Sunday, March 25, 2012

Interview with Compania Fantastica

totally love this polkadot trouser
I could wear it to school, shopping with friends, movies everywhere!

this time I did an interview with amazing Compania Fantastica team,
for original post check out here:

How did the compania fantastica born? It must have been a very hard work
and lots of efforts, time put into it.

Companiafantastica was born 3 years ago. It was Mini and Jaime (brother and sister)
who started the offer in terms of fashion that Madrid had was weak and many people could not
find cool alternatives to dress up.
We wanted to display cool urban fashion but at what we called it really affordable prices.
Later press refer to us as "Chic and Cheap" we definitely have shown that fashion is not a luxury.
Nowadays, Compania Fantastica is being sold in more than 20 countries from
Japan to USA, Holland, Germany, Italy , France, Portugal...etc.

The chicest part of the brand would be?

The naive and retro touch of all our designs and the versatility of them which makes you can wear
them either to go to work with flats and simple accessories or with heels and more
special complements to go out at night.
Always cool.

So you said that the collection is very price-efficient, right?

This is one of our main objectives and I am sure one of our strong points.
We make fashion stylish but simple and proof of it is that
Compania Fantastica has spread in the last 2 years and now more than
250 shops are carrying our brand!

If one wants to travel for this spring break, what three pieces would you recommend?

Kill All Artists T-Shirt with Dotty Trousers (casual outfit),
Three Tone Dress (daily outfit),
& Romantic Dress (night outfit)

Compania Fantastica surely seems to have a ton of chic options.
Last message to readers?

Make it cool but make it simple.
Stylish borns inside!!!

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Adriana Alfaro said...

good interview!
I love that cat-eyes glasses!
xoxo from Brazil!

Unknown said...

I adore your blog! Would you like to follow each other on Blogger/GFC and like on Facebook? :)


kristina said...

i love her outfits, very cute!!

agasuitcase said...

Amazing collection! I love the lace dress.

Check my new post

Anonymous said...

Precioso tu blog! Me encanta el diseño! Y las fotos :)
Te invito a pasar por el mío, y si te gusta, no dudes en seguirme :3

rubiamala said...

Loved the clothes! Great interview!

uptoday di francesca bertini said...

good job!!!

on my blog fantastic giveaway – dior nail polish

Head to Toe Chic said...

Stunning! I love the polka dots!


Ida said...

omg, those yellow polka dotted trousers are awesome. I really like those!

lucia m said...

love it! the yellow pants look great!!

Marina Di Guardo said...

wonderful interview, Michelle!
the brand is very interesting!
ciao my dear friend.

Am2Pm Chic said...

great interview, and I love the yellow polka dot pant, want it so much

M.E said...

great and interesting interview! thanks for sharing :)

Sick by Trend said...

wow! fabulous interview! They are awesome


francesca said...

i really love your blog!!!

kisses from italy

francesca said...

i really love your blog!!!

kisses from italy

ilovetrends said...

That post is great! I like Compañía Fantástica, but I've never bought anything there.

MosaMuse said...

cute polka dots! i love the first 2 photos!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Lovely post darling! Check my blog and follow me if you want! I`ll follow back :X

Sam said...

Beautfiul looks, its so great to see a wonderfully chic and stylish brand available at a very decent price!

Crazy for fashion said...

Great looks! I love them! <3<3

Shawna Hynes said...

Great interview - & I am totally enamoured with these looks/pieces! The polka dot pants, dotted handbag, feminine white dress - all perfection! I'll definitely be checking out their link :)

<3 Shawna
Serpentine Streets

Living Mannequin said...

I love each of these outfits!

-Living Mannequin

lizchewy said...

Great interview. It's always interesting and inspiring to hear of stories behind brands.


yiqin; said...

i love the polka dot pants <3

Night at Vogue said...

Super cute looks!

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Cool! Love those clothes!

Audrey Allure said...

Such cute items - lovely interview!

Unknown said...

Love the clothes:)

Melmo Momoko said...

these pieces are really cool. love the retro touch.

S A R A H. said...

great interview. loving those pieces.


Joey said...

Wow!! Love dots!!! I love the polkadot trouser!!!! So lovely!! And I love the white chiffon dress, soft and fresh!!!My favorite style!!

Andrea said...

Amazing style and spring meets summer clothes, loved it! :D said...

lovely blog dear <3



ABRIL Moda - blog said...

Nice clothes!

Unknown said...

Verry nice blog!

comfortable style said...

thanks for your nice comment.
I love the post.
The photos are very nice
and the dresses are beautiful

the goorgeous said...

wooow love those mustard dots pants!
great collection!

Jewel said...

Great shirt on the 1st pic :D

xo Sarah

Fashionthrougthravel said...

Wow! I love these items that you put here, the polka dot trousers must be my favorites of them all!

jenny michelle said...

love those pants!

following you now! ps, check out my earring giveaway!

xo jenny
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