Sunday, March 20, 2016

birthday merriment

first off I wanted to show you these amazing birthday gifts I received from Design Project team,
photos up above are all credits to @design_pt
Design Project is a perfect place to make your own customized gift for yourself or for your loved ones
They are well-known for making LED frames and popart portraits (same idea applies to DIY phonecovers)
you can direct message them on instagram or go straight to to check out some of their other samples and works
I'm not sure about the international orders but local deliveries do work in Korea


many people choose their initials or favorite phrases for making this LED frame
I chose "Classy & Fabulous" which are obviously quotes from Coco Chanel

this is how it works:
off and on button obvi-
in between of it, it flashes on continuously (do this when you want to record a vid)
but when you put it straight down to ON, the light is on but it stops flashing

which colored outfit do you think works best on me? ;) 
this was taken few days ago when I was celebrating my birthday with some of my friends at a suite
(my birthday is today Koreatime on 20th)

my attempt to show you these frames work as a perfect decoration item in just about anywhere!

thank you gifts for my friends

I got this huge rainbow cake from doredore today for my real birthday
(check it out on my instagram @pinklemonincrystal )
so this day with my friends we just bought these cute tiramisu and cheese cakes from One Bite
+ along are my gifts from friends as well
they know me so well that they mostly got me pink lip items





you can find this dress here
Lace dress is still one of my favorite things to wear-
thanks to all who made this day so special! :)



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