Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Interview: Kim Mesches (designer of KIMBO)

I've had an awesome opportunity to interview with the hottest designer at the moment: Kim Mesches.
He is a founder and a designer for KIMBO.
He has designing experience his whole life in customizing sneakers (some in the process with the celebrities are with MTV's "Jersey Shore" cast members and for Khloe Kardashian's husband Lamar Odom for Lakers) and working as an associate designer with Anne Bowen from 2008-2010. He began starting his own business from the year 2006.
His works are true arts combined with elegance + edginess in his graphic and textures chosen in his works.
You will be able to see his entire collection within 2 months until the launch!

Michelle: How does your day start and end normally? Are you a morning person?

Kim: Unfortunately I am not a morning person. My day starts with a giant cup of coffee, the stronger the better.  When it comes to ending my day, sometimes I do not end my day until late, if I start a project I get really into it and end up finishing it if I can.  It can be a bad habit actually.  Also if there is an experience or something worth staying up for, I will sacrifice sleep, which probably explains why I am not a morning person. 

M: How do you want to portray KIMBO? I loved your collections. It was amazing to see how the drapey and tight looks combined to create such fabulous looks. If you have specific target of ages or the women of image in mind, please tell us.

Kim: I want to portray KIMBO as a new breed of clothing.  My background is from two very different realms.  I started customizing sneakers as a teenager and also have worked in the high end designer market as an Associate Designer.  I am a very graphic person who always favors the bold, yet really appreciates and tries to emulate sleek and sophisticated design.  I want people to see KIMBO and have the reaction of " Woah! That's different."  My target ages of the women are from 19-35, it's for the fashion forward customer who isn't afraid to turn heads, for whatever reason, if it's the interesting drape of the dress or the intense graphic fabric treatment, or both! I want them to think that it's unlike anything they've ever seen.

M: Do you have muses inspiring you at the moment or have people you want to collaborate with?

Kim: I am inspired by most artists of all mediums.  I currently do not have a real live muse, but the idea of who I am designing for is my temporary muse I guess you can say.  I have dreams to collaborate with real innovators, designers who are creating new innovative ways of viewing fashion but still keeping in the world of wearable clothing.  I would love to collaborate with high end designers like Rodarte, because of their innovative fabric treatments, Issey Miyake because of the amazing shapes created with the fabric, Alexander McQueen (top inspirations) just for their engineered prints and amazing silhouettes, the list can go on and on.

M: What is one must item that every men should have and for women should have? Is there a statement piece you believe it works for all seasons long?

Kim: My new T-shirt which is a limited edition T-shirt, I call the KIMBO Cut & Sew Tee.  I love this pieces because it is my take on the skull and cross bones, with scissors and spray paint.  This is unisex and is available through my online store.  There is a White V-neck version and also a black and red version, you can pick one up for both Winter and Spring! They are going fast and there are only a limited amount left so pick one up before they're all gone!
[check them out for yourself at: http://kimbo.bigcartel.com/product/kimbo-the-cut-sew-tee ]

M: I saw the customized products and they are very eye catchy and one-of-a-kind pieces. How does the process work? Do you get orders from the collaborating brands only or are you going to get personalized orders from the wanted customers too?

Kim: Well, sneaker customization is how I started, and I kind of got into it by accident but it has expanded more than I could have ever imagined.  I painted a pair of old shoes in high school and got attention from my peers, it kind of just took off from there.  The way the process works is people send me their shoes along with a list of theme that they want.  They should not be worn often, they are pieces of art that are very intricate and usually take almost 3 days, on average.  So for example one girl sent me a pair of Vans slip-ons, she was from Miami and said she wanted "Trippy, Urban, Turquoise, Orange and Purple" So I just went to town and she loved them.  It's also a matter of trust, they need to trust that I've  been doing it for a long time and I know how to work on sneakers.  As for me hustling my wanted customers, I try and network with them through whatever connections I can find, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, life's full of hurdles and I jump rope daily to jump over them more easily.


M: I see people in two categories. People who wear clothes and contrastingly where clothes wear people. What do you suggest or advise people to avoid this kind of tragedy but to gain self confidence?
Kim: Well I feel you should always wear something because it makes you feel good.  There is nothing better than walking out of the house having that confidence that you know you look good and most like yourself and feel good about it, that's the ultimate confidence boost.  I find that "clothes wearing the people" does the person a disservice.  If you don't feel good about the clothes and are wearing them because you were told you should or that's the trend, then you won't feel confident in them, you can't fake that, and it will reflect past the clothes.  Nobody can pull off being uncomfortable with what they're wearing, it shows right past your designer threads.   Buy what you feel best in, because otherwise that true self confidence will not be gained, but lost.


M: I wish you all the best of luck and success for you and KIMBO. Please tell us your goal you would like to achieve in this upcoming year of 2011.

Kim: Goal for the new year: Kick KIMBO into High Gear, and really take this business to the next level of design, self expression and creativity. Oh, and exercise more, like everybody's every year.

Become a follower, fan, and browse through his pages for more information and to shop his limited editions or for customization requests.

[images credit to: www.kimbo-studio.com and Jordana Hazan. Thank you Kim and Jordana for all your helps!]


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looks like a very interesting brand. Will make sure I'll keep an eye when it launches!


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I loved to read this interview and the pics in it are stunning. Great post (:

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Great interview! His clothes look like they will be something I'll have to add to my closet! :)

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what a cool interview! his designs are lovely :) you have such a cute blog!


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Great Interview!!

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Great interview, you asked a good balance of personal and professional questions...


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I like this designs. :o) How did you manage to interview him?



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I love that even a rad designer like Kim Mesches wants to work our more for a NYr's resolution....:) They are just like normal people.

LOVE this post!

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