Wednesday, July 31, 2013

beautifully pleated dress


outfit details
QUA dress
DIOR earrings
DS FURS keychain on bag & BURBERRY scarf

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

bold brights

outfit details
UNIQLO tshirt
VANS sunglasses
QUA pants
ostrich-bag purchased from LOTTE DEPT. STORE (forgot the brand)

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Monday, July 29, 2013

color combo


outfit details
H&M dress
this outfit shot will be featured in next month's Instyle Korea magazine
will show you more then!
다음달 인스타일에 아마 이 사진이 실릴거같아요 :)
그때 자세히 보여드릴게요~

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Friday, July 26, 2013

picture perfect moment

@ Park Hyatt Busan
31st floor restaurant LIVING ROOM
there's a summer set promotion until the end of August at 50,000 KRW (around little less $50)
tax is included in this special offer
for 2 adults (1 appetizer + 1 main course) and 2 children
You can order this set from Monday to Friday at lunch & dinner,
and on Sunday after 6 PM  (Saturday excluded)
check out the menu below
파크하얏트부산 31층 '리빙룸'에서 섬머세트프로모션 중이에요
세금 포함 5만원에 성인 2명, 어린이 2명이 즐기실수 있는데요
월요일부터 금요일 런치와 디너,
일요일은 6시 이후에 주문하실수 있어요
(토요일은 제외)
8월 31일까지이니 메뉴는 위에 사진을 참고해주세요 :)

I went with my friend Sally
I got smoked salmon with bulgogi and my friend got sweet melon w/ ham and also bulgogi
We knew that if we brought along some kids then we could've taken a look at
chicken nuggets or beef burger
as we heard some crying babies behind our table,
we kept on thinking we should totally call up our relatives or neighbors' kids
to come eat with us next time ;)
친구와 훈제연어, 햄 스위트 멜론을 에피타이저로 고르고
메인은 둘다 바싹 불고기를 시켰어요
키즈 메뉴도 보고 싶었는데
뒤 테이블에 있던 아이들 섭외해오고 싶을정도였어요 ㅋㅋㅋ


Happy weekend!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interview with Sylvia Toledano

all women love sparkly pieces
especially if they are true work of arts in bags we carry to special occasions
today's interview is with Sylvia Toledano
이번 포스팅은 특별한 날 들기에 완벽한 쥬얼리와 백들을 선보이는
Sylvia Toledano와의 인터뷰입니다 :)
When did Sylvia Toledano collection launched?
How did it all begin?
I began my bag collection at the begining of 2008. I wanted to create minaudieres but not in a classical way, with a twist , décalées and edgy. That' s why I made mines with my original designs because I didn' t found it at this time.  I work with Swarovsky Elements crystals, because they have a lot of colors and I can paint with them for my designs like on a canvas.( I was painter!)
Last year I created my jewel collection with golden brass and semi-precious stones , like: malachite, tiger eyes ,turquoise..., that I found in Jaipur. I began with a little collection of cuffs but now I have more and more pieces and I can't stop to create, I love so much the colors of gold and stones!
Sylvia Toledano 컬렉션은 언제 론칭하였나요?
2008년에 가방 컬렉션들을 선보였습니다.
작은 화장품통들을 클래식하지만은 않은 엣지있게 변형시키고 싶었어요.
그런 디자인들을 볼 수 없었기에 제가 직접 만들고 싶었죠.
저는 스와로브스키 크리스털을 사용해요.
다양한 컬러들이 있어서 제 디자인이 마치 캔버스에 페인트칠 하듯 고를 수 있죠
(저는 화가였어요!)
작년에 저의 쥬얼리 컬렉션을 자이푸르에서 찾은 호안석, 터키석, 공작석 등으로 만들었어요.
커프스들로 시작했는데 더 많은 쥬얼리들이 탄생했어요.
저는 골드와 스톤들의 색감이 너무 좋아서 만드는걸 멈출수가 없어요!


3 words to describe Sylvia Toledano?
Artistic, Couture, Edgy
3단어로 Sylvia Toledano를 표현한다면요?
예술적인, 꾸뛰르, 엣지

Do you have a fashion philosophy?
My fashion philosophy is: "less is more" and "more is more",
it's freedom!!!
패션 철학이 있으신가요?
덜해도 좋고, 더해도 좋아요
패션은 자유니까요!

How do you imagine your customer like?
I imagine my customer original artist who likes something different,
with a lot of personality and elegance.
고객들의 이미지를 어떻게 상상하시나요?
우아하고 독창적인 예술가로 무언가 다르기를 바랄 거 같아요.


Message to readers @pinklemonincrystal?
Play with fashion.
It's all fun, pleasure.
You are the fashion actor, never a fashion victim.
Confidence and happiness are the only way to make a woman beautiful!
읽고 계신 팔로워들께 한마디 해주세요
패션을 즐기세요.
당신은 패션 액터 (연기자) 이지, 절대로 패션의 희생자가 아닙니다.
자신감과 행복만이 여성을 아름답게 만들 수 있어요!
all photos credit to:

Friday, July 19, 2013

most memorable

outfit details
BULGARI sunglasses
H&M leopard dress
QUA bolero
GIVENCHY earrings
(my brother-right)
PRADA sunglasses
FRED PERRY t-shirt
so... this goes back to remembering about 2 years ago
(when I began to start blogging?)
I introduced a brand "henooc" in this post
Designer Hyun Wook Roh and his friend Joo Hyun came to visit Busan
so I brought my model-wannabe-brother Hun Suk (Michael).
For my brother, it was a first time
meeting with the fashion industry people
every single word we heard and talked about motivated him
so I felt grateful once again for new relationships and opportunities all the time that I get a chance to face with
2년 전쯤일까요
블로그를 시작한지 얼마 안되었을 쯤
관심있는 브랜드,디자이너들을 소개하며
henooc 을 그때 처음 포스팅 했었는데요
노현욱 디자이너님 부산 놀러오셨다기에 ㅎㅎ
제 모델지망생 동생 헌석이도 같이 데리고 가서 애프터눈티타임을 가졌어요~
같이 오신 일행 언니 역시 너무 반가웠는데요
패션계 일을 하시고 영국에 곧 유학 가신다고 하셔서 넘 멋졌답니다 :)
한 말씀 한 말씀 다 동생과 저에게 큰 힘이 되었고
모든 인연과 기회에 다시 한번 또 감사하게 되는 마음을 가지게 되었어요



this is 2013 F/W lookbook from (all the photos credit to of course)
All these looks kind of reminds me of the days back in high school
when we were so frustrated with everything.
like you had to be perfect in studying, all the other extracurricular activities, music, sports, leadership, and even social skills.
This word "unknown" relates to this interpretation of mine.
Without really knowing our wants in life, we first had to focus on getting into and finishing with best education.
lots to think about...but there are endless choices in life.
same as with styling your outfit, you can't be sure of the result before you actually wear them.
So all you need to do is just trust your instinct and believe that you can pull it off with confidence
이번 가을 겨울 룩북 이미지를 퍼왔습니다 ㅎ
고등학교때 공부, 스포츠, 음악, 리더십
모든 분야에서 완벽해야 했던 때가 떠올라요
스포틱하면서도 여성스러우면서 캐쥬얼한 룩들이
다양한 믹스매치가 가능해보이네요 :) 에서 더 많은 룩북과
온라인 구매 목록을 참고해주세요~

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

total sweetness

location: Park Hyatt Busan
as soon as I read a post on facebook
that there was a special offer going on for cake & coffee set for 15,000 KRW,
which is around 15 bucks? 
(1st floor at PATISSERIE)
I couldn't help myself but keep on calling people to meet me for dessert
valid until 31st of Aug.
if you follow me on instagram @pinklemonincrystal
or had been my avid readers, you know me well enough that I can't simply pass by
sweet macarons, creamy cakes & foamy cappuccinos ;)
파크하얏트부산 페이스북에서
1층 파티세리 에서 케이크+커피=15,000원 이라는 프로모션을 보자마자
다음 달 말까지라는 소식에 계속 약속을 잡고 있어요 ㅎㅎ
아메리카노 가격에 케익이 서비스인 셈이죠
인스타그램이나 제 블로그를 계속 봐오신 분들은 아시겠지만
커피, 케익, 스위트한 디저트들은 다 사랑하는 저에겐 꿀같은 소식-*

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

coffee moment

outfit details
BLEUDAME sunglasses
NAOMI tshirt
SERA bag
MIUMIU jeans

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