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Interview with Moe12

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한글 포스팅은 위에 퍼스트룩 매거진에서 확인해주세요 :)

How does your collection want to be remembered as?

MOE design is mainly about geometrical forms,
which create angles. An angle of view or "point of view" is the
name of our first collection and reflects our general philosophy.
Everyone has a vision, but if you look from the different angle,
the view could change, the ability to observe the subject from different angles
is very important. Numbers 1 and 2 represent a choice that is always there.
There are other important symbols:
the star (all is decided by stars), the heart (all our thoughts are validated
by our hearts), the grenade (all art is explosion of mind.)

What kind of styles is moe12 collection?

In general, moe is every woman's everyday wear without restrictions to look,
age, size or body type. In particular, the MOE woman is multicultured,
intelligent, innovative and unconventional. She has acutely feminine, yet,
a strong and unique personality. She likes to express her true self
and is not afraid of risks. She is passionate but thoughtful,
a dreamer while a realist.

Is your brand forceful to get inspired or works in a
freely environment?

I would say Moe works in a freely environment.
It is amazing how the simplest little things can inspire you.
Some ideas come when I make origami-like paper constructions with perfect
clean lines and sharp angles. Ideal mood setting scenes are endless fields,
Kubrick films and ethnic gypsy melodies.

How can a comfortable outfit/style achieved?

MOE is a chic combination of luxury and simplicity,
making its woman comfortable in every situation, easily crossing over
from day to evening. All the garments are constructed using
geometric figures, unique shapes and angles.
They not only represent today's linear style but also propose
creative variations for each client.

The premiere accessory of MOE line is the one of a kind 1 2 clutch purse.
With its architectural double square structure, it has two
divisions marked 1 and 2 accordingly. They uncover woman's duality,
representing space for things needed and wanted,
necessity and pleasure. The style of the clutch easily cross over from
day to evening, reminding the owner that she can always choose.

If you would have to choose celebrities or anyone that best suits
Moe12 lifestyle who would them be?

The greatest celebrity before the status was even born to me is mix of
Joan of Arc and Alice in Wonderland. Anyway, it can be
Lady Gaga how it can be Tilda Swinton.

Does your brand have any musings or such to get approved of the collection

Actually I don't have any "permanent" muse, little things around
inspires me, such as movies, books, music & people I meet.
I don't ask advices when I make collections.
It is spontaneous process that comes directly from the heart.
But it is important to analyze after with my husband
and family to be more objective.

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Style Servings said...

Great interview, and I love the designs!

pattyandlo said...

I've been obsessed with star prints since D&G came out with jumpsuits etc with the print...I am also a big fan of an Equipment shirt I found with white background and star prints but these tights in your first photo are even better than both because of the large stars but only a few. I am dying over them! A fantastic take on celestial inspiration!

Nini said...

Very interesting interview, the collection's great. I especially love the dresses!

My promised giveaway is up, guys! Don't miss your chance to win one of three special Berlin Travel sets from!

xx Nini

Chicpear said...

I love the photos of the girls jumping in the sky! so cool :)

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Caroline said...

Their collection has some lovely pieces, I really like the style of the pink leather skirt in the second image!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

james said...

those shoes are so unique, i love it! those dresses are absolutely stunning <3

love, james

WhatsTrendingNow said...

wow beautiful pics!!! I would love for you to check out my new blog post

yiqin; said...

you have the best interviews <3

Sam said...

Great interview, I dare the structure of these outfits, they are so interesting

Elena said...

Amazing interview, the shoes are great :D

If you want check my blog, i will be really grateful <3
Have a great weekend, The Spotted Cherry Pie

Luna Tiger said...

beautiful pictures ! very inspiring !!!

Lysa said...

J adore ces sacs!!!!!!!!!

Jewellery Bijou said...

Great pictures!love your blog!

Unknown said...



Monsterchen said...

wow really pretty awesome designs, especially the last shoes are insane!
love and kiss,mary

Head to Toe Chic said...

Love those shoes! So unique!


Bad Joan said...

Incredible pieces! Love the interview!


Constance Murphy said...

Great interview! Love the collection!

Audrey Allure said...

Lovely interview!

Kathy said...

Wow!!Amazing collection!!!I'm in love with the first black dress!!!


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