviesp856 said...

Loving the watch :) - not the usual style



Chicago Chic said...

I love that pink watch and those amazing leopard shoes! Also love the sunglasses!


Anonymous said...

Omg! Loved those outfits, that leopard fur coat is amazing, also loved the way you wore purple and leopard shoes, totally edgy!

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love that bright yellow trench coat! SO AMAZING! :)

Angela said...

J'aime tes montre!!! Super Et ton look aussi!!! Biz
Angela Donava

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for the comment.
That pink and orange watch is so beautiful, would love to have one.


Eunice Choi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eunice Choi said...

I'm following your blog now, on both bloglovin' and blogger. Thanks for the comment and I really love all the pastel colors of the collection <3

Gabriele said...

Follow you and I would wearing this watch with my black outfits,it would be perfect accent :)


Kara Endres said...

Cute watch! I'd wear it with a printed silk dress and white blazer. I follow on google!

Míriam Juan-Torres said...

Who would have thought a watch can be worn in so many different ways, you definitely have an eye :)

Anonymous said...

you have such a beautiful looks!! I loved your leopard coat!
And the watch is so sweet, right?


Style, She Wrote said...

Awesome giveaway! Following on Google connect so please enter us! Love how you styled it in your shots. (Great leopard fur, too!) I'd wear it by stacking it with other brightly colored watches to give the look of bangles -- and set the watches to different times of major cities throughout the world. xo style, she wrote

Style, She Wrote said...

whoops! Thanks!!

shinhye ;> said...

followed you on both!
perfect color for this spring! ^^

Nubia Mejia said...

Love the leopard booties, You look so great in all of these. awesome the purple and yellow

cryskay said...

followin' you on both bloglovin' & google. email -

i'd probably wear this wrapped around my wrist as well with solid dark colors so the watch really pops!

btw, love your 1st outfit! xo

Baby Budget Blog said...

Hi there, thanks for commenting on my blog! Love how you paired the watch but my fav is the first outfit with the purple sweater! LOVE IT! Follow each other?

imen said...

hey dear ! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) liking yours very much, i just pased to thank you but i read your giving away a fabulous swatch! so i'm in :) i followed you almost everywhere :) my email is, i was thinking the watch would look very chic with a green maxi dress or a military jacket !

caitlin said...

i love all of these looks!! the second is definitely my favorite, it looks muted and wild at the same time (which is always the best combination, in my opinion)! you're lovely, thanks for visiting my blog!

Fashion By He said...

great post! cool watch

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion by He

Sophie said...

great watch!! gorgeous!

xx Sophie from

Valerie Friedrich said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! I love your style and your leopard booties. XO Valerie

Ana G said...

I like your watch, am just not sure that it was made for me. I like your purple sweater in the last post. Besos.


I Turner said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog Indigo!
The pink swatch watch is so cute! It reminds me of the red one I used to wear as a child.

Anonymous said...

I like your yellow jacket! Have a wonderful day, cheers!



Claire and Vasia said...

Oh we love this swatch.. It's sooo girlie :)
Have a nice day..


S said...

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFollowed you both on google & on bloglovin!!!!

my email is

I think I should wear this watch anytime and anywhere in summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CRS said...

Nice looking watch! I don't know if my special lady would wear it, I've never really seen her wear a watch. It looks great on you though! I can't wait for Spring!

J. said...

I love your style and although the watch is not very much my style, it's still very cute ! Thanks so much for droppin' by, I really like your blog :)

noone said...

the watch looks really neat, I like how it wraps around twice! you look great with it and please enter me! julie_lan (at) hotmail (dot) com!

Franzi said...

Love the second look! The fur cut looks just amazing and your Louis Vuitton bag is great, it's very elegant and feminine :)
xoxo F

Anonymous said...

followed you both on google & on bloglovin
my email is
i would wore it like every day! lol
the thing i like most about the collection are the great colors and that it wraps around twice!

Anonymous said...

following on facebook (Ivana Nikolova)
and twitter (DreamyLilThing)

Mitchie said...

I followed u via google and bloglovin!
my email is
i would wear it alone on my wrist

follow me!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i love all of your fur coats - so cute!

20 YORK STREET said...

Btw, I would wear it with an ALL-Black outfit!



Join the Easiest Blog Project Ever at:

Twenty York Street

Raez said...

love swatch! you are defs rocking the faux fur.

xx raez

LizAnn said...

Wow, absolutely stunning looks! I adore your style!! Great post :)

VPV Intern

Unknown said...

so cute!! and it comes in so many amazing colors!! :)

thanks for checking out my blog!

- aimee

Stiene Saenen said...

I love the leopard wedges! x

spoonful said...

I want the minty one.

Unknown said...

i love the minty one too :)
love these photos,especially the first one :)
nice blog :) i'm gonna visit it again :)

come and check out my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Following you with twitter and facebook and google and bloglovin keke

I think I would wear it on casual ocassions and when i'm feeling extra girly. Maybe with a loose black/gray top with white jeggings and heels. :) the orange and pink ones are really cute!

liza (you know my email)

Anonymous said...

Wowza love your boots & the trench coat...fab

nobz said...

nice watch!! very cute:)


Anonymous said...

i follow you on GC and BL. my email is blogilicious[at] i would wear this watch like you did in the first combination, out on my outfits cause I also have a really small wrist.

Antonella Berenato said...

Musthave for this summer!

Karen said...

Following you on google and bloglovin!!! I absolutely love the watch!!! I think it will look perfect worn with an entire pink on pink outfit (different shades of course) as we have seen on the runways this season!! Pick me!!


Anonymous said...

i discover your blog and i'm impressed by all your nice outfits !!

F. said...

Followed you both on google & on bloglovin.
My email is
I would wear this amazing swatch everywhere, even in bath :p It's so fashion!

xoxo F.

Miss Woody said...

love it !

Maria Ana said...

Following you on both google & bloglovin!

I want to wear it around the ankle at the beach :)

P.S. you are SO pretty!!!

hillaryaryn said...

omg your bloggie is so cute! love the background bubbles but especially your outfits! that muted green/yellow trench and all the purples! love love~

i'm following :D

Kaitlyn Ham said...

Wow, love your style! Thanks for dropping by my blog lovely lady, come back aaanytime :)

x K
-An Aussie girl's fashion musings.


lovely!! I have the same in blue and I love it!

Follow my blog!

I am a new follower of yours!!

Sheps said...

Loving the blog and your giveaways are so generous - I want to do one when I get to 100 followers!

I'm now a new follower, please check out and follow my blog back.
N. xox

Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

That yellow coat is really amazing!
I love it!

A La Mode said...

I love the idea of wearing a watch over a sweater!

Lisa said...

awesome jacket

oomph. said...

following on BL & GFC!

love these because i like my watch to look more like bracelets. i'd wear it stacked with some other bracelets!

following on twit.

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