Saturday, September 24, 2011

New In: Huiles & Baumes and Revengeis...

I'm not sick anymore
thanks to all the teas and warm food I consumed up all week :)
my voice still sounds like I'm half-awake
but I feel so much better now

at Starbucks ordered up some scone and other bread to try with my
soy latte (with a vanilla syrup)

somehow the photo is uploaded upside down
you know I missed the Urban Space meeting with other bloggers
but thanks to Tara Taehee Kim (big big thanks!)
I got my hands on these wonderful products from Huiles & Baumes

Yes they carry organic lines too (of course)
and is located near the Alps called Annecy Lake
so you see they are trying to preserve the environment in its beauty

I know many of you have pets or send love to animals
Huiles & Baumes don't test their products on the animals before they produce them out massively
they don't use the artificial scent or pigment in this line

As soon as I saw the design of the package and the smell and all
I could feel their message on my hands very well
hope you too can feel the natural healthy environment they want to keep for all of us

face mask (go click the link if you want to take a look at the description,
price and to see where it sells)

50mL 41,000 Korean won

once or twice a week apply this masque all over your face for about 10-20 minutes
and rinse it off
this is a white creamy textured clay mask
great for deep cleansing

I used it right away when I received the package (last night) and it had a cooling effect
but unlike other products that make your face feel too burning cool?
(does that make sense?) or strong minty smell,
this product was "cool" as in cool that when you move around,
you can feel like as if your skin is breathing lightly in a cold atmosphere?
anyways all I can say is that this product feels so heavenly good!
pleasant feel I can say!

light-weighted, and it sounds great for those of you who have sensitive skin
like my mom and I do
definitely want to use it twice a week to make my face feel that it is protected
and being cared always :)

Intense Cream 24h/24 for face (linked to the official page)

40mL 92,000 Korean won
apply 2-3 pumps in the morning and night at the very last stage
(basically it's a cream)
apply it to your face and neck lightly and pat few times to make them absorbed in

it says it's great for 24 hours moisturized
this sounds like a great anti-aging & moisturizing cream for all

will tell you more about the product when I use them later!

300mL 29,000 Korean won

this can be used to babies, kids all
this is that much light, smooth and healthy for everyone
can be used all over your face and body

smells shea butter (the first thing I noticed about the package was the smell coming from when I opened up the box! such a soothing effect)

talking about organic,in previous post I also showed you sneak peeks at
my revengeis tshirts
I wore women's mushroom slouch tee in small (teal color) $49
go follow the link!

bag Gucci
foxchain gifted
Bulgari sunglasses
Accessorize earrings
Qua jacket
jeggings from streetbrand]

loved how it was pretty long so worn with jeggings/leggings and it looked appropriate

the cotton feels so smooth and it feels so great to use organic cosmetic brands &
organic made tees as if I'm being a part of helping out the environment a little

Revengeis... wants to inform their customers about how to live healthy long life
basically they want us to consume vegetables more in our daily life
as they hold nutiritional values
and I heard 5% of the net sales go into organizations working to save
endangered animals/species and/or other charities
this is an eco-friendly brand designed and made in the United States
the motto they keep to themselves is
to "make activism fashionable"

Don't you love the cute designs in such soft & silky fabric
that makes you feel great and makes happy environment for all of us?
if you want to be a part of green lover,
please help out by going "organic"
you can do it in so many ways

just like applying organic makeups, and wearing organic cotton made clothing
from brands you love! :)

happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

take a zoom in: sneak peeks at upcoming posts

I got this sore throat starting from Monday->
that turned into a running nose at around Wednesday->
now in a recovering process but still sick
so I cancelled all kinds of fashion/beauty related events
with along some personal get-together things by tomorrow (Fri. here)

meaning that Wednesday: I missed Vogue's Fashion Night Out in Seoul
above is the invitation from Louis Vuitton
it was just a simple catering service and taking a look at the collection's look
(mini catwalk?) so it was the usual LV event but since it was VFNO,
I wouldn't have missed the endless stops at the stores and some shopping
if it wasn't for this cold :(
It's super hot during the day and suddenly chilly at night and in the start of the morning
so we have to wear just about three different looks (or maybe even preparing for 4 layers)

for today Thursday:
I missed Urban Space meeting with the bloggers
Instyle's gift to 10 people (yes I was one of them and tried to pass it on to others
but everyone I knew work 24/7) was to
watch a wedding fashion show +
BBQ party at the garden + live concert
(the place was called The Raum and it's so beautiful
exquisite place!)

I'm trying to make myself back to cheerful mood by
preparing for upcoming blog posts here
(some more outfit posts I lack of course)
the packages I received today

some I thought would be lovely to share with you are

this is the brand making activism fashionable
they make organic tees, tanks and shirts in beautiful soft feeling
with the message to make the customers to live a long healthy life
by "eating veggies" and protecting the endangered animals/env. etc.

women's brocolli crop top in small (yellow)

eat your veggies- mushroom tee (small)

finally received the #Body samples from Burberry
Rosie Huntington looks absolutely stunning
I wondered how she would look in a body campaign
and she didn't make us disappointed
but more excited with her being 100% Burberry Woman

will talk to you more about the scent later when I actually try them on

one good thing about Korean magazines
they cost about double the price in the U.S. but many of them
give you some samples or collaborated gifts as in return
Elle Korea gave to readers 3 samples from Kiehl's
toner (40ml), cleanser (30ml) and facial cream (7ml)
which all I needed to purchase myself anyways

love them :)

you know I received nonomuaks' 4 kick eyes
and this isn't one of the today's package
but would like to hear your opinion
on which colored one you would like to see me wearing in next post?

this pink?

black pirate?

or red?

just a random street purchase of shirt & jeggings & heels
Burberry purse (so tiny love it!)

don't you love the beautiful scenery of the beach at night?
this is Haeundae beach so close from my house

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's on Trend!: fall trend & streetstyle class with Yoni P

today I went to Shinsegae department store (Centumcity in Busan)
for a special one day class with designer Yoni P
(from Steve J & Yoni P)
the theme was the fall trend of 2011 that we can incorporate in
our everyday wear

there were about 50 (more or less) people who signed up for this class
was held from 3:40 PM - 5:00 PM

there she is Yoni P
wearing studded jacket in leather + summer chiffon dress worn with leggings
and Reik nen's flatform like rounded shoes

check out Steve J & Yoni P's collection and lookbooks here

she showed us lots of collection photos,
the model off duty's looks and other fashionista's styling tips
so we can mix and match trendy items & our vintage finds

main things I would like to share with you are these points
1. don't be afraid of wearing bright colors for this fall/winter
(bright items like orange, burgundy, and mustard can be worn on one item
I would prefer accessories like belt or bag for a little pop of color)

2. there's no "right" length for skirts:
 love midi, mini, or maxi skirts & dress up in however you'd like to
wearing ankle booties or a pointed heels can make your look
longer and leaner
so it doesn't matter if you are petite or tall, midi or maxi skirt
can still look cute, chic affected by your attitude

3. grab your bags? no grip them!
: you saw tons of collection photos of the designers
making their models walk the runway with their squared bags
or any kind of big bags folded like a clutch held in one arm
(like... under your armpit)
this is the new "it" way to wear your bag
(ex: think of Louis Vuitton, Prada)

4. don't make your wardrobe gets replaced every season
: mix and match your summer dresses worn with your fur jackets,
wear on tights/leggings under shorts with rider boots,
you don't have to change your wardrobes season by season
this way, you can save lots of $$$ by making your pieces
become transitional
& don't forget! you can open up your mom, grandma, or dad's closet
for oversized blazers, scarves, bags, dotted blouses
for lots of treasure finds ;)

Yoni P was really charismatic and so sweet to all of us
she answered all the questions enthusiastically,
and I could feel the passion in fashion from how she talks,
walks and in the clothes she makes of course!

with Yoni P after the class was over

(my outfit includes
H&M dress,
Crocodile ladies scarf,
Bulgari sunglasses,
Love Moschino bag,
fox chain & earrings gifted)

shoes I wore today not shown in this outfit photo above

I love wearing comfortable wedge these days
it has to be walkable & wide enough for my sticking out bones

added one of my fox chains on my love moschino bag
trying to make this summery bikini girls printed bag
to somewhat fall appropriate
did it work? i hope so

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New In: all about fabulosity

my new nail do's this week
I got this flower nail stickers for a dollar or two
painted with CND hot pink polish and had put on a silver glitter liner
(from the saem)

I hadn't put on any makeup today because my skin had become
quite sensitive over some of the makeup products
so I'll try to keep things simple but with lots of moisture of course
(lots of water, hydrating cream...etc.)

my outfit includes
ASH boots
BULGARI sunglasses

my favorite picks from shoprumor

naven bombshell dress $345,
deux lux cosmic love ipad sleeve in blue (top)
& pink (bottom) $62 each,
ani one shouldered leather dress $216,
style stalker cult dress $99,
& gigi chic hippie feather earrings $48

photos credit to & shop available @

Thursday, September 15, 2011

take a zoom in: nerdbirds

my computer had been so strange
internet connection didn't work for some reason
and it got fixed real late last night
& now I have problem uploading photos using blogger here
only the photos I personally took with my camera don't work
and uploading each photo one by one gotten off from some websites work...
so here you go
my favorite picks from

I'll try to fix what's the problem with my camera & phone photos
(or maybe it's something to do with the uploader... have no idea just yet)

will try uploading a new post tomorrow

thanks everyone I had a great thanksgiving :)

"wow" necklace
will look fabulous with any simple tees
to bring that wow factor out!

tea party bracelet
can be a great gift to your friend for any celebrations

XL pink donut necklace

zebra sunglasses
this could be worn to any gender

little pop of neon yellow

hello cassette t-shirt for women

all photos credit to &
shop available at

Saturday, September 10, 2011

7 days, 7 inspirations

1) DIY bag
It's Korean Thanksgiving here
(well it's tomorrow on Monday but we are officially on holidays until Tues. so yea)
and if you have some gift wraps left-over or long scarves
you can make a quick DIY bag if you have some rings
or like the wooden ones I have
(I bought it for about $15 I think...)
just tie it around however you want it and let it loose on the bottom
so you can put at least some of your makeups & cell
sew the sides and that's about it!

made it two
(the right one is slightly longer one)

2) reading magazine on iPad
you can download "Ceci" (the one I'm featured in this month)
and "sure" magazines both Korean for free if you have ipad
just search it in app store
I love scrap-ing pages off from high resolution photos/editorials
I'm sure you're too and wants to get inspirations from many possible sources!

if you have iphone/ipad JEANRICHARD now has an app out
if you love watches as much as I do
this is one of the must-haves for you too!

4) lifeafterdenim
My younger brother is so into striped tees these days
 (inspired by many navy/sailor looks over s/s?)
and comfortable yet chic looks
so I picked some of my favorites off from where I give full credits to the images

such a cool dyed pants
blue one is my favorite but certainly men can try the pink ones these days
(but make sure to wear neutral not too bright tops for the right contrast)

i love a denim shirt like this
I would love to wear this one regardless it's for men's

this is also my personal pick that will suit women too
love the shiny gold feel in this trench
the brown one looks more toned down and polished
for all appropriates

5) banane taipei
what we call the "fake printed canvas bags" in Korea
this one I found is available to be purchased in the U.S.
takes about 10 days to get your products
and they take pre-orders for some of the models that are ready
in late September
love the fun pop of colors and the fact that it is so light
and can be carried with you anywhere everywhere!
they cost $119.99 each

lavender grey, lake blue (available for preorder),
grass green, midnight magenta,
mystique brown (for preorder),
french honey camel (for preorder),
& sweet pink

photos credit to

6) regalrose
I always have hard time picking just 10 picks for cool accessories like these
they are amazing
everything I love about feathers, stars, armlet, shoulder pads,
earcuffs, such cool cool details in every single piece!

feather shoulder clips, chain & feathers ear cuff,
super long black string earrings, meteorite drop earrings,
the punk collar necklace, feather ring, star ring,
starburst large double finger ring, geometric armlet
& feather armlet

photos credit to & shop available @

7) tod's cellphone holder/necklace
see this long strap (the orange+brown braided one)?
it's my cellphone necklace which I had for about a year or more?
I'm so glad that I have it on these days
because I drop my phone too often
and with this long necklace I can catch it just before my cell is about to
crash/hit the ground
it's my cell saver ;)


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