Saturday, January 29, 2011

today's look: in CND

I've received these CND samples to review
SpaPedicure Marine Salt Scrub and Colour & Effects nail polishes in
Raspberry Parfait #519, Eclectic Purple #536, Plumville #534, and Violet Shimmer #558

When I received these beauties all I could say was "Wow I LOVEEE THEM!"
They were essential needs for any girls and/or women.
Style finishes off with eclectic nail colors and arts
to add more perfection: we need scrub to polish and make our feet and hands gentle/smooth

this is Raspberry Parfait #519 the one marked in star
and Violet Shimmer #558
CND says that this is just like how we get dressed up
"Colours are the clothes-Effects the accessories."
So play it however you'd like to get dressed up in your own unique and personal styles
the one I've got is the Shimmer category for "more dramatic" effects.
the Raspberry color was very adorable and sweet reminding me of sweet 16
it's bright enough but not like HOT pink if that makes sense to you? ;)
it had been picked as allure's editors choice award
I can get the feel why this has claimed the winner throne and marked the best color.
the violet shimmer was very romantic.
it had this aura that made the colours appear way different than just the colours by themselves.
with this effect ON, the colours become mysteriously beautiful like in the fairy tale mood

This is the Plumville #534 the one on the very right from the third line from the very below
My grandmother applied this color for her pedicure with me
this color was more mature plum shades than the brighter ones
sophisticated and very charming

this Eclectic Purple was very feminine and attractive to me
and I loved all of these bottle shapes
they were ergonomically designed so they were easy to reach to and hold in palm of hand with comfortable grip
There are 50+ colors to choose from at

The brush made it so easy to apply and that's why my grandmother & I liked them even more
the brush made the full, even, and smooth coats of application
the colors of course were all so gorgeous
and if you want darker and the colors to last a little longer, two thin coats are needed
but I applied once and they looked so great!
they dry really fast and CND's benefits are the 3 frees-no toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)

*Turn bottle upside down & roll between your palms to blend the colors

Colour- .33 fl oz bottle $9.00 / $11.30 CA
Effect- .33 fl oz bottle $11.00 / $13.80 CA

First off I wanted to apologize that I hadn't had my digital camera or DSLR with me to provide higher resolutions, but with that strong lighting my galaxy s was best I could find!
my grandmother took these photos while I was still painting and drying my nails
afraid of getting them marked by wrong movement
so the above picture is with the colour & effect altogether
pinky, middle: Plumville
ring and index: eclectic purple
thumb: raspberry parfait

left: colour & effect both
right: only colours

the difference is of course more luminosity and shimmering
and the colours became more violet aura added+
I love wearing different colors for different fingers for mixed look
next time I'm trying to paint all of my nails in Raspberry Parfait and add black nail polish to make some leopard print nail art :) If I do, then I'll upload those pictures of course

FIRSTLY the smell is awesome
I think I can fall asleep right away at this hour (it's 7:52 PM here) after I've just washed off my scrub
SECONDLY the color:
this is also purple + blue-ish beautiful shades
I feel like I'm at the beautiful ocean
able to see the clear water to see the fishes and lively animals swimming across my feet
THIRD: the polish
it wasn't too rough as I'd expected from the "Salt Scrub"
I had to stir the contents before use and then to scrub it all over my foot & leg (dry your foot and lower leg!)
It instructed for me to massage for about 3-5 minutes. I did it for about I think.. 2-3 minutes
but still I got the best results I could.
LASTLY the finish feel

and after I've used it says on the paper that it can be used all over my body as well
tomorrow the first thing I'll do is to put this in my personal locker at the spa I go to daily

it is so smooth and today I've got my new platforms and walked in that 4 inches all day long
so i had a tired feet
now i don't see that rough lines occurring from wearing heels
but instead i've got such gentle and grease-less touch of skin

it sure had exfoliated out my dead skin cells
just love so much about these key ingredients of Mineral and Dead Sea Salt, Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E

the price is $43.50 US/ $52.40 Canadian for 18 oz

[image credits & thanks to Creative Nail Design and Red-PR]

to find your perfect shades go visit Creative Nail Design at to find nearest distributor


Jelena Zivanovic said...

i like plumville,completely my shade!;))

Jessica Mura said...

Thanks so much for you comment darling, so sweet! :) I like your blog,if you want we can follow each other :D

Dominica said...

thanks, I follow you now!

Sylwia said...

really nice colors!! :):)

Les Lis Perles said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog....
I love nail polishes.. these colors are wonderful...

Nadine Flatt said...

thank you:) hope you'll have an awesome weekend too!

Cylia said...

lovely review on them:) thanks for sharing this! btw, you have such pretty nails.

Luna Tiger said...

great colors, you have beautiful nails !

Alison said...

Nice colors! ;)

Ioana Liliana said...

All the shades look very beautiful!


margarita ts said...

amazing colors!thank you for the comment!

Anna Katrina said...

those colors look fabulous !!

stop by sometime<3

M said...

wow, you paint nails like a PRO!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Wow these nail polish shades are beautiful! I especially love plumville. :) Great review. xo

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

great polish colors. x

Fashion Nerd said...

Cute nails!

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i will follow you back!
love the nailpolish!

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XO model from holland
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derek said...

all the colors are so cute! i like plumville!

Chi said...

aww nice, i love them, how did you recieve them? :)

Moda Minea ♥ said...

thank you so muuuch, and woow' such beautiful nailpolishes *.*

Fashion Tidbits said...

Cool! i love doing my nails when i feel like i need to beautify myself

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment, I'm following you now will you return the favour? :) Your nails look really nice!

fashion doctor said...

very nice!my shadow!xo

Funky Fraîche said...

love these colors...beautiful!!! <3


Love, L

About Last Weekend said...

Love the nails being all the different colours of purple - my fave colour - looks so interesting and a statement in itself!

Kristen said...

love the electric purple!

LyddieGal said...

i love electric purple!

Chic on the Cheap

Amber said...

Very nice. I love the raspberry one. Also, I'd be interested in trying the salt scrub!

Beny said...

hiiii,... Michelle, miss you,... and woww,.. i love the nail art colors,... wanna apply them on my nail (if i were a gurl) heheheh,...

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Unknown said...

Nice colors honey ♥

Anonymous said...

Such pretty nail polishes!

Allegra said...

wooow! wonderful colors!!

Camille P.Bardin said...

Nous adorons ce nouveau message !!
Apres un long moment sans idées nous avons publié un nouveau post.
Dans l'espoir qu'il te plaise :)

à bientôt Parisian Hunter.

Sophie said...

Great post!!
love your blog!!

xx Sophie from

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I like this colors <3

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I love ur Blog!!!

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