Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Interview with SYL (Sal Y Limon)

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한글본은 오리지널 포스팅
퍼스트룩 공식블로그에서 확인하실수 있습니다 ^^
앞으로도 많은 관심 가져주세요!

My first thought when I looked at Sal y Limon was that best friends
should get the friendship bracelets from this brand. If one is
looking for a matching item, what would you recommend?

Raffaella: for instance, to choose the same design but in each one's favorite color.
Sal Y Limon comes in at least 18 colors. One of the designs is the xoxo,
known as the hugs and kisses in email language.
That could be the one!

When think about jewelry box, we all have that special cherished piece.
Is there a story behind SYL?

Mehmet: Sal y Limon is a friendship between two people
who knew each other for a very long time. When I came together with
the idea to Raffaella, to develop a fashion brand, she was absolutely thrilled.

What is next for Sal y Limon? Maybe other accessories line like belt?
Sunglasses? If there is any plan for more, can we hear about it in a
short detail?

Mehmet: At the moment we make bracelets and we want to make
them very very good. But there are a lot of thought and ideas
already present, such as flip-flops or a line extension. But for that
we take more time. We are about to launch a kids' collection in the fall collection.
MISS SYL. We're deeply convinced that this is like the mini-me of
every sal y limon loving mom.

What materials are often used?

Zinc alloy with a gold and silver layer and hand painter.

3 words to define Sal Y Limon would be:

choose your color

Do you have personal musings best match with the collection?

Raffaella: all designs come from different personal musings.
My favorites are classy ones, reflecting affordable luxury,
where less is more.

To me more is always better ;)
I can't get enough of your pieces. They are simply amazing.
What is differentiating feature about Sal Y Limon from
those other markets?

Raffaella: Since I design them myself, I can only say
that there is a whole lot of passion in Sal Y Limon.
My heart and soul are into them and if it's reflected by you
feeling they're special, then we must have done something really good!
At Sal Y Limon, we believe that every woman can invent herself a new everyday
with our bangles: One day she will be more in a classy mood
and choose a combination of bracelets that underline the chic-another day
she will feel like seventies hippie style adding armful of bright bangles
combining them to a maxi skirt. It's all about playing with styles and moods,
being stunning everyday in a new way.

I am Sal Y Limon: Who do you want to be today?

photos credit to & special thanks to: Raffaella & Mehmet from

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

aqua hues

the best aqua hue to me is the beach itself
I know it's been quite awhile since I uploaded outfit posts
been busy with quite a few things

아쿠아 색상중 제일 아름다운 톤은
바다 그자체인거같아요 :)
요즘 바빠서 아웃핏 포스팅을 못올렸네요~

ordered doppio latte (double shot latte) from alice2046 at Paradise Hotel
duty free
while writing down some interview questions for firstlook magazine
[gifted notepad from Shinsegae department store]

도피오 라떼를 시켜먹어봤는데요
더블샷 라떼정도로 생각하시면 될것같아요
더욱 진한 커피향이 나는 우유거품이
따뜻한 아침을 맞이하기에 저는 딱이였다고 생각했어요!
인터뷰 기사를 요즘 쓰고 있어서 생각들 좀 적으면서
창밖 사진 찰칵

ASK hat
ELFEE jacket

recently I got an iPad keyboard
(it costed 79,000 Korean won about 70 something dollars)
it is really convenient for me to send emails so much faster and for everything else
really recommend it for all bloggers, editors, students just about everyone ;)

아이패드 키보드를 샀는데요
이메일이나 조금 장문으로 글을 써야 될때 불편했었는데
키보드를 사고 나니 빨리 타이핑이 가능하고 오타 고치기도 쉬워서
너무 좋네요
추천합니다 ㅎㅎㅎ

it comes with the case and an iPad holder

케이스겸 아이패드 받침대도 같이 들어있어요

looks like this when it becomes a keyboard case

키보드 케이스로 닫을때의 모습

feel free to let me know your favorite location to think, write alone
or your favorite morning coffee recipe :)
Happy week everyone!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Interview with hokise

so far my favorite piece from the collection!!!

as always this is the contributing post for firstlook magazine

이 포스팅은 퍼스트룩 매거진 블로그를 위한 인터뷰 기사를
번역한 영어본입니다
오리지널 한글본은 이곳에서
확인하실수 있습니다 ^^

Where does the brand get energy/inspiration from?

Designing is in my blood. Both my grandfathers were designers.
On my mom's side, my grandfather designed the most beautiful silver pieces,
my husband and I have trays and vases all over our house
and always think of him when we use them. my grandfather on my dad's
side designed beautiful jewellery but much different pieces than I design.
I am extremely sentimental so I like to create pieces that have meaning or evoke emotion that
the wearer can enjoy for a lifetime. Even the line's name-hokise is a namesake.

Hokise collection looks so poetic & beautiful. How are the designs made?

My design ideas come to me at the most random times-usually just as I'm
about to fall asleep or driving since that's when I do the most reflecting.
I draw out my ideas and thoughts then work with my manufacturers
to help execute the design. Usually, we go through 8-10 CAD's
(Computer Animated Designs) before I feel it's perfect and a go!

How are the gold, pink, and whilte golds each show different image?

Different golds look good on different skin types and I certainly
don't want to leave anyone out :)
I'm a yellow gold person myself but rose gold looks so beautiful on
fair complected skin. And I've noticed some people only wear
white gold. Everyone has their reasons...

Is there an affordable options for all shoppers?

Yes! My vintage initial necklace seems to be everyone's favorite piece
but not everyone can afford the gold so I decided to make a silver version too.

What can be the signature piece of Hokise?

I would definitely say it's either the vintage initial necklace or the verite necklace.
Verite appeals to a more esoteric customer.

If one takes a considered choice in picking a jewelry for purchase,
what would you recommend for them to start with?

The vintage initial necklace in whatever letter holds the most meaning to them
because it's a piece they'll never take off and wear close to their heart.
Currently, I'm wearing mine on the 30" chain and it makes
everything I'm wearing look that much more chic.

photos credit to & special thanks to:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Interview with nonomuaks (kick eyes)

third interview is up at:

이번 기사도 공식 퍼스트룩 매거진의 블로그에서
확인하실수 있습니다
한글본은 이곳에서 확인해주세요 ^^

Where did you get the idea of using "felt" material as eyewear?

We needed something light, flexible material that doesn't break quick.
Felt has a few nice characteristics that other materials don't have.
First of all is exist in many colors, but next to that it's a quite soft and flexible
material and in the same time a very strong material.
Also for the laser cutting felt had proven in other designs that it would not have any problem.
A thing we needed to adjust from the first glasses to the glasses we made today
was the hardness of the felt. So today the glasses are made of more
compressed felt.

Your designs look playful, fun, and anything is possible motif! Where
do you get inspirations mostly from? Do you have any muses?

For the new collection we did a research on all patterns and forms that have been
related to the eyes. Some of the where more cultural like related to
pop culture, music styles, fashion, movies and other cultural influences.
But next to that we also did some research how eyes have been
expressed in the past. Like using Egyptian hieroglyph, theatre and influences from
Venetian masks. Muses I don't really have, of course I do have some fascination
for some people like Raf Simons, Karl Lagerfeld, Bernhard willhem, but also Bjork, David Bowie
...etc. who are quite inspiring.

You also make the rings, glambots, and shirts. Can you tell us
what's next for the nonomuaks team?

I would love to experiment a bit more with double TEE, it's an item
we didn't had the chance to work it proper out. That I believe has many
opportunities. But I would also love to create some new special items like
bags, carpets, shirts, scarves, furniture and translate other daily items in a funny way.

Is "Kick Eyes" for party wear only? Or do you think it's up for everyday?
What's your set image for the kick eyes wearer?

Kick eyes are in fact contemporary masks in the shape of a glass.
That's what I like about kick eyes that duality they have.
Some people see them as glasses other again as masks.
Dress up party or fashion events is of course the perfect occasion to
wear kick eyes glasses, but next to that they have something stylish
that makes them as an item that could be used in photoshoot.
Kick eyes is also design in function of social media like facebook and twitter.
Always cool to put your profile pictures with special eyewear like kick eyes!

how does the collaboration process work?

We like interaction in our design, so made an opportunity to make customized
kick eyes glasses with logos and other shapes for special events
or parties. We start to collaborate with festivals and made already many kick eyes
for clubs. Like we just finished a kick eyes version of a fashion party in a club
in Singapore. Customized glasses is fun always & a challenge to design something new.
Today we are talking to bigger brands that would love to use the kick eyes
glasses concept for their branding. I can't give details out yet.
Also a famous NY based fashion stylist contacted us to use our Kick Eyes for
a shoot with Vogue.

Available shops for kick eyes/nonomuaks:

sold in Hintmag- New York,
BNC, today art museum, spoonhouse, Fang si-Beijing,
Pricerite-Hongkong and Guanzhou,
Totally hot stuff- Singapore,
Chaos in form-Berlin,
Factory design-Paris
---and many other small concept stores.

Our online shop is

Your view on trend this season spring/summer 2012

I believe spring will have a lot of strong colors combinations,
but not more than 3 colors so no rainbows. 3 strong colors always worked
in fashion and I feel this is back. Also glamour will run with strong lipstick or makeup...
I think that's still the influence of Lady Gaga on today's fashion.
And of course kick eyes to tease your eyes ;)

special thanks to & images credit to: Benjamin from nonomuaks

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Interview with Mallarino Bijoux

allison earrings

I love pieces from Mallarino Bijoux representing modern & antique feel at the same time
this is the second interview for firstlook magazine
found at an original post here:

퍼스트룩 2번째 인터뷰입니다
한글본은 공식 퍼스트룩 블로그에서
읽어주세요 ^^

caroline bracelet

What does Mallarino Bijoux wants to portray in design?
Is it a realistic view or the dreamy presence?

Mallarino is a mirror of who we are: a mix of both worlds, our jewellery
and our style has the South American exuberance with that touch of
European sophistication. so I would say is more real,
although in both you can find magic.

cecilia studs

Distinctive feature about the line?

The technique!
Filigree use to be the way jewellery was made ever since the Romans,
today is almost impossible to find artisans who can manage
this ancient technique.

cecilia necklace

This season/collection's theme is:

Colombian jungles are breathtaking, a mixture of wildness and extreme delicate beauty,
it's a very inspiring contrast. Our pieces try to reflect that
harmony. That exact point between two opposing forces that combine naturally
to create something magical.

cristina earrings

If one has to choose one jewelry to wear (earrings, ring, necklace,
bracelet, anklet) what would you recommend?

Don't overdo it.
One strong piece and depends on the mood.
I tend to have a soft spot for necklaces.


When did you realize that jewelry was meant to be your start for designing?

The urge to preserve a beautiful tradition.
For centures the art of hand-sewing jewels in Colombia has been passed from
father to son, it demands extraordinary manual skills...
With the arrival of mass/chain production and cheap imports,
this wonderful savior-faire was threatened by the minute.


Do you like to be with people for inspirations or put alone
and just naturally wait until they occur?

Both, inspiration comes unexpected, at the weirdest moments and
can be triggered by anything, a song, a smell,
someone's hands...

images credit to & special thanks to:
Mallarino Bijoux

worldwide shipping available at
& check out the stockists at

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Interview with Spanish & Sisters (for firstlook magazine)

you might remember the Spanish & Sisters post earlier
this time I did an interview with the designer/founders for my first post on
first look magazine's blog
(I'm now their online editor)

this is the English version
& if you want to look at the Korean version of original post,
check it out here at

최근 스패니쉬 & 시스터즈를 소개해드렸었죠?
이번에는 퍼스트룩의 온라인 에디터로서
인터뷰 기사를 진행했는데요
영어본은 여기
한글 번역본은 original 포스팅인
이곳에서 확인해주세요

Please tell us how the brand began. How it all started, background.

We are 2 Spanish sisters. We were living in London when we started our brand.
We have always loved fashion. We loved going to Portobello market
in London every Saturday, and we thought it could be fun to have a stall there
to sell some leather belts designs. So we started selling
our designs at Portobello market. Few exclusive shops of the
area were interested in selling our belts in their shops, and that is how
everything started. This was an opportunity for us to do
what we really like.

As women, you'll relate to your customers more.
What image do you have in mind for those who wear Spanish and Sisters?
(maybe target of age?)

We don't think of a range of age or type of women when we create products.
We are just focused on creating a beautiful pieces, that will give a touch of
personality to your outfit.

How do you choose the pieces of materials for your line?
There are amazing statement pieces and I thought
they would look appropriate for so many occasions.

We are in love with the handmade products and there are fantastic artisans
around the world. They really know how to work metal, leather, crochet...etc.
We work really close with them, as we need to create our
pieces together. It is hard sometimes, but we think
this is the only way to get the statement pieces.

For first time wearer/starter, what would you recommend them to
look for in jewelry shopping?

I would recommend to choose timeless pieces and don't be afraid of
choosing strong or bright colors. I love stones and we play a lot with them
in our designs. The possibilities of statement pieces for transforming
basic outfits is huge.

Where can we find to shop your pieces?

We do sell in stores around England, Spain, France...
But we get many buyers from all over the world through
our online shop.

Can you give advice for dressing this spring/summer 2012?

I think summer is a good time to dress colorful,
to wear nice girly dresses, and swap black for white.

Many special thanks to & images credit to:

make sure to check out
for the full collection & the pricing list.

*my favorite favorite pick from the collection!
can't get enough of the beautiful & elegant pieces of earrings :)


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