Thursday, June 30, 2011

take a zoom in: kitten heels & clean polished looks

men's watch,
clean polished look (love how white shirt can be perfectly paired with anything from jeans to long skirt like that),
 drapey dress

kitten heels & hat BURBERRY
purple & black sweater DOLLHOUSE
watch AIGNER
cameo necklace MY MOM'S

i love how I don't have to throw away my old items
because this is the outfit I wore back 7 years ago?
and love for kitten heels is back today :)


most of the time i find eyewear to be smart item
because it can look chic & stylish for both men and women

this is a blue skull look

I'm so into a shape like this for sunglasses these days
bought one in floral recently
and love how vintage-y it looks with my wooden fedora hats

all founds at and images credit to


nutmeg peach, mirabel in orange,
honeysuckle jewel peach, blossom in violet,
flamingo orange, dreamcatcher peach &
amaranth in pink

all of these eye-catchy finds @
and images credit to


instantly making you tough goddess

the colors are so beautiful
i can picture this to be worn at the beach party
(or maybe it's because I live near by the beach?)

must have cocktail rings

i love pairing 2 unbalanced looks of earrings
one long, one short
can I say "amazing"? :)

you can purchase joomi nyc jewelries
at bergdorf goodman in NY or visit the web for other shop available areas
where I give full credits to the images!

If you live in Korea like I do,
you can purchase these items at 10 Corso Como
and Published in Seoul

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

on my radar: cropped tees, braided hair, shoes, & bracelets

eyeing on all kinds of braided hair I want to try,
light blazer, fedora hats, document bag,
tie-dye items & more scarves to add on my bag for detailed look

also am trying to buy more cropped tees at the moment
this is the picture of
me and my brother wore matching tees when we were so young


click to enlarge
but what's better will be if you will go to the online shop and browse through the collections to see if your type of item is waiting for you on sale

so far my favorite is the third one here
the wrapped bracelet with along the leaves and stars
love the purple tones in color since it's one of my favorite color
when I choose in accessories and dresses

all images credit to and shop available @


i love clean and clear look of patent shoes

also love wooden heels
even though they hurt you so bad if you hit yourself with it accidentally while you're walking but this is one of the thickest and strongest heel that supports you well
so you don't fall easily

how cute is this?
I think I can practically walk in this 24/7

all finds @ and images credit to


cape blazer $38.50
color block waisted shorts green $27
vintage inspired pocket blouse $25.50
fringe benefit chiffon blouse cream $26.50
drape side skirt nude $29.50
slit sleeve blouse turquoise $27

all images credit to & shop availalbe @

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New In: the Jojoba Company @Urban Space (bloggers meeting)

I had a first bloggers meeting in Korea
and it was held at Urban Space
(you can follow the twitter @urban_space
and on fb at beauty.urbanspace)
Urban Space has a shop on the first floor
which sells 20 different cosmetic brands (that I know of) from
all around the world from like the U.S., Australia, France and etc.

second floor is the spa
the price is at about $80-$110 using
Sundari, June Jacobs, Sodashi, or Aromatherapy Associates
depending on your personal consultations regarding your health/conditions

this perfect beauty place is right across Galleria department stores
few minutes walk down from Caffe Bene
(if you live in Korea or if you ever decide to visit,
I recommend you visit the place)
this is where they sell EviDens de Beaute
(the only place that sells the brand's products in Korea as of moment)

I see the theme of this place as natural, trendy yet so pure
I can trust that these products will suit my facial and body cares
because they are organic brands :)

I met along with 6 more bloggers from Korea
we were met with pretty smile from online marketing assistant manager Tara Kim and already set snacks of carbonated water, iced Americano from Coffee Bean, macarons, pies, and other sweet desserts and fruits!

take a look at some of the products I so wanted to get!!!
(I bought body soap from MISTRAL for my aunt after the event)
I loved the hand cream from MISTRAL (at around 12 bucks),
travel kits from Malin + Goetz,
and all the serums from each brand
greedy much?

let's talk about the gifts we bloggers received
we were met with two pouches, (that blingbling covered one- it has a little bow and it's perfect to carry around your accessories inside, and the plain rosy pink pouch) intense overnight renewal cream (50mL 77,000 Korean won), hydrating day cream (85mL 68,000 won), and pure golden jojoba oil (30mL 27,000 won but if you want 85mL it sells for 34,000 won unbelievable price!)

*if you reside in other countries, I've linked each product back to official pages so follow them for the price and to check with where to buy

i loved the petal covers of these jojoba company's products
that's why I took the products out from the bottom of the package
so I don't have to ruin the perfect tops

top two photos are my attempts in testing the oil and day cream firsthand when I got to the store

let's talk about the creams first

for day cream: it smells cinnamon-y to me...
i usually thought the cream products would be sticky
and I thought I don't need to apply them since I already have oils on my face
but this day cream was so light like a moisturizer
It has rose oil for balancing your skin and perfectly revitalizes your skin with collagens and lifting/firming ingredients

for night cream: i loved using it with the oil together
it works as a sleeping pack then
i like putting lots of hydrating cream overnight
because i know that no matter how much I put them on
in the morning they are perfectly absorbed
i could feel more hydration in this lemony colored night cream more than from the day cream of course
I especially recommend it to those especially having dry skins
and or having those days of really exhausted and tired days off from your works and all the dusts you are covered up with from outside activities

last but not least with the pure golden jojoba oil:
this is a smart buy for any one of you
even those who had doubts in oil products like I originally was

this can be used from head to toe everywhere
men to women, girls to boys, even babies
this is 100% pure product
(the ingredient looked like a coffee bean but it was used only when it was naturally fallen to the ground, so this is even natural friendly environment work conditions isn't it?)

it can be used as a makeup cleanser (and then use foam cleanser if you'd like), used on cuticles after doing nail cares, hair essence and protection, foot moisturizer, for stretch marks, acne problems and those little marks and scars you have afterwards, pore refining, wrinkle filling, anti-aging etc. etc. etc. all!

such a smart product I didn't lie!
I make my brother mix two-three drops of oil with body cream every night to be applied all over his arms and legs before he goes to sleep

I liked the smell of this oil because it smells kind of earthy
I meant like the ground you reach first step into
in the fresh morning, if that makes sense to you in any ways
just picture it beautifully :)
I could trust that this product was natural and pure right off from the first meeting

hoped you like the products urban space recommended to us
and now I'm recommending them all to you back!
(by the way for conversion, just make 1 dollar into 1,000 Korean won.)

now you'll know that these products
are budget and natural friendly both!!!
if you are interested in browsing the products
go visit
(to see what other brands they provide with)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

on my radar: aiaiai & james perse

latest article feature here in Korea
it was about boyband's cousins
(you already saw this tweet first if you followed me @divalicious_m)
I'm the third one
(first one is beast member kikwang's cousin
second, SS501 Kim Hyung Joon's
and me and aunt (Dongho's mom) for U-Kiss Dongho)

from program "Chef's Kiss" aired last year
where U-Kiss members became weekly chef
and we ate tuna steak that day
if you can tell that this outfit and photos are exactly the same
as the one I made profile photo here for google

though it's in Korean, you can read the full article


click to enlarge
if you love cozy but light-weighted relaxed chic feel of the clothes
this James Perse collection looked like perfect fit for you
some of my favorites from


pipe earphone petroleum gradient
side tracks petrol

always interested in more ear and headphones
for great quality they provide in clearer sound

photos credit to and shop available at

(for upcoming post
you'll be able to see the first Korean bloggers event/meeting I went to
had an amazing time!)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

7 days, 7 inspirations

1) Love Moschino
beautiful summer day it was :)
loved wearing light-weighted maxi dress
w/ along my another Love Moschino bag
having red chain strap
so chic!

jazz artists were playing beautiful tunes
at the center of the mall

got new supremo beans from starbucks for daily morning coffee

2) Intense makeup
i want to try crazy makeups for a normal day sometimes
but somehow summer crazy hot look if that makes any sense
still working on which colors to play with...

3) l'objet 1920
beautiful vintage finds @ one of the Korean malls

aurora color big clip earring $68
sapphire blue $46
emerald ring $64
moon brooch $51
pearl and leaf linked necklace $94
colored stone ball bracelet $19 each
vintage two cameos bracelet $78

photos credit & shop available @


4) Diana Kelly
these shoes will perfectly match with the jewelry finds above
love how they look so classic & elegant

jacqueline shoes $178
maria blue circle $148
maria champ flower $168
ocean blue satin flats $118

photos credit to & shop available @


5) gorgeous couture
love the swarovski elements on these dresses
as a strap/belt

the anjelica grecian maxi dress
the alexis dress
the astra maxi dress
the iman swarovski maxi dress
the lacey dress

photos credit to & shop available @


6) Kinky-Curly
these products are best tools for curly hairs
for styling & repairing damages

come clean $12 (shampoo)
detangling brush in blue and in pink $18 each
styling brush $12
midnight miracle $22
gloss pomade $10 (for awesome shine-ness)

purchases available only on web & photos credit to:


7) Davie & Chiyo
beautiful clutches looking perfect for wedding
or for occasions to dress up in a feminine way

light cream pleats clutch $85
pretty pleats clutch $95
three frills clutch $80

shop availalbe @ and photos credit to

Sunday, June 12, 2011

7 days, 7 inspirations

how was your week overall? :)
mine was great because I got new nails done,
new bags, new dresses & etc. etc.

this week's 7 picks of my love are like these:

1) pastel bottoms
i bought about 3 more skinny jeans in light colored
but i found pink jeans I bought so many years ago
stuck in one of my many random boxes that I forgot to open up

anyways I still want more beautiful pastel toned bottoms
like wide pants Blake Lively is wearing above

2) J'Anns Boutique
remember the post from yesterday?
(if you haven't checked it out yet, read the post right below.
the good thing about comment box that pops up is that
it doesn't move on to other page so you can always check out other posts easily right? :) )

as I'd written above, the desk was really low like a little above my ankles so I couldn't make it a bag holder today
but if I go to the other cafes, I'll show you how it looks like
when it's done right

3) Love Moschino
I love Moschino yes
but the bag is from the line "Love Moschino"
it's probably the 3rd line from Moschino brands right?
i love its affordable price but all designs are soooo cute

BAG Love Moschino
HOODIE & JEANS forever21

SHOES Chanel

4) CND
I have done CND review post before
and I love their products so much

firstly with the marine hydrating oil
it is for the feet
as it says on the name of it
it is very "hydrating"

it was perfect for a type of feet like I have
because I get tired of walking so easily
since I have a wider bone (only for the feet somehow...)
that hurts every kind of shoes I wear feel painful in less than about 5 minutes of walking (I don't have a long feet though my size is regular within 7 to 8 or should I say 37 to 38?)

I like putting on foot cream or such items at night
so I can feel more relaxed when I fall asleep
it provided me with aromatheraputic feeling
I tried to do some massages just like you would with oil products

the key ingredients are with Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride all for softening and smoothing skin conditions

If you want to purchase one yourself it is $31.00 for US and
$37.40 for Canadian dollars for 8 fl oz.

this is how I applied four shades
I love painting with more than one color
if you already saw tons of nail posts beforehand :)
the colors are
#546 Green Scene
#517 Taffy Pink
#522 Poppyfield
#544 Anchor Blue

one time reader Margaret asked me in comments once
what nail products I can recommend to you all
I said one of the most satisfied results I got is from CND

it is 3-Free of no toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)

I applied just one coat and it looks like that
if you apply two coats, then you'll get richer and creamier results
and I love how fast they dry compared to the stickier ones

I suggest you turn bottle upside down and roll it between palms first
so the colors mix and apply well

each of the colour series is $9.00 for US and
$11.30 Canadian (.33 fl oz per bottle)
you can always find the Effect series which is for the shinier and glittery effects added

(if you live in Korea like I do
it was about 20 bucks at the department store)

definitely check out for available purchases

5) Bimba & Lola
I felt like I was on a vacation already
off to exotic islands
with beautiful collections like these

all images credit & purchase available @

6) shudemoet
it's one of my favorite Korean shoes online mall
the leopard print clear flat is approximately $120
the Gucci & Fendi like purple heels is $153
and perfect party shoes is for $155

can be purchased @ & the images credit to:

7) spell designs
angel warrior boots 'bonita' $210
jaurez $210
pocahontas warrior boots short/creamy leather $240
cherokee boho-cheyenne tribe earrings $140
texas sage- good girl on sunday earrings $140
gypsy love-rocker bone $120

these hippie bohemian inspired items are available @
& the images credit to

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New In: J'Anns Boutique & Baggu

in tomorrow or in upcoming post
I'll show you how I used this bag holder :)
I received this lovely item from J'Anns Boutique
I won the giveaway few months back
but I waited until my bags are little bit lighter
accommodated to the perfect season
so I can show you
how I used it to hold it in a chair
or at a desk I go find eat at lunch/dinner

check out


meanwhile my search for market bag continues on today
everyone is obsessed with Jil Sander and H&M
and I found similar ones from ALAND
(one of my favorite shops in Korea)
but this baggu bags are so cute and comes in various colors
and I would definitely want to get a 5 pairs for some discounts and to match with similar tones

this is what I'm talking about
berries baggu x5 $35

cobalt baggu

mint baggu $8
(if you get 3 or more each is $7.50
6 or more each is $6.50)

navy dot baggu

neon baggu

sailor stripe big baggu $12

sea stripe daypack $24

up until few days ago these finds were available
but they are sold out so fast
so check out yourself
and go order as much as how many pairs you would want to grab with :) enjoy!


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