Saturday, March 3, 2012

Interview with Amy Marie Goetz (AMG fashion)

you might remember this post to introduce you to AMG fashion
this time I did an interview with the designer for firstlook magazine's blog :)
check out the original post here:

저번에 AMG 패션을 소개해드린적이 있는데요
이번엔 인터뷰 기사 올립니다
위에 링크로 들어가셔서 한글본 확인해주세요 ^^

You told me about the custom design service. I would love to
hear more about that. How does the process work?

AMG, Amy Marie Goetz fashion offers a collection of luxury womenswear
ranging from special occasion dresses as well as ready to wear styles perfect
for afternoon play to an evening out on the town.
AMG offers a versatile collection with emphasis on high quality and
individuality in style.

AMG also offers a custom design service that is a separate entity from the seasonal
collection, both available by online request. Custom made
is truly a couture design process where a consultation is offered in order to
develop an exclusive fashion style based on customers' individual desires.

To sum up the process it begins with design meeting or consultation to come up with the
fashion direction. Next, sketches and finalization of fabric selection.
Following, 1st fitting with desired bodice silhouette based off initial sketch
and art direction. Lastly, final fitting in desired fabrication and fit.

You did modeling and designing. Which came in first
and how did they affect each other? Any difference?

At the age of 17, I was determined to
graduate a year earlier from high school to begin my college fashion education
at Miami International University of Art & Design. One of the professors at the college
influenced me to make connections with the industry leaders
by helping to dress backstage shows at the fashion weeks in Miami.
It was there I was discovered by other designers who contacted me for
additional modeling opportunities on my free time. Modeling I felt was
an amazing opportunity not only for networking but also understand the fashion industry
from craftsmanship, fit, to marketing all combined. It was the first time
that I realized fashion design was more than being creative,
but you also have to be intellectually business minded
in order to be successful in the industry.

I see your consideration in great quality from your design.
I'm sure that it takes a lot of time to stay true like that.
How does the design produced?

High quality is my main objective when designing. I'm very particular with
the choice of fabrics, fit, and garment construction when designing a collection.
All production is made entirely in Los Angeles, this way I'm able to
keep a close eye on production and ensure quality control.
I consider AMG fashion as true luxury at a competitive price point.
I'd rather take the time and offer a product that has longevity & timeless appeal
than quick & trendy fashion that you see mostly out there today.

How do you stay getting inspired and open up to the ideas all the time?

I find inspiration in the simplest things from a scenic mountain view to a movie
I just happen to see, it really depends on my mood.
There are many elements about life that can be inspiring and if you look closely
you can find artistic elements everywhere around us.

For readers, how do you think we can be "spring-ready" in terms of outfit?

"Spring ready" can be accomplished by choosing a color that is
fresh and radiant. Adding a new color and an interesting fabric print to your
wardrobe makes anyone stand out and feel upbeat & refreshed
for the new season. With season I feel you should change your
normal routine in dress and be bold with your fashion selections.

Tell us a unique feature about the AMG collection:

Is the choice of silhouette & fabric options available!
Each season we offer a signature print that stands out from all other fashion brands.
We work directly with the customer and guarantee satisfaction at all times.
Our mission is to create exclusive fashion that highlights the individuality
of the women wearing it.

To all the customers reading this article, I thank you for all your support!

special thanks to & images credit to:

you can visit the link to browse through the collection
and to check out contact section for
requesting your order and etc.


Marina Di Guardo said...

your interview are simply fabulous....
fantastic clothes!!!
very classy and chic.
ciao dear Michelle!

Unknown said...

She has an awesome fashion style! Great interview :)

Lady in boho said...

I hadn't heard from her before, she has a great style! loved this post. Kisses

Jelena Zivanovic said...

One more great interview, u're excellent with this subject recently!;)


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How cool that you got to interview her, great interview!

my mini bag said...

OMG the dresses are gorgeous. Great interview and thanks so much for sharing.

Melmo Momoko said...

what a cool interview. She's so pretty and a great model. wow.

Jessica said...

Wonderful interview. She sounds so interesting and the clothes are fantastic.

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Great and different ideas!

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Analisa said...

Great interview! I love that last photo!

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Great interview! The clothes are lovely!!



I Know the exceptional Amy MArie Goetz.

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Your post is beautiful! I would love for you to check out my blog!

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great photos!

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what gorgeous fashions!

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These are cute outfits. They all look beautiful!

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Hello, happy day.
Fantastic post Michelle.
And great idea and colecciton.

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Great interview! xx

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beautiful dresses!!


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Congratulations, great interview!
I love all design and colours.

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Thanks for sharing! :)

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Nice Blog!

Anonymous said...

that is such a great opportunity! Congrats!
xx s

Jessica said...

I love love love that first pic with the orange dress.

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Great interview and fab collection.

Head to Toe Chic said...

Love the first dress!


Sam said...

How lucky to interview such an inspiring and great designer! A fantastic set of questions and informative answers

AndreiaSalim said...

All so beautiful! :)
Sorry for not visiting it whenever I'm doing a course, my time is shorter. Thanks for visiting and commenting!!!
A great start of the week!

Ethic said...

So inspiring!!!!

Jacquii Lie said...

Wow hun, amazing interview. CONGRATS! Love her stuff.

Couture Caddy

Luna S said...

love these! x


Lisa Lockhart said...

great interview and amazing clothes


Crazy for fashion said...

Wow! Amazing designs! <3<3

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She's absolutely amazing! Thank you for inspiring me!


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