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Interview with nonomuaks (kick eyes)

third interview is up at:

이번 기사도 공식 퍼스트룩 매거진의 블로그에서
확인하실수 있습니다
한글본은 이곳에서 확인해주세요 ^^

Where did you get the idea of using "felt" material as eyewear?

We needed something light, flexible material that doesn't break quick.
Felt has a few nice characteristics that other materials don't have.
First of all is exist in many colors, but next to that it's a quite soft and flexible
material and in the same time a very strong material.
Also for the laser cutting felt had proven in other designs that it would not have any problem.
A thing we needed to adjust from the first glasses to the glasses we made today
was the hardness of the felt. So today the glasses are made of more
compressed felt.

Your designs look playful, fun, and anything is possible motif! Where
do you get inspirations mostly from? Do you have any muses?

For the new collection we did a research on all patterns and forms that have been
related to the eyes. Some of the where more cultural like related to
pop culture, music styles, fashion, movies and other cultural influences.
But next to that we also did some research how eyes have been
expressed in the past. Like using Egyptian hieroglyph, theatre and influences from
Venetian masks. Muses I don't really have, of course I do have some fascination
for some people like Raf Simons, Karl Lagerfeld, Bernhard willhem, but also Bjork, David Bowie
...etc. who are quite inspiring.

You also make the rings, glambots, and shirts. Can you tell us
what's next for the nonomuaks team?

I would love to experiment a bit more with double TEE, it's an item
we didn't had the chance to work it proper out. That I believe has many
opportunities. But I would also love to create some new special items like
bags, carpets, shirts, scarves, furniture and translate other daily items in a funny way.

Is "Kick Eyes" for party wear only? Or do you think it's up for everyday?
What's your set image for the kick eyes wearer?

Kick eyes are in fact contemporary masks in the shape of a glass.
That's what I like about kick eyes that duality they have.
Some people see them as glasses other again as masks.
Dress up party or fashion events is of course the perfect occasion to
wear kick eyes glasses, but next to that they have something stylish
that makes them as an item that could be used in photoshoot.
Kick eyes is also design in function of social media like facebook and twitter.
Always cool to put your profile pictures with special eyewear like kick eyes!

how does the collaboration process work?

We like interaction in our design, so made an opportunity to make customized
kick eyes glasses with logos and other shapes for special events
or parties. We start to collaborate with festivals and made already many kick eyes
for clubs. Like we just finished a kick eyes version of a fashion party in a club
in Singapore. Customized glasses is fun always & a challenge to design something new.
Today we are talking to bigger brands that would love to use the kick eyes
glasses concept for their branding. I can't give details out yet.
Also a famous NY based fashion stylist contacted us to use our Kick Eyes for
a shoot with Vogue.

Available shops for kick eyes/nonomuaks:

sold in Hintmag- New York,
BNC, today art museum, spoonhouse, Fang si-Beijing,
Pricerite-Hongkong and Guanzhou,
Totally hot stuff- Singapore,
Chaos in form-Berlin,
Factory design-Paris
---and many other small concept stores.

Our online shop is

Your view on trend this season spring/summer 2012

I believe spring will have a lot of strong colors combinations,
but not more than 3 colors so no rainbows. 3 strong colors always worked
in fashion and I feel this is back. Also glamour will run with strong lipstick or makeup...
I think that's still the influence of Lady Gaga on today's fashion.
And of course kick eyes to tease your eyes ;)

special thanks to & images credit to: Benjamin from nonomuaks


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The shads were so cute! The colors were adorable.

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Really nice interview! Very interesting! Their glasses are really funny and original!

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So interesting. I have never seen anything like this before.


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so cute! thanks for sharing!

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Those glasses are so funny!! :)

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Such cool sunglasses! :)SarahD

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you're amazing at this interview!
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awesome glasses!
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These sunglasses are crazy balls! I like them.
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