Friday, October 7, 2011

meeting with the creator of Veld's: Joyce Musy

received my gold card about a week ago?
to those who use gift cards (where you put in money just like debit cards
and uses at starbucks) starting from September (last month)
Korea made the consumers receive "the stars" as a reward program
those who get 30 stars within a year gets a gold card

I was one of the first 1200s so I received my gold card at the fastest pace in Korea
& a free beans (250 grams I believe) as a token of thanks in return!
very thoughtful of them to do so!

personalized card has engraved name
(in Korean, and for English we can write any words but I just wrote my real name
which is yes my English name)
you can get free today's coffee for buying the beans,
you get coupons for new drinks (buy 1, get 1 free),
free drink for birthday,
for every 15 drinks, you get 1 free drink
and other advantages
they're pretty good deals for me who drink coffee non-stop a day

for the first time I had put on a sticker nails
(from the saem)
it costed 2 bucks and for my first attempt, it looked alright
but I heard that I'd put them upside down
supposedly, rounder sides are to be down and the squared shapes up?
still not sure
hoping to get it right next time

went to urban space on Tues. after the holiday here
the usual 10 bloggers and 3 more invited bloggers came to meet up with
Veld's founder, Joyce Musy

Veld's is seriously an amazing line
I'll tell you more about it below, so keep on reading!

by the way, I heard that in France
Veld's is really successful (also in among other countries too,
in Korea it is quite newly launched here at Urban Space)
followed up by Lancome, Clarins and next with Veld's

Xim-up is a highly concentrated oil product
so when it's applied with your hand it is too oily
and in fact, it is the wrong way

you have to wet your cotton pad with warm water
and apply xim up using this cotton pad
that way, it balances even the oily skin and
works as a perfect anti-aging product to erase the wrinkles out

while waiting for other bloggers to arrive
(I came at about 30 minutes earlier than usual,
so I could browse through the lines Urban Space carry
and to test them myself first)
and found Mistral's lovely perfumes
the scent was really light, pretty scent that could even work as
an alternative to home fragrance

mistral also carries great line of soaps
(facial,body soaps)

I'll translate you what it says:
for those who purchase over $400
you get free 1 month membership for "Fitness M"
which costs about $280
look good, feel good, stay beautiful while being healthy!
go Urban Space :)

she is Joyce Musy
she was a former model in France
(for well known brands like Christian Lacroix, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent etc.)
that's why many models from those past days and
even those who still work today follow her brand loyally
because they trust in her brand

can you believe that she's 55?
love how she looks beautiful both in and out
loved her self-confidence in her brand,
passion to make all women beautiful and young,
& for the active ingredients she uses (they are from South Africa,
and everything else is made and produced in France)

she told us about her modeling career,
purpose of starting her own brand,
the effects from veld's products, and many fun , informative stories

all products sounded wonderful
but we focused on talking about 3 best selling products,
pure pulp (which we received this day),
age killer, and fatal beauty

during the presentation we the bloggers
kept on applying these products on our hands and palms to
see the colors, smell the scents, see how it feels
when applied
basically to feel how it's like to use Veld's

fatal beauty:
it has colors, BUT it is categorized as a "skincare" product
not as a "makeup" product

it's similar to what we call BB cream
but it has a plumping product
so it plumps skin & makes you look "gorgeous"

has an ingredient called "guggulu"
it perfects color and texture of your skin,
hide spots naturally

it is an absolutely perfect skin primer (I can't believe I'm writing down
words to words of what she said, but believe me, this is the best description
and such powerful words to make us trust in this brand)
which has a transparent veil

it's not artificial, but rather catches the light and covers up
even the dark circles (those dark areas, baggage under your eyes)

I heard that this product is loved by many makeup artists
used for models because this product "catches the light" so it's perfect
for the photoshoots, or wherever the cameras are

it's not oily but has hydrating action

age killer:
I really want this product
as the name suggests, it wants to stop your age
or slow your aging process

it gives you a huge promise

it keeps the elastin and collagen at 98% of its stance
can be used even in the eyes part like an eye cream
unlike how it looks too strong just like the other anti-aging products,
it is rather best to be used as young, and as soon as you are possible!
even if you are 17 that is
so like she said, from 17 to 80 they can all look beautiful
using this product because it catches your facial line tightly,
and it even works for all oily skin, dry skin!
perfect for those who have small imperfections
because it balances the skin like I said earlier

has natural anti bacterial ingredients that make it more efficient
to be used right after the plastic surgeries done

thin film of polysaccharide prevents evaporation of water from inside of your skin to going outside (it traps water for you)
this hydrating film renew the skin and lifts it up
how to use? use age killer first and then finish by pure pelp
to make your makeup last longer (throughout the day)

catered service for us
(unfortunately, since I took my wisdom tooth out recently
I could drink water with no problem
but the sandwiches were the hardest challenge of the day)

[was hoping to see the SPF lotion from the evidens de beaute
and here they are! has SPF of 30
costs about $200 here in Korea for 25mL]

has a color of a beige-ish + light orange-ish shade
just like a base makeup product

she made me believe that
we don't need plastic surgeries
but finding great skincare products
that work for your skin
best defines and shapes your face structure

it seemed possible to really slow your aging process
by appearance

fun products called "color demands"
the darker one is used to darken your foundation or any other
makeup shades that is too light for you
and the white bottle is to make the shade lighter

so if you have these products, you can make your own toned shade
by mixing it up with other foundation, bb cream, base,
tinted moisturizer, etc.


Joyce was really nice and took each and group photos all
when I came she held fatal beauty (and I held pure pulp)
as if it was a microphone!
I have to learn a lot from her!
(even on how to pose in front of camera, and SMILE!!! )

this is a gel type product so it's easy to use
I began to use it starting from the very next day
pure pulp:
this has a healing process
because it has aloe ferox

it's different from aloe vera, which we can find so easily
on many products at the drugstores
because aloe vera grows from the ground
but aloe ferox comes from the giant tree leaves (from the top)
this "repairs & protects" your skin
and works perfect for day gel

it has an instant plumping effect
I was reading how to use in Korean
and it said I can mix it with my makeup product or used at
a sunburnt, or wherever you want to "heal"
so I applied all my skincare products, and then applied it with my
bb cream and because I 'believe' in this product,
I felt like my face was glowing all over so beautifully

it looked natural glow, not an artificial glow made from a highlighter
so I felt really good, and the clear gel looked so pure
if I continuously use it, I think it will prevent me from my
skin fats to fall out of shape as you are aging?

-from here on, the photos are taken with costrama's camera
thanks to:

thank you as always to
Urban Space
& Joyce Musy (Veld's)


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And congrats on your card!

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Zebra manicure is utterly pretty! This one is extra chic thanks to the silver glitter!



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Congrats on your card. Loved and enjoyed this post. Great jacquet you have on.

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sounds like an awesome event! the products looked amazing, need to see if you can get them here or not! thanks for sharing!! x Raman

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Unknown said...

the nails.....WHAAAOOOOUUU!!!

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This looks like such a fun, awesome event. I can't wait until fashion week in my city this week! :)
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Looks like a fun day!

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