Friday, April 1, 2011

today's inspiration: welcoming April

runway stage at my junior year in high school at Monta Vista

now is the time to make all the runway trends
into what's real way version

calvin klein hat, burberry pouch i use as my cellphone case, and top i got from Mercer in Stanford

what i crave for this season is always
the sweetest desserts, iced white chocolate mocha in grande size from starbucks, polkadots, vivid pop colors, playing with my nails in all crazy arts i could get possible, water water & more water for hydration, natural 100% organic juices, etc.

also we need cooler prints and colors to match with the hot weather in contrast

sleek leather outfit that we can wear without sweating only during summer and fall

red, orange, pink

great cover-ups to match with bandeau tops and or swimwears

all available @ Michael Angel


gemstone and metal bracelets

silk cord and crystal necklace $36.75

white howlite drop earrings $22.37

now hope you get why I'm welcoming this month with full love
despite the fact that I got so much fooled today

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