Friday, April 1, 2016

talk of the hair style

lunch course @ le convive

this day I used Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron for this hair look
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This is a 26mm barrel and using the rotating buttons on left and right, it automatically turns and curls my hair
I am not a hair pro, so for a girl like me, it's always so important to discover hair tools that are super easy to use and has to work real quick!
With temperature control on the bottom, I made it 300 degrees Fahrenheit for my use and each curl took me about 25 seconds max. (it says 2-5 seconds on the page, but my hair curled perfectly in about 15-20 seconds. the more hair you wrap around, it will require more time.)
How to use: Start with clean, dry hair .
Once you plug in the iron, you'll notice blue LED light up.
Find the power button on the very bottom to turn it on. (There are 5 temperature options, so discover on your own to see which temperature works best for your hair condition)
Using the clamp and L & R buttons, you can curl your hair clockwise or counterclockwise.
Release the clamp, don't pull the iron down or else it might tangle up your hair.
Another great thing about this iron is that it has auto shut off mode for safety reason.

How does my hair look?
As you can see, I have an ombre hair so that makes my hair damaged pretty often, but this curling iron from Irresistible Me worked really well.
People who saw me this day complimented on how my hair looks so healthy & nice!

this #selfie is taken few hours later and became naturally beachy wave kinda look

all the features are nicely summarized here
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