Sunday, September 4, 2011

7 days, 7 inspirations

1) Ted Rossi interview for Neighbor magazine
my second article contribution for Neighbor
if you are my blog readers from the beginning,
I love Ted Rossi's collection so much
as they show such fabulous pieces to make anyone wearing the piece
to be so powerful (with an edge of course!)

those of you ipad users you can download neighbor magazine free at app store
just search for "neighbor"

2) Cine de Chef
cine de chef is a dining restaurant + a movie theatre
didn't watch movie this time but went out with
couple of friends from back in high school
had a great time talking for hours with hot cappuccino
and after all the tired talks we went inside the restaurant to eat
some margherita pizzas, steak and my favorite rose pasta w/shrimps

H&M tank and hat
BULGARI necklace

3) favorite sandwich: eggplant & mushroom

all you need is hot butter toasted buns (or toasts)
with along sausage (or any kind you want to mix), eggplant,
mushrooms, mustard, tomatoes & ketchup

you can mix just about any sauce and ingredients
and they will still taste good with a little salt & pepper

4) fall/autumn
autumn coming close
I see turning leaves on the highest trees I could find on the skypark

5) is deleted (as of request)

6) Keurig machines from One Cup Connection
you know my constant cravings for coffee and search for
new machines, beans and stores
today I found One Cup Connection and about K-Cups
the little pods go into the brewer (Keurig brewers/makers)
and makes an easy hot or iced coffee with your special recipe

if you know some tips on how to make great lattes
share with us :)

It was good to find various K-Cups to choose from
but I picked three of my faves
(there's Gloria Jean's & Caribou in Korea too)

caribou blend decaf- 24 K-Cups $12.99
gloria jean's french vanilla supreme 24 K-Cups $12.99
tully's french roast 24- K-Cups $12.99
Keurig B145 Pro K-Cup Coffee Maker on sale from
$149.99 reduced to $129.95 now

in Korea I know many people in age from 20s to 30s who live alone for school and or works
find for brewer type like this
(all made in a pod-> goes into a brewer-> one click of a button ->
all hot and freshly brewed in a mug ready for you type)
because it's easy to use & of its affordable price
compared to the thousands of dollars of espresso and latte makers

go check out these and other K-Cups at
and they also have a blog

(photos credit to: One Cup Connection)

7) ro bags
everett zipper tote (for men)

if you love great structured bags in high quality of leather + elegant looks
ro bags sounds like a perfect option for both men and women
I've always loved ro bags for their strong and delicate looks
and here are just few picks from this autumn winter collection of 2011
check it out more at

niobe vertical tote for men

echo horizontal tote for men

this is the main campaign these days I found in a magazine spread
alicia tote for women

gilda satchel
this is now the "it" satchel

ophelia double zip brief
if I had this bag I would so share it with my mom! :)

all photos credit to: Ro Bags


Fashionistable said...

Love the last comment and bag - are you talking your mum into buying this wonderful bag :-) Congratulations on you piece in Neighbor mag. Xxxx

Jelena Zivanovic said...

I love your hat (a lot!), Ophelia bag, and Amiclubwear always has interesting shoes and clothes... have a lovely day hun!! kisses
Jelena (

Kit said...

Thank you for introducing Ro Bags, found a Hobo Backpack I liked...I'll have to buy it in HK :P

Been looking for a decent leather backpack for over a year now hahahaha thanks to you :P

Chantal | Blamethefireworks said...

I love your hat!
Thanks for your comment.


That sandwich looks delicious!!! :)SarahD

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous post, darling!
Congrats on your interview!


Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I think i just saw an amazing pair of leo print shoes!!! I ddn't know amyclubwear, thanks for sharing!

Michelle Wan said...

hi there nice blog here,check out mines would love you to follow it if u like it or like my fb page Hope to hear from u soon love from Hong Kong

MarianaCarvalho said...

the bag on the last picture is so cute!

Unknown said...

great post!
I love that last bag <3
I wish it was mine

Carolyn´s Photography said...


I like a lot your post and the sandwich hahahaha!!!

Love the bags!!!

: )

Dagmara said...

The gilda bag is my favorite! Cute blog!

xx Dagmara

Malak Laraki - Your Paris Photographer said...

Hey girl !

Thank you for your comment !

love the bags!!



Faye said...
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Julia said...

Oh wow! I love all these handbags. Usually it is really hard for me to find a handbag I like but these are beautiful! Nice inspiration.

Angie said...

Great post girl...:)Love all the bags..:)



mirjam schuurkamp said...

Always so much to read and i LOVEIT

New outfitpost -

Unknown said...

Wooow,I love those bags!! Fall is amazing inspiration too!! :)



Oh my Dior! said...

your hat is fabulous!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Love your hat, and what an interesting idea to have dinner with a movie at a restaurant! That was so sweet to think of sharing the bag with your mom. I used to raid (still do) my mom's closet all the time! xx

Bonnie said...

These bags are really cute!! I love the styles.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

wow, lucky you to be the 300 followers dear :D
check out my new post!

sweet and sugars,

Stevia said...

you look cute!
I love your hat

yeay autumn! and cooler weather!


kristina@beancakes ★ said...

hi michelle! ooh, rose pasta w. shrimp sounds unbelievable!! and those ro bags look so nice! hope your weekend's going great my friend! you look really pretty as well!
xo ~ kristina

Celina said...

Wow, you're such a beautiful girl !

Following you from now on - I hope you'll visit my blog and follow if you want :)

Kisses from Germany !!!

Vasu said...

Amazing pictures, love all the bags...

shu84 said...

lovely bags:)

Lysa said...

J adore les chaussures!!!

Chez Margaux ... said...

Wouah ! I love the bag black and gold !

Have a nice day, xx

Anonymous said...

Those bags are pretty damn gorgeous!!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

leather shorts and blue houses

FashionJazz said...

Loving the heels! Happy Monday xx

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment, love your hat and the bags are lovely :)

Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

Erin said...

I love all of these things-especially the one cup of coffee and the Ro bags! Ro bags are so gorgeous! I wish I had known about these before I bought my fall school tote!


Erin @

Chicismicis said...

What a beautiful bags on this post!

Nora said...

Adorable bags. My favourite is the alicia tote.

Julia Rambaud said...

I like pretty much all the bags! and I really want a hhot dog now :p

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Love the hat and the bags are amazing. I never heard of Ro bags but love the style.

Lucija said...

Such pretty photos!
Love your outfit, your style is impeccable!



bohemianbones said...

loved ur list!!!
thanks for introducing some new stores!!!
the ro bag are amazing!!! and the coffee seems to be delicious!

thanks a lot for the comment!!! <3
u've got a great blog!


Sick by Trend said...

What a sandwich!! :D So delciious



Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Food and fashion??!!...Keep 'em comin' honey, you're totally on a roll!

Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments, hope to visit again soon!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Jacquii Lie said...

Another article in a magazine!! Congrats girl. You're moving up so fast! Love this post.

Anonymous said...

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Samantha said...

Love your hat and shoe picks!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

How cute are the pink Uggs, and the bag selection is amazing.

ChiccaStyle said...

Congrats on your interview!!!

Mary said...

Hello, I love the post and i love the bags. so cute.

t said...

Nice bags!

Le Chat Noir said...

Love the bags!
Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Bea S. said...

The last bag is amazing! :)
Thanks for your comment!





streetdressed said...

looove the Alicia tote!! is perfect!!


Unknown said...

I like the Ro bags, never seen that brand before--and I've been wondering what the K-cups taste like. I will have to find one to sample. I love coffee but make it fresh every day with Pete's coffee.

xo Mary Jo

Clara Campelo said...

Nice inspirations!

Audrey Allure said...

I love fall/autumn as well! I like AMI clubwear for their prices but their customer service sucks.

Fabiénne said...

thanks for the wonderful comment!!!
i like this a lot!!!


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Great post! I love amiclubwear too, what a coincidence!

Chicago Chic said...

That restaurant looks adorable and I love those bags!


erica marie said...

these bags are all so pretty :)


Elle Sees said...

That's is so cool! Congrats to you.

TMRK said...

Hej, I really like your pictures and your blog!
Check out mine ;)

a story about M said...

great post! :) love it!

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

Love this, you are creative :) please visit me :*

Kavi said...

ahh the bag with the gold rim in the middle is HOT!
love the pics. u suit hats!



Kavi said...

ahh the bag with the gold rim in the middle is HOT!
love the pics. u suit hats!



Defne said...

thank you!

Miss Woody said...

love it !

Molliee said...

I love the collection of booties you featured!!

Unknown said...

love these pictures! the boots and bags are gorgeous! cant wait now till payday !

hautepinkpretty said...

this post makes me want to go shopping :) and that sandwhich looks delicious!

AndjelaUndTom said...

Beautiful, nice blog! :)


theversastyle said...

sooo yuuuum!!! makes me so hungry right now!


LongIslandWeddingOfficiant said...

That food loooksss sooooo delicious:-) Shoes look delicious as well:-)

Ask Erena

Mani said...

Alicia tote is to die for! I like the last bag too!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Aina said...

I like your blog! Love your selections of photos too!
Keep up the great work! Also, wanna follow each other? You know how it is starting a new blog...

Mikaela said...

Wow, that DIY bag is so adorable!!! :)Cool post!


Anonymous said...

You're very creative! :)


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