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interview with Natalie Suarez for Volcom

if you love
then you'll love the new Fall & Holiday '12 pieces she collaborated with Volcom too!
This time for 1stlook mag's blog, I did an interview with Natalie
to talk a bit about her collaboration process,
the Volcom girls' image, and some tips. Enjoy! :)

모델겸블로거인 나탈리가 볼컴과의
콜라보레이션을 진행했어요
자세한 인터뷰 내용은 위에 링크로 들어가셔서
읽어주세요 ^^

How did you meet with Volcom first?

I first met with Volcom when I went into their casting for their spring '11 campaign.
I booked it shortly after and was so excited!
After shooting with them, we all really connected and became close.
I've been shooting their campaigns from then on.
Later, Volcom asked me to be their ambassador/model
and of course, I said yes!
It was an amazing opportunity and my relationship with the brand
was super organic and natural.
I think that is why we work so well together and that our collabs have been so successful.
They're the dream team to work with and also one of the very first brands
to recognize me more than just a "model" and I love that.
I still cannot believe that I am now designing my own collection for Fall '12 and Holiday '12!

I'm also from California and can totally feel the "LA outfit" in Volcom pieces.
What do you think is the Volcom girls' image in your opinion?

The Volcom girl, to me, is a tough girl, but she's sweet and
still like to feel beautiful. Her style is playful, but she has an edge to her.
She's rebellious, fearless, and strong.
The Volcom Girl is as cool as they come.
And yes, being a California native, our styles are very relaxed,
with mixes of rock n' roll and the boho vibe of the beach.

photographer is Dylana Suarez from

Love the fact that your collaborated pieces show vegan products.
How did you come up with the eco-conscious works?

Well, I wanted my collection to be something that all girls can wear,
and that is also safe and eco-friendly. We worked with fabrics that though they're not
genuine leather, are still such superb quality.
It has the same leather look, but used with materials that are much more friendly
on the environment. Volcom has always been a brand that's really conscious
of the environment and this is just another way to help promote that.

Recently I read that your sister shot the photos for your campaign?
Must be so fun. When two of you meet I'm sure the creativity flows.
Do you two do the styling yourselves for Volcom?

Getting to work with my sister on shooting the campaigns is such a dream.
She's such a talented photographer and I feel most comfortable
and the most like myself in front of the camera when I'm working with her.
And yes, I feel like when we're together, we get really creative and experimental.
She helps create magic! Yes, we both styled the lookbook and campaign shots.
We both have very different styles, but together, I think
we really nail the Volcom look which is a bit rock n roll, edgy, yet so effortless.

Lastly, tips for the readers on how to stay always so stylish?

I get dressed everyday to feel good about myself.
I think confidence is the most important thing.
When you feel great, you're unstoppable.

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rubiamala said...

Very interesting! great pictures! Loved the clothes!

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i love volcom! they have such great clothes. great post. thanks for sharing this interview. like her, i also think that confidence is key to looking great. as long as you feel comfortable and confident, you can rock pretty much anything and everything.

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